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'Keep quiet!', 3 letters

Be quiet!, 3 letters

No noise! noise, 3 letters

Pipe down!, 3 letters

Quiet please!, 3 letters

Quiet!, 3 letters

Admonition to a cinema gabber, 3 letters

Command in a library, 3 letters

Comment on a library volume?: Var., 3 letters

Disruptive theater patron's comeuppance: Var., 3 letters

Librarian's admonition, 3 letters

Librarian's warning, 3 letters

Library sound: Var., 3 letters

Secure Internet connection protocol letters, 3 letters

Secure online protocol, 3 letters

Sibilant silencer, 3 letters

Silence!, 3 letters

Sound barrier?: Var., 3 letters

Double curve, 6 letters

Ogee feature, 6 letters

Curving one way, then the other, 7 letters

Curvy, in a way, 7 letters

Like a pothook, 7 letters

Like a t, 7 letters

Like double curves, 7 letters

Like pothooks, 7 letters

Like some curves, 7 letters

Like some curvy roads, 7 letters

Like some hooks, 7 letters

Sigmoid, 7 letters

Winding, in a way, 7 letters

Pot holder, perhaps, 11 letters

Double curves, 7 letters

Ogees and such, 7 letters

It's not automatic, 6 letters

Our planet, grandly, 10 letters

Honest one, 8 letters

Something that may hold up a train?, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..