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Scary attendee at Dubya's latest White House correspondents' dinner, 3 letters

Sharon's hubby, for short, 3 letters

Wacky Osbourne, casually, 3 letters

Annual heavy metal tour, 7 letters

'50s sitcom hubby, 5 letters

A memorable Nelson, 5 letters

Baseball Cardinals. Smith, 5 letters

Baseball Hall-of-Famer Smith, 5 letters

Cardinal Smith, 5 letters

David and Ricky's dad, 5 letters

Foul-mouthed White Sox manager Guillen, 5 letters

Hall of Fame shortstop Smith, 5 letters

Harriet's guy, 5 letters

Harriet's hubby, 5 letters

Harriet's spouse, 5 letters

Harriet's TV hubby, 5 letters

Nelson in reruns, 5 letters

One of the Nelsons, 5 letters

Ricky and David's dad, 5 letters

Shortstop Smith who won 13 consecutive Gold Glove Awards, 5 letters

Smith in Cooperstown, 5 letters

Roman show that inspired a sitcom?, 15 letters

Roman sitcom?, 15 letters

'50s sitcom couple, 15 letters

Classic radio program, 15 letters

Classic TV parents, 15 letters

David and Ricky's 66A, 15 letters

Happy 50's couple, 15 letters

Ricky's parents, 15 letters

TV pair, 15 letters

TV's family values models, 15 letters

'50s sitcom star, 11 letters

David and Ricky's dad, 11 letters

Harriet's husband and Ricky's dad, 11 letters

RICKY, 11 letters

Ricky's pop, 11 letters

Nelson and Smith, 6 letters

13-time Gold Glove winning shortstop, 10 letters

13-time gold glover, 10 letters

Classy Card, 10 letters

No. 1 retired by the Cardinals, 10 letters

Shortstop who won 13 Gold Glove Awards, 10 letters

Heavy metal fishing gear?, 7 letters

Crazy Train vocalist, familiarly, 4 letters

The Osbournes dad, 4 letters

The Osbournes patriarch, 4 letters

Black Sabbath name, 4 letters

Black Sabbath singer, to fans, 4 letters

Black Sabbath vocalist's first name, 4 letters

Famed bat biter, 4 letters

First name in onstage antics, 4 letters

Heavy-metal vocalist Osbourne, 4 letters

Husband of Sharon, father of Jack and Kelly, 4 letters

Kelly Osbourne's dad, 4 letters

Lita's partner on Close My Eyes Forever, 4 letters

Osbourne of Black Sabbath, 4 letters

Osbourne of rock, 4 letters

Patriarch of 'The Osbournes', 4 letters

Rock's Osborne, 4 letters

Rocker Osbourne, 4 letters

Rocker Osbourne of The Osbournes, 4 letters

Runner-up of Survivor: Cook Islands, 4 letters

Sharon's husband, 4 letters

Paranoid harmonica player, 12 letters

Patriarch on an MTV reality show, 12 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..