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Yaws (the disease), 4 letters

Keyboard instruments, in Italy, 5 letters

Small keyboard, 7 letters

Undersize keyboard, 7 letters

Barely audible, 10 letters

Musical direction, and a hint to the quiet meetings taking place in the answers to starred clues, 10 letters

So as barely to be heard, 10 letters

Softly, to Chopin, 10 letters

Very quietly, 10 letters

Very softly, 10 letters

(music) low loudness, 10 letters

Accompanist, 7 letters

Andre Watts, for one, 7 letters

Arrau or Cliburn, 7 letters

Billy Joel, for one, 7 letters

Borge or Cliburn, 7 letters

Borge or Liberace, 7 letters

Cafe booking, 7 letters

Chopin or Liszt, 7 letters

Cocktail-lounge employee, 7 letters

Concerto performer, often, 7 letters

Elton John or Billy Joel, 7 letters

Glenn Gould, e.g., 7 letters

Glenn Gould, for one, 7 letters

Grand master?, 7 letters

Ivories tickler, 7 letters

Key person, 7 letters

Key player?, 7 letters

Keyboard player, 7 letters

Liberace, for one, 7 letters

Nero or Rubinstein, 7 letters

Nero, notably, 7 letters

Nick Cave or Alicia Keys, 7 letters

One of this year's Best Picture nominees, with The, 7 letters

One who both plays and sits on the bench, 7 letters

One who deals in rags?, 7 letters

Pedal pusher?, 7 letters

Rachmaninoff, e.g., 7 letters

Tickler of the ivories, 7 letters

Upright citizen?, 7 letters

Upright player, 7 letters

Vladimir Horowitz, 7 letters

Keyboard professional, 8 letters

Alan, 15 letters

OSCAR, 15 letters

Bench sitters, 8 letters

Brubeck and Monk, 8 letters

Ivory pounders, 8 letters

Ivory ticklers, 8 letters

Ivory workers?, 8 letters

Key players, 8 letters

Keyboard players, 8 letters

Nero and Rubinstein, 8 letters

Ticklers of the ivories, 8 letters

Van Cliburn and Artur Rubinstein, 8 letters

___ bar, 5 letters

'Rhapsody in Blue' solo instrument, 5 letters

A parlor utensil for subduing the impenitent visitor: Ambrose Bierce, 5 letters

Casablanca instrument, 5 letters

Casablanca music maker, 5 letters

Eighty-eight, 5 letters

Grand instrument, 5 letters

Grand piece of furniture, 5 letters

Shine prop, 5 letters

The ___ Has Been Drinking (Not Me) (Tom Waits song), 5 letters

The ___ Lesson (Pulitzer-winning play by August Wilson), 5 letters

The 88s, 5 letters

Upright instrument, 5 letters

1993 Holly Hunter film, with The, 5 letters

51 Elton John's instrument, 5 letters

88 keys in thespian organization (5), 5 letters

88-key instrument, 5 letters

A Baldwin, 5 letters

A grand instrument, 5 letters

A player, perhaps, 5 letters

Alicia Keys' keys, 5 letters

Alicia Keys' wing man, 5 letters

Alicia Keys's instrument, 5 letters

Alicia's keys, 5 letters

Andr, 5 letters

Andre Watts' instrument, 5 letters

Baby grand, 5 letters

Baby grand or spinet, 5 letters

Baby grand, e.g., 5 letters

Baby grand, for example, 5 letters

Baby grand, for one, 5 letters

Baldwin creation, 5 letters

Baldwin product, 5 letters

Baldwin, e.g., 5 letters

Bar fixture, 5 letters

Bar fixture, maybe, 5 letters

Basie's instrument, 5 letters

Basie's medium, 5 letters

Beethoven's instrument, 5 letters

Bench site, 5 letters

Billy Joel instrument, 5 letters

Borge's forte, 5 letters

Brahms's instrument, 5 letters

Brendel's instrument, 5 letters

Bruce Hornsby's instrument, 5 letters

Chopin wrote for it, 5 letters

Chopin's instrument, 5 letters

Chopsticks source?, 5 letters

Choral direction, 5 letters

Classic keyboard, 5 letters

