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___ cloth (lingerie fabric), 4 letters

___ cloth (sheer fabric), 4 letters

___ cloth from Manila, 4 letters

___ colada, 4 letters

___ colada (cocktail), 4 letters

___ Colada (Life Savers flavor), 4 letters

___ colada (rum cocktail), 4 letters

___ colada (tropical drink), 4 letters

-- colada (rum drink), 4 letters

Colada intro, 4 letters

Escape (The ___ Colada Song), 4 letters

Escape (The ___ Colada Song) (#1 hit of 1979), 4 letters

Escape (The ___ Colada Song) (Rupert Holmes), 4 letters

If you like ___ coladas... (Rupert Holmes lyric), 4 letters

Choreographer Bausch, 4 letters

Colada fruit, 4 letters

First word in a tropical drink, 4 letters

First word in a tropical drink name, 4 letters

Fruit in a Durango drink, 4 letters

Fruit in a mixed drink, 4 letters

Kind of colada, 4 letters

Mexican pineapple, 4 letters

Mexican plantation product, 4 letters

Modern dance pioneer Bausch, 4 letters

Part of a drink, 4 letters

Sheer fabric, 4 letters

Spanish cloth, 4 letters

Start of a coconut cocktail name, 4 letters

Tropical fruit, in Toledo, 4 letters

Word in a popular tropical drink, 4 letters

The ___ Song (1979 Rupert Holmes chart-topper), 10 letters

Caribou Lou's cousin, 10 letters

Coconut-flavored cocktail, 10 letters

Cosmopolitan alternative, 10 letters

Drink made with coconut cream, 10 letters

Drink mentioned in Rupert Holmes's song Escape, 10 letters

Drink with coconut cream, 10 letters

Drink with pineapple juice, 10 letters

It may sport an umbrella, 10 letters

Mixed drink with rum, 10 letters

Popular cocktail, 10 letters

Rum cocktail, 10 letters

Rum drink, 10 letters

BLENDER, 15 letters

Alcoholic beverages, 11 letters

Beverages with coconut and rum: 2 words, 11 letters

Margarita alternatives, 11 letters

Swim-up bar drinks, 11 letters

Subtitle of a 1979 Rupert Holmes hit (with The), 14 letters

Least-ordered soft drinks in Hawaii?, 9 letters

Tropical soft drinks?, 9 letters

Sleeveless dress, 5 letters

H.M.S. ___, 8 letters

Little House on the Prairie garment, 8 letters

Apronlike dress, 8 letters

Blouse coverer, 8 letters

Captain Corcoran's ship, 8 letters

Child's apron, 8 letters

Child's flouncy apron, 8 letters

G&S farce, informally, 8 letters

Garment worn like an apron, 8 letters

Gilbert & Sullivan ship, 8 letters

Ralph Rackstraw's craft, 8 letters

Worn over other clothing, 8 letters

A sleeveless dress resembling an apron, 8 letters

Apronlike garments, 9 letters

Sleeveless smocks, 9 letters

___ del Rio Cuba, 5 letters

Philippine fruits, 5 letters

Pineapples, in Peru, 5 letters

Pyramidal tree, 8 letters

*Party game, 6 letters

Big hit at birthday parties, 6 letters

Birthday item in Tampico, 6 letters

Birthday party crock, 6 letters

Blindfolded child's target, 6 letters

Blindfolded children's target, 6 letters

Broken candy dispenser, 6 letters

Christmas cracker?, 6 letters

Clay target at a fiesta, 6 letters

Container meant to be broken, 6 letters

Fiesta decor, 6 letters

Fiesta feature, 6 letters

Fiesta figurine, 6 letters

Fiesta prop, 6 letters

Fiesta target, 6 letters

Fiesta toy holder, 6 letters

Fun thing to beat up on, 6 letters

Hit at the party?, 6 letters

Holiday punching bag, 6 letters

It gets hit on at parties, 6 letters

It gets whacked, 6 letters

It may be attacked blindly, 6 letters

It may be beaten at a party, 6 letters

It requires one who's blind with a bat, 6 letters

It's beaten with sticks, 6 letters

It's broken at parties, 6 letters

It's broken by blindfolded children, 6 letters

It's broken into for goodies, 6 letters

It's hung and beaten, 6 letters

It's hung and hit at a party, 6 letters

It's made to be destroyed violently, 6 letters

It's stuffed at parties, 6 letters

Item in a Mexican fiesta, 6 letters

Item made to be broken, 6 letters

Item that's broken at parties, 6 letters

Kids will happily beat the stuffing out of one, 6 letters

Mexican birthday party hanging, 6 letters

Mexican festival feature, 6 letters

Mexican gift holder, 6 letters

Mexican party accessory, 6 letters

Mexican party item, 6 letters

Mexican treat holder, 6 letters

One getting hit on at a party?, 6 letters

One hanging around a party?, 6 letters

One suspended for a game, 6 letters

Papier-m, 6 letters

Party animal?, 6 letters

Party crasher?, 6 letters

Party hanging, 6 letters

Party package, 6 letters

Party popper?, 6 letters

Party punch?, 6 letters

Prize-filled target, 6 letters

Prize-filled toy, 6 letters

Something beaten at a party in Mexico, 6 letters

Something beaten up while hanging around, 6 letters

Something to bash at a bash, perhaps, 6 letters

Something to bash at parties, 6 letters

Something to hit at a fiesta, 6 letters

Stuffed animal of a sort, 6 letters

Stuffed party treat, 6 letters

Supplier of candy and toys for kids, 6 letters

Target at the fiesta, 6 letters

The hit of a party?, 6 letters

Treat-filled party buy, 6 letters

Whacked gift holder, 6 letters

Plaything consisting of a container filled with toys and candy, 6 letters

Suspended from a height for blindfolded children to break with sticks, 6 letters

Drink that you whack with a stick?, 12 letters

Dos Equis-filled item at a birthday party?, 12 letters

Fiesta decor, 7 letters

Mexican Christmas figures you whack, 7 letters

Party animals?, 7 letters

Party items that get broken, 7 letters

Swingers hit on them at parties, 7 letters

They get smashed at parties, 7 letters

They really take a beating, 7 letters

They're broken at parties, 7 letters

They're made to be destroyed, 7 letters

They're often filled with candies, 7 letters

They're suspended at parties, 7 letters

Active concern in the Philippines, 1991, 8 letters

Catastrophic exploder of 1991, 8 letters

A family of Pinaceae, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..