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David Guterson bestseller, 16 букв

Barbary pirates' haven, 4 буквы

Tunisia's second-largest city, 4 буквы

Tunisian city ('taint photocopy!), 4 буквы

Tunisian port, 4 буквы

Tunisian port once a stronghold for Barbary pirates, 4 буквы

Tunisian seaport, 4 буквы

The second largest city in Tunisia, 4 буквы

Located in eastern Tunisia near a phosphate region, 4 буквы

An Army NCO, 3 буквы

Army E-7, 3 буквы

Army E-7: Abbr., 3 буквы

Army NCO, 3 буквы

Army noncom (abbr.), 3 буквы

Army rank, for short, 3 буквы

Certain NCO, 3 буквы

Certain noncom, 3 буквы

M.Sgt.'s inferior, 3 буквы

NCO rank: abbr., 3 буквы

Noncom three ranks above cpl., 3 буквы

Platoon V.I.P., 3 буквы

U.S. Army rank, 3 буквы

Army NCOs, 4 буквы

Certain NCOs, 4 буквы

E-7 Army personnel, 4 буквы

NCO ranks, 4 буквы

Continuation of stepquote, 6 букв

Study of electrical discharges in the air, 7 букв

Small boat, 3 буквы

SBC Park team, 8 букв

Longfellow poem, 9 букв

Everglades area: abbr., 4 буквы

Everglades loc., 4 буквы

Everglades location, in gazetteers, 4 буквы

Everglades location: abbr., 4 буквы

Miami's loc., 4 буквы

Miami's locale; Abbr., 4 буквы

Kansas, the ___ State, 7 букв

Art gallery in W. Calif., 6 букв

Gallery in western CA, 6 букв

It's near the Montgomery Street BART station, 6 букв

Noted Bay Area museum, 6 букв

W. Calif. art gallery, 6 букв

Western Calif. gallery, 6 букв

Abbr. on Giants' bags, 3 буквы

Abbr. on luggage headed for the Bay Area, 3 буквы

Airport close to SJC and OAK, 3 буквы

Airport code for The City by the Bay, 3 буквы

Airport near SJC and OAK, 3 буквы

Airport north of LAX, 3 буквы

Airport northwest of LAX, 3 буквы

Airport with a BART connection, 3 буквы

Airport with a BART stop, 3 буквы

Airport with a BART terminal, 3 буквы

Airport with a connection to the BART, 3 буквы

Airport with an Anchor Brewing Company pub, 3 буквы

Alternative to OAK, 3 буквы

BART stop, 3 буквы

Bay Area airport abbr., 3 буквы

Bay area airport letters, 3 буквы

Bay Area airport, in shorthand, 3 буквы

Bay area airport's code, 3 буквы

Bay Area departure point, briefly, 3 буквы

Bay area hub: Abbr., 3 буквы

CA airport, 3 буквы

CA Airport where the climactic scene of Bullitt takes place, 3 буквы

Cal. airport code, 3 буквы

Cal.-bound luggage legend, 3 буквы

Calif. airport, 3 буквы

Calif. airport abbr., 3 буквы

Calif. city, in airport shorthand, 3 буквы

Calif. city, on bags, 3 буквы

Calif.'s second-busiest airport, 3 буквы

California airport abbr., 3 буквы

California airport, on luggage tags, 3 буквы

Code for a major California airport, 3 буквы

Destination NW of LAX, 3 буквы

Giants' home, to TWA, 3 буквы

Golden Gate city's airp't, 3 буквы

Hub northwest of LAX, 3 буквы

Hub NW of LAX, 3 буквы

It's about 350 miles NW of LAX, 3 буквы

It's about 400 miles from LAX, 3 буквы

It's in the same state as LAX, 3 буквы

It's north of LAX, 3 буквы

It's northwest of LAX, 3 буквы

LAX's northern counterpart, in Calif., 3 буквы

Major CA airport, 3 буквы

Major CA airport code, 3 буквы

N. Cal. hub, 3 буквы

N. California air hub, 3 буквы

Northern CA airport, 3 буквы

Northern Cal. hub, 3 буквы

Northern Calif. air hub, 3 буквы

OAK alternative, 3 буквы

UAL West Coast hub, 3 буквы

