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1/6 inch type, 4 letters

1/6 inch, in printing, 4 letters

1/6 of an inch, 4 letters

10-pitch type, 4 letters

12 points, 4 letters

12 points, to a printer, 4 letters

12 points, to a typographer, 4 letters

12-point type, 4 letters

12-point type size, 4 letters

A regular type, 4 letters

Abnormal appetite, 4 letters

Abnormal craving, 4 letters

About 1/6 inch, 4 letters

About 1/6 inch, to a printer, 4 letters

Bigger than elite, 4 letters

Book designer's measure, 4 letters

Common type, 4 letters

Common type size, 4 letters

Compositor's choice, 4 letters

Desire to eat chalk, clay, etc., 4 letters

Editing measure, 4 letters

Editor's measure, 4 letters

Elite alternative, 4 letters

Font option, 4 letters

Font selection, 4 letters

Font size, 4 letters

Font size option, 4 letters

Font size selection, 4 letters

Fraction of an inch, 4 letters

In Design measurement, 4 letters

It's not an elite type?, 4 letters

It's roughly a sixth of an inch, 4 letters

It's smaller than English, 4 letters

Layout program unit, 4 letters

Layout unit, 4 letters

Like some typewriters, 4 letters

Newsroom measure, 4 letters

Newsroom unit, 4 letters

Not elite, 4 letters

One size smaller than English, 4 letters

One-sixth of an inch, 4 letters

One-sixth of an inch, in printing, 4 letters

Page layout measurement unit, 4 letters

Page-layout unit, 4 letters

Part of an inch, 4 letters

Pickles for breakfast, say, 4 letters

Popular type, 4 letters

Printer's measure, 4 letters

Printer's unit, 4 letters

Printer's width, 4 letters

Printing measure, 4 letters

Printwheel choice, 4 letters

Sixth of an inch, 4 letters

Size of type, 4 letters

Twelve point type size, 4 letters

Twelve-point measure, 4 letters

Twelve-point type, 4 letters

Type measure, 4 letters

Type of one C.P.A., 4 letters

Type of type, 4 letters

Type size, 4 letters

Type size larger than elite, 4 letters

Type type, 4 letters

Type unit, 4 letters

Type width, 4 letters

Type with ten characters to the inch, 4 letters

Typeface size, 4 letters

Typesetter's unit, 4 letters

Typesetting measure, 4 letters

Typesetting segment, 4 letters

Typesetting unit, 4 letters

Typesetting width, 4 letters

Typewriter type, 4 letters

Typewriter type size, 4 letters

Typewriter typeface size, 4 letters

Typing type, 4 letters

Typographic measure, 4 letters

Typography option, 4 letters

Typography unit, 4 letters

Variety of type, 4 letters

A linear unit (1/6 inch) used in printing, 4 letters

Occurs in some primitive tribes or sometimes in cases of nutritional deficiency, 4 letters

Magpies, 4 letters

Eating earth or clay or chalk, 4 letters

2001 sports autobiography about an Olympic downhill skier, 6 letters

Lillehammer skiing medalist Street, 6 letters

Olympian Street, 6 letters

Ski-racer Street, 6 letters

Skier Street, 6 letters

Street going downhill?, 6 letters

Street heading hill?, 6 letters

Street in an Olympic Village, 6 letters

Street in the Winter Olympics, 6 letters

Street of fame, 6 letters

Street of Olympics fame, 6 letters

Street on a cold mountain, 6 letters

Street on a mountain, 6 letters

Street on a snow-covered hill, 6 letters

Street on the slopes, 6 letters

1998 Winter Olympics skiing star, 12 letters

American skiing medalist at Lillehammer, 12 letters

Gold-Medal skier, 12 letters

Olympian's crossroad?, 12 letters

Skier's address?, 12 letters

Slalom gold-medalist of 1998, 12 letters

Bullfighter on horseback, 7 letters

Bullfighter's instruction for a game show contestant overheard (7), 7 letters

Certain bullfight participant, 7 letters

Corrida horseman, 7 letters

Corrida participant, 7 letters

Corrida toro tormentor, 7 letters

Matador's colleague, 7 letters

Torero's sidekick, 7 letters

Toro's opponent, 7 letters

The horseman who pricks the bull with a lance early in the bullfight to goad the bull and to make it keep its head low, 7 letters