Claudio Arrau's instrument, 5 letters

Clavichord's descendant, 5 letters

Cliburn's instrument, 5 letters

Composer's direction, 5 letters

Concerto instrument, 5 letters

Count Basie's instrument, 5 letters

Cristofori invention, 5 letters

Cristofori made the first one: 1709, 5 letters

Donald Fagen's instrument, 5 letters

Eighty-eight keys, 5 letters

Elton John's forte, 5 letters

Elton John's instrument, 5 letters

Elton's instrument, 5 letters

Emanuel Ax's instrument, 5 letters

Fats Waller's instrument, 5 letters

Ferrante's forte, 5 letters

Forte's opposite, 5 letters

Gershwin's instrument, 5 letters

Glenn Gould's instrument, 5 letters

Grand ___, 5 letters

Grand follower, 5 letters

Grand master's specialty?, 5 letters

Grand or baby grand, 5 letters

Grand or player, 5 letters

Grand or spinet, 5 letters

Grand or upright, 5 letters

Grand, e.g., 5 letters

Grand, for one, 5 letters

Grand, perhaps, 5 letters

Harpsichord kin, 5 letters

Harpsichord relative, 5 letters

Holder of 88 keys, 5 letters

Honky-tonk instrument, 5 letters

Honky-tonk player, 5 letters

Honky-tonk sight, 5 letters

Horowitz instrument, 5 letters

If you play it, it could be grand, 5 letters

Important prop in a '93 Holly Hunter film, 5 letters

In music softly, 5 letters

Instrument for an , 5 letters

Instrument for Billy Joel, 5 letters

Instrument for Friml, 5 letters

Instrument for Nero, 5 letters

Instrument for Rachmaninoff, 5 letters

Instrument for Serkin, 5 letters

Instrument often used at rehearsals for musicals, 5 letters

Instrument played by Ray Charles, 5 letters

Instrument with 88 keys, 5 letters

Instrument with a bench, 5 letters

Instrument with hammers, 5 letters

Instrument with pedals, 5 letters

Invention credited to Bartolomeo Cristofori circa 1700, 5 letters

It could be a grand, 5 letters

It has hammers and keys, 5 letters

It has keys and pedals, 5 letters

It holds a lot of hammers, 5 letters

It may be grand, 5 letters

It may have a player, 5 letters

It might be grand, 5 letters

It might be upright, 5 letters

It provides a sounding board, 5 letters

It requires many keys, 5 letters

It's grand, maybe, 5 letters

It's often grand, 5 letters

Ivories' place, 5 letters

Ivory tickler's instrument, 5 letters

Jackson Browne's instrument, 5 letters

Jane Campion film, with The, 5 letters

Jazz instrument, 5 letters

Joel's instrument, 5 letters

John McTammany, inventor of the player ___, 5 letters

Joplin need, 5 letters

Key buy?, 5 letters

Key locale, 5 letters

Key location, 5 letters

Keyboard instrument, 5 letters

Keyed instrument, 5 letters

Kind of bar, 5 letters

Kind of bar or player, 5 letters

Kind of bar or wire, 5 letters

Kind of roll or bar, 5 letters

Knabe product, 5 letters

Larrocha's love, 5 letters

Liberace's instrument, 5 letters

Liszt's forte, 5 letters

Lounge axe, 5 letters

Lounge in many a hotel, 5 letters

Lounge instrument, 5 letters

Lounge piece, 5 letters

Marvin Hamlisch's instrument, 5 letters

Mover's challenge, 5 letters

Musically soft, 5 letters

Nero's instrument, 5 letters

Nixon's instrument, 5 letters

Norah Jones plays one, 5 letters

One grand, 5 letters

Opposite of forte, 5 letters

Parlor instrument, 5 letters

Parlor piece, 5 letters

Perahia's instrument, 5 letters

Percussion instrument, really, 5 letters

Place for a hammer, 5 letters

Quintet's fifth, sometimes, 5 letters

Recital instrument, 5 letters

Recreation center staple, 5 letters

Rehearsal-hall piece, 5 letters

Roll player, 5 letters