UAL western hub, 3 буквы

UAL's westernmost hub, 3 буквы

Virgin America hub: Abbr., 3 буквы

Virgin America's hub, for short, 3 буквы

W. Coast air hub, 3 буквы

W. Coast airport, 3 буквы

West Coast air hub, for short, 3 буквы

West Coast airport inits., 3 буквы

Where 38D can be seen in Calif., 3 буквы

Business letter option, 5 букв

Treat one to, 4 буквы

Defense struc-ture built by kids in winter, 5 букв

Emphatically, 9 букв

With force, musically, 9 букв

(music) a notation written above a note and indicating that it is to be played with a strong initial attack, 9 букв

An accented chord, 9 букв

'Bullitt' org., 4 буквы

Boys in blue by the bay, 4 буквы

Dirty Harry Callahan's employer (abbr.), 4 буквы

Dirty Harry Callahan's org., 4 буквы

Ironside cops, 4 буквы

Ironside force (Abbr.), 4 буквы

Ironside force, informally, 4 буквы

Ironside law gp., 4 буквы

Ironside org., 4 буквы

Monk org., 4 буквы

Nash Bridges org., 4 буквы

The Lineup enforcement gp., 4 буквы

The Lineup grp., 4 буквы

Adrian Monk's former org., 4 буквы

Bay Area APB issuer, 4 буквы

Bay Area blue (abbr.), 4 буквы

Bay Area blues, 4 буквы

Bay Area blues, briefly, 4 буквы

Bay Area cop's org., 4 буквы

Bay Area enforcers (abbr.), 4 буквы

Bay Area enforcers, initially, 4 буквы

Bay Area force, briefly, 4 буквы

Bay Area law enforcement org., 4 буквы

Bay Area squad car letters, 4 буквы

Bay blue, briefly, 4 буквы

Bay blue, for short, 4 буквы

Calif. cop org., 4 буквы

Calif. force, 4 буквы

Calif. group with a seven-point badge, 4 буквы

Calif. law enforcement ltrs., 4 буквы

Calif. law-enforcement org., 4 буквы

Cop squad in Monk: Abbr., 4 буквы

Cops on patrol during the latest World Series parade, 4 буквы

Dirty Harry's employer, 4 буквы

Dirty Harry's employer (Abbr.), 4 буквы

Dirty Harry's employer, for short, 4 буквы

Dirty Harry's gp., 4 буквы

Dirty Harry's org., 4 буквы

Employer of TV's Nash Bridges, briefly, 4 буквы

Enforcement org. since the Cal. Gold Rush, 4 буквы

Force in Milk, for short, 4 буквы

Frisco's finest, 4 буквы

Frisco's finest: Abbr., 4 буквы

Haight-Ashbury law gp., 4 буквы

Insp. Dirty Harry Callahan's employer, 4 буквы

Ironside's org., in old TV, 4 буквы

Law enforcement org. featured in Bullitt, 4 буквы

Letters for Nob Hill cops, 4 буквы

Malden's employer in a '70s TV series, 4 буквы

Nash Bridges' grp., 4 буквы

Nash Bridges's employer, on TV, 4 буквы

Nob Hill cops: abbr., 4 буквы

Org. in Monk, 4 буквы

Org. in TV's Nash Bridges, 4 буквы

Real-life org. seen in Bullitt, 4 буквы

Robert Ironside's org., 4 буквы

Squad often seen on film in car chases on hilly streets: abbr., 4 буквы

They patrol Fisherman's Wharf: abbr., 4 буквы

Area meas., 3 буквы

Mild quality, 6 букв

Computer program developer's concern, 9 букв

Alan Ball HBO series, to fans, 3 буквы

Show that ended in 2005, to fans, 3 буквы

Mona Lisa tone-blending technique, 7 букв

Artist's tone-blending technique, used in the Mona Lisa, 7 букв

Subtlety-of-tone technique used in the Mona Lisa, 7 букв

Tone-blending painting technique, 7 букв

Not too racy or gory, in web lingo; Abbr., 3 буквы

Play this note with a sudden accent, in sheet music abbr., 3 буквы

Strongly accented, in mus., 3 буквы

Da Vinci's patron, 4 буквы

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