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'Here's to your health!', 5 letters

Bottoms up!, 5 letters

Cheers!, 5 letters

Cheers! alternative, 5 letters

Chin-chin, 5 letters

Here's aquavit in your eye!, 5 letters

Here's mud in your eye!, 5 letters

Here's to you!, 5 letters

Prosit! alternative, 5 letters

Prosit! relative, 5 letters

Salut!, in Scandinavia, 5 letters

To your health!, 5 letters

We drink!, 5 letters

A toast, 5 letters

A toast to Lasko, 5 letters

Alternative to Bottoms up!, 5 letters

Alternative to cheers!, 5 letters

Beer cheer, 5 letters

Bottoms-up word, 5 letters

Brand of smokeless tobacco, 5 letters

Cheer with beer, 5 letters

Cheers cheer, 5 letters

Common toast, 5 letters

Copenhagen alternative, 5 letters

Danish toast, 5 letters

Drinker's toast, 5 letters

Drinking toast, 5 letters

European toast, 5 letters

Kin of Prosit!, 5 letters

Nordic toast, 5 letters

Norse toast, 5 letters

Norwegian toast, 5 letters

Oslo toast, 5 letters

Popular toast, 5 letters

Pub toast, 5 letters

Red Man rival, 5 letters

Relative of , 5 letters

Reveler's cry, 5 letters

Scandinavian Salud!, 5 letters

Scandinavian toast, 5 letters

Smokeless tobacco brand, 5 letters

Swede's Cheers!, 5 letters

Toast, 5 letters

Toast from Scandinavia, 5 letters

Toast in Norway, 5 letters

Toast with Danish, 5 letters

Toast word, 5 letters

Toaster output, 5 letters

Toaster's word, 5 letters

Toasting term, 5 letters

Toasting word, 5 letters

Trondheim toast, 5 letters

Well-wisher's word, 5 letters

Toasted, 7 letters

Drinkers' toasts, 6 letters

Drinks a toast, 6 letters

Oslo toasts, 6 letters

Scandinavian toasts, 6 letters

Toasts, 6 letters

Czech auto, 5 letters

Czech car maker, 5 letters

Chicago suburb, 6 letters

City formerly called Niles Center, 6 letters

City north of Chicago, 6 letters

Cook County city, 6 letters

Evanston neighbor, 6 letters

IL city with two k s, 6 letters

Illinois city, 6 letters

It's just north of Chicago, 6 letters

___, Vikings (NFL fight song), 4 letters

Gimlet brand, perhaps, 4 letters

Nordic toast (var.), 4 letters

Vodka brand, 4 letters

Vodka brand that sounds like a toast, 4 letters

Place to learn, cutesy-style, 5 letters

Birth city of Mother Teresa, 6 letters

Capital of Macedonia, 6 letters

Capital SSE of Belgrade, 6 letters

Macedonia's capital, 6 letters

Macedonian birthplace of Mother Teresa, 6 letters

Macedonian city where Mother Teresa was born, 6 letters

Macedonian metropolis, 6 letters

Capital of modern Macedonia, 6 letters

One wanted for murder in Macedonia's capital?, 13 letters

Candy bar brand, 4 letters

Candy bar from Hershey's, 4 letters

Candy bar made with toffee, 4 letters

Candy bar selection, 4 letters

Candy bar with a Nordic name, 4 letters

Candy bar with chocolate and toffee, 4 letters

Candy rack choice, 4 letters

Chocolate-coated toffee bar, 4 letters

Heath bar competitor, 4 letters

Hershey bar, 4 letters

Hershey candy bar, 4 letters

Hershey toffee bar, 4 letters

Hershey's Scandinavian candy bar, 4 letters

Hershey's answer to Heath, 4 letters

Hershey's brand with a crown on the wrapper, 4 letters

Hershey's chocolate bar with toffee, 4 letters

Toffee candy bar, 4 letters

Toffee candy bar made by Hershey's, 4 letters

Toffee-based candy bar, 4 letters

Toffee candy, 7 letters

M*A*S*H loc., 6 letters

Se Ri Pak's home: abbr., 6 letters

Article of female tennis attire, 5 letters

Casual attire, 5 letters

Culottelike garment, 5 letters

Culottes cousin, 5 letters

Culottes kin, 5 letters

Culottes relative, 5 letters

Garment that's a portmanteau word, 5 letters

Garment with a flap, 5 letters

Golf garment, 5 letters

Hybrid garment, 5 letters

Hybrid garment for women, 5 letters

Hybrid golf garment, 5 letters

Hybrid women's garment, 5 letters

Hybrid womenswear, 5 letters

Kin of culottes, 5 letters

LPGA garment, 5 letters

LPGA hybrid wear, 5 letters

LPGA player's wear, 5 letters

Modern hybrid garment for women, 5 letters

Part of a field hockey uniform, 5 letters

Part of an LPGA golfer's wardrobe, perhaps, 5 letters

Piece of Wimbledon apparel, 5 letters

Sporty hybrid, 5 letters

Tennis garment, 5 letters

Voyeur-thwarting garment, 5 letters

Woman's combo garment, 5 letters

Woman's garment, 5 letters

Woman's golf garment, 5 letters

Woman's golf wear, 5 letters

Women's hybrid garment, 5 letters

Women's hybrid item of apparel, 5 letters

Women's running getup, 5 letters

Women's wear portmanteau, 5 letters

Cousins of culottes, 6 letters

Hybrid apparel, 6 letters

Hybrid articles of apparel, 6 letters

Hybrid clothing for women, 6 letters

Hybrid golf garments, 6 letters

Hybrid women's clothing, 6 letters

Hybrid women's wear, 6 letters

Portmanteau wear, 6 letters

Women's hybrid clothing, 6 letters

A little bit, 5 letters

Bit, 5 letters

Itty bit, 5 letters

Just a little bit, 5 letters

Little bit, 5 letters

Little bit: slang, 5 letters

Not much, 5 letters

Small amount, 5 letters

Small amount, slangily, 5 letters

Smidge, 5 letters

Smidgen, slangily, 5 letters

Tad, 5 letters

Teensy bit, 5 letters

Tiny amount, 5 letters

Tiny bit, slangily, 5 letters

Trifling amount, 5 letters

Wee bit, 5 letters

Baseball great with the nickname Moose, 7 letters

Capital of modern Macedonia, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..