Saloon instrument, 5 letters

Saloon music maker, 5 letters

Schroeder's instrument, 5 letters

Schroeder's prop, 5 letters

Schroeder's toy, 5 letters

Serkin's instrument, 5 letters

Set of keys, 5 letters

Site of dozens of keys, 5 letters

Site of many hammers, 5 letters

Soft, 5 letters

Soft, in music, 5 letters

Soft, to Solti, 5 letters

Soft: mus., 5 letters

Softly, in scores, 5 letters

Softly, musically, 5 letters

Softly, to a composer, 5 letters

Softly, to Arrau, 5 letters

Softly, to Masur, 5 letters

Softly, to Serkin, 5 letters

Softly, to Soiti, 5 letters

Spinet, 5 letters

Spinet or baby grand, 5 letters

Spinet or grand, 5 letters

Spinet, e.g., 5 letters

Spot for hammers, 5 letters

Steinway creation, 5 letters

Steinway forte, 5 letters

Steinway product, 5 letters

Steinway, e.g., 5 letters

Steinway, say, 5 letters

Thelonious's thing, 5 letters

Theme of the puzzle, 5 letters

Tutor's subject, maybe, 5 letters

Type of bar, 5 letters

Upright, 5 letters

Upright or baby grand, 5 letters

Upright or grand, 5 letters

Upright, e.g., 5 letters

Upright, for example, 5 letters

Upright, for one, 5 letters

Van Cliburn's instrument, 5 letters

Victor Borge's instrument, 5 letters

Vladimir Horowitz's medium, 5 letters

Waller's ax, 5 letters

Watts' instrument, 5 letters

What Sam plays in Casablanca, 5 letters

Where the ivories are, 5 letters

Where Rick hid the letters of transit, 5 letters

Word with bar, player or lesson, 5 letters

Word with roll or bar, 5 letters

Yamaha product, 5 letters

A stringed instrument that is played by depressing keys that cause hammers to strike tuned strings and produce sounds, 5 letters

(music) low loudness, 5 letters

Two more rolls, 9 letters

'Misty' place?, 8 letters

Cabaret's cousin, 8 letters

Cocktail lounge with a keyboard, 8 letters

Cocktail lounge with live music, 8 letters

Cocktails and music spot, 8 letters

Drinks-and-music spot, 8 letters

Informal nightspot, 8 letters

Mixing place, 8 letters

Nightspot, 8 letters

Old-fashioned place to have an old-fashioned, 8 letters

Place for cocktails, 8 letters

Place to meet for cocktails, 8 letters

Pub with requests, 8 letters

Sam's place in Casablanca, 8 letters

Spot for cocktails and music, 8 letters

Spot to savor old standards, 8 letters

The Carlyle Hotel has a famous one, 8 letters

Where customers pick numbers, 8 letters

Lounges with ivory-ticklers, 9 letters

Liberace's seat, 10 letters

GRAND FINALES, 21 letters

Mozart opus, 13 letters

Four-handed recital, 9 letters

Harpsichord's kin, 10 letters

A stringed instrument that is played by depressing keys that cause hammers to strike tuned strings and produce sounds, 10 letters

Steinway's kind of wealth?, 12 letters

Pledges from unaccomplished musicians?, 15 letters

Cabinetmaker's hardware, 10 letters

Hardware for a binder cover or Steinway keyboard cover, 10 letters

Brenda Russell hit song, 14 letters

Hammer activator, 8 letters

One that gets depressed during recitals, 8 letters

What an ivory tickler's hands are on, 13 letters

What's black and white?, 13 letters

Ebony and Ivory, literally, in the song, 9 letters

Parts of a spinet, 9 letters

They activate hammers, 9 letters

Upright features, 9 letters

Automated ivories, 7 letters

Instrument that plays itself, 7 letters

Mechanical ivories, 7 letters

Roll player, 7 letters

Self-playing instrument, 7 letters

A mechanically operated piano that uses a roll of perforated paper to activate the keys, 7 letters