Corrida assistants, 8 letters

They skewer the Bulls with sporadic moves (8), 8 letters

Hot, 7 letters

Hot and spicy, 7 letters

Hot sauce, 7 letters

Mexican restaurant specification, 7 letters

Not mild, 7 letters

Salsa choice, 7 letters

Spicy, 7 letters

Three-alarm, say, 7 letters

The Blindman's Meal painter, 5 letters

Star Trek: The Next Generation captain, 6 letters

A captain of the Enterprise, 6 letters

Earth-measuring astronomer Jean, 6 letters

Enterprise-D captain, 6 letters

Kirk's successor, 6 letters

NCC 1701-D captain, 6 letters

Patrick Stewart role, 6 letters

The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager, 7 letters

Enterprise furniture?, 12 letters

French region, 7 letters

Historic region of France, 7 letters

Historical French region, 7 letters

A region of northern France on the English Channel, 7 letters

Like Don Quixote de la Mancha, 10 letters

Like Don Quixote, 10 letters

Like tales of rogues, 10 letters

Adventurer, 6 letters

Rascal, 6 letters

Rogue, 6 letters

Rogue or scoundrel, 6 letters

Roguish character, 6 letters

Scoundrel, 6 letters

Vagabond, 6 letters

Pirate ship, 8 letters

Vagabond, 8 letters

Roving rogues, 7 letters

Vagabonds, 7 letters

Wandering rogues, as in Cervantes stories, 7 letters

10-pitch types, 5 letters

12-point fonts, 5 letters

12-point type choices, 5 letters

12-point types, 5 letters

Abnormal cravings for odd foods, 5 letters

Characters of a certain size, 5 letters

Characters of a certain type, 5 letters

Cousins of the elite, 5 letters

Layout measures, 5 letters

Layout units, 5 letters

Newsroom measures, 5 letters

Page layout options, 5 letters

Printer's measures, 5 letters

Printers' units, 5 letters

Printing measurements, 5 letters

Printing measures, 5 letters

Printing units, 5 letters

Sixths of an inch, to a printer, 5 letters

Some types, 5 letters

Type choices, 5 letters

Type fonts, 5 letters

Type measurements, 5 letters

Type measures, 5 letters

Type sixes, 5 letters

Type types, 5 letters

Type units, 5 letters

Typeface units, 5 letters

Typesetter's units, 5 letters

Typesetters' measures, 5 letters

Typesetting measures, 5 letters

Typesetting units, 5 letters

Typewriter types, 5 letters

Typographer's units, 5 letters

Typographic units, 5 letters

Google image viewer, 6 letters

Google image-organizing app, 6 letters

Google's photo-organizing application, 6 letters

Web image-viewing software, 6 letters

*Mandolin and Guitar, 7 letters

'The Old Guitarist' painter, 7 letters

Blue Period artist, 7 letters

Desmoiselles d'Avignon artist, 7 letters

Dora Maar painter, 7 letters

Give me a museum and I'll fill it speaker, 7 letters

Guernica artist, 7 letters

Guernica painter, 7 letters

Ma Jolie artist, 7 letters

She-Goat artist, 7 letters

The Three Musicians painter, 7 letters

Three Musicians artist, 7 letters

Woman With a Crow artist, 7 letters

Artist known for his Blue Period, 7 letters

Artist who had a Rose Period, 7 letters

Artist with a Blue Period, 7 letters

Artist with a Rose Period, 7 letters

Artist with many a self-portrait, 7 letters

Blue period painter, 7 letters

Braque colleague, 7 letters

Collage introducer, 7 letters

Cubism cofounder, 7 letters

Cubist before Rubik, 7 letters

Cubist painter, 7 letters

Cubist who had an affair with Coco Chanel, 7 letters

Cubist, and I don't mean Rubik, 7 letters

Famous cubist, 7 letters

Gertrude Stein portraitist, 1906, 7 letters

He had a blue period, 7 letters

He said, Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth., 7 letters

His work was often sketchy, 7 letters

Painter in a Steve Martin title, 7 letters

Painter McCartney wrote a song for on Band on the Run, 7 letters

Painter Pablo, 7 letters

Pioneering collagist, 7 letters

Pitcher who paints the corners, 7 letters

Spanish artist's photo, like so (7), 7 letters

Spanish cubist, 7 letters

Title character who meets Einstein at Paris's Lapin Agile in a Steve Martin comedy, 7 letters

Prolific and influential Spanish artist who lived in France (1881-1973), 7 letters

Blue . and Rose ., 13 letters

Guernica and , 8 letters

Some cubist paintings, 8 letters

Middling review of a great painter?, 11 letters

Famous pre-cubism phase, 18 letters

Road that's a sixth of an inch wide? Woof!, 10 letters

Paltry, 8 letters

Petty, 8 letters

Piddling, 8 letters

Trifling, 8 letters

Trivial, 8 letters

(offensive) a Black child, 9 letters

A region of northern France on the English Channel, 8 letters

Term used in some classifications as nearly equivalent to the order Coraciiformes, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..