Mechanical music makers, 8 letters

Self-playing keyboards, 8 letters

One of a grand trio, 8 letters

August Wilson play with The, 11 letters

Where to learn key concepts?, 11 letters

Course for movers?, 12 letters

Sing us a song, you're the ___, 8 letters

Billy Joel classic, 8 letters

Billy Joel's first Top 40 hit, 8 letters

___ (who was a key figure in the Nashville Sound of the 1950s), 14 letters

Chopin opus, 13 letters

*Sam in Casablanca, e.g., 11 letters

Accompanist, often, 11 letters

Arrau, for one, 11 letters

Tickler of the ivories, 11 letters

*Scales are part of it, 13 letters

Ain't it grand? x 3, 15 letters

Holey music?, 9 letters

Perforated performance product, 9 letters

'Grand' instruments, 6 letters

Grand things, 6 letters

88 key contraptions, 6 letters

Baby grands, e.g., 6 letters

Baldwin products, 6 letters

Baldwins and Steinways, 6 letters

Bench sites, 6 letters

Benched players use them, 6 letters

Challenges for movers, 6 letters

Clavichord cousins, 6 letters

Concert grands, 6 letters

Concerto instruments, 6 letters

Dance-hall instruments, 6 letters

Elton plays these, 6 letters

Grand and baby grand, 6 letters

Grand array, maybe, 6 letters

Honky-tonk sights, 6 letters

Instruments for Ax and Watts, 6 letters

Instruments for Billy Joel, 6 letters

Instruments never found in marching bands, 6 letters

Instruments with keyboards, 6 letters

Key holders, 6 letters

Keyboard instruments, 6 letters

Knabe products, 6 letters

Music makers, 6 letters

Old saloon sights, 6 letters

Parlor pieces, 6 letters

Products with pedals, 6 letters

Props for Ferrante and Teicher, 6 letters

Roll players?, 6 letters

Saloon amenities, 6 letters

Some are grand, 6 letters

Some bar features, 6 letters

Some uprights, 6 letters

Some Yamahas, 6 letters

Spinet and grand, 6 letters

Spinets, 6 letters

Spinets and baby grands, 6 letters

Spinets, e.g., 6 letters

Steinway output, 6 letters

Steinway products, 6 letters

Steinway wares, 6 letters

Steinways, 6 letters

Steinways, e.g., 6 letters

Their players are often benched, 6 letters

They have 88 keys, 6 letters

They have lots of hammers, 6 letters

They may be dueling in bars, 6 letters

They may be surrounded at parties, 6 letters

Upright and grand, 6 letters

Uprights, e.g., 6 letters

Van Cliburn Competition need, 6 letters

What Joel and Nero play, 6 letters

What players on the bench need?, 6 letters

What the Lebeques play, 6 letters

Grand master's study?, 10 letters

Key player's reading material?, 10 letters

Reading for Rubinstein, 10 letters

Sheet music for Van Cliburn, say, 10 letters

Three grand, 15 letters

Three grand things, 15 letters

Layla has one, 9 letters

Fur Elise, for one, 9 letters

Beethoven's Appassionata, e.g., 11 letters

It's sometimes below middle C, 10 letters

It's usually below middle C?, 10 letters

Keyboardist's support, 10 letters

Serkin's support, 10 letters

Supporter of Liberace?, 10 letters

Thelonious Monk supporter, 10 letters

Sitting at a stranger's Steinway?, 16 letters

Beethoven's Archduke, for one, 9 letters

Beethoven's Ghost, for one, 9 letters

Common chamber music form that includes Beethoven's Ghost, 9 letters

Fish found only in the Keys?, 9 letters

Fish with musical scales?, 9 letters

Fishy acoustic ace?, 9 letters

Fishy instrument maintainer?, 9 letters

Fishy musical occupation, 9 letters

Musical fish?, 9 letters

Instrument technicians?, 10 letters

Ivory-tickling fish?, 10 letters

Grand master?, 10 letters

Music technician, 10 letters

One who might be hired for a grand, 10 letters

One who works on a grand scale?, 10 letters

Person making some key adjustments, 10 letters

Worker with a fork, 10 letters

Grand masters?, 11 letters

Their job involves pitches and forks, 11 letters

High-tensile steel product, 9 letters

Steinway & Sons' line?, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..