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Alternative to cable broadcast: abbr., 3 letters

City near Tokyo, 3 letters

Congressional advisory agcy., 3 letters

Do, re or mi, in Italy, 3 letters

Hiroshima's river, 3 letters

Suffix in taxonomy, 3 letters

Taxonomic suffix, 3 letters

___ Harbor, N.Z., 5 letters

Tahiti's former name, 8 letters

Ear problem, 7 letters

Earache, 7 letters

Pain in the ear, 7 letters

An ache localized in the middle or inner ear, 7 letters

Earaches, 8 letters

Having an earache, 7 letters

Earache, 6 letters

Carol sung by C.J. Parker from Baywatch?, 12 letters

Melville's superintendent, 5 letters

New ___ (Tokyo-based hotel chain with locations in China and the U.S.), 5 letters

Persian Gulf sight, 7 letters

...du kannst mir sehr gefallen..., 11 letters

Christmas carol that provides the tune for Iowa's state song, 11 letters

Christmastime standard, 11 letters

Classic noel, 11 letters

Seasonal air that celebrates this puzzle's theme, 11 letters

Song about a Christmas tree, 11 letters

Yule song, 11 letters

Eared seals, 7 letters

City in Japan, 5 letters

City in northern Japan, 5 letters

City near Sapporo, 5 letters

City on Ishikari Bay, 5 letters

City WNW of Sapporo, 5 letters

Harbor on Ishikari Bay, 5 letters

Hokkaido city, 5 letters

Hokkaido port, 5 letters

Hokkaido port (anagram of A TOUR), 5 letters

Hokkaido port city, 5 letters

Hokkaido seaport, 5 letters

Japan's ___ Bay, 5 letters

Japanese beer named for a city, 5 letters

Japanese city, 5 letters

Japanese city known for its beer, 5 letters

Japanese port, 5 letters

Japanese port city, 5 letters

Japanese port to take A TOUR of?, 5 letters

Japanese seaport, 5 letters

Japanese seaport with a beer named after it, 5 letters

Northern Japanese city, 5 letters

Port city in Hokkaido, 5 letters

Port city NW of Sapporo, 5 letters

Port near Sapporo, 5 letters

Port northwest of Sapporo, 5 letters

Port of Hokkaido, 5 letters

Port on the Sea of Japan, 5 letters

Port WNW of Sapporo, 5 letters

Sea of Japan port, 5 letters

Aquatic mammal, 5 letters

Eared fur seal, 5 letters

Eared seal, 5 letters

Fur seal, 5 letters

Sea lion, e.g., 5 letters

Basket grass, 5 letters

Basket-weaving grass, 5 letters

Giant grass, 5 letters

Mexican basket grass, 5 letters

___ Mesa (San Diego border crossing), 4 letters

Our Gang affirmative, 4 letters

Our Gang agreement, 4 letters

Our Gang approval, 4 letters

Our Gang assent, 4 letters

The Little Rascals assent, 4 letters

Approval on The Little Rascals, 4 letters

Buckwheat assent, 4 letters

Buckwheat's You betcha!, 4 letters

Buckwheat's affirmative, 4 letters

Buckwheat's word, 4 letters

Buckwheat's word later used by Eddie Murphy, 4 letters

Porky and Buckwheat's Sure!, 4 letters

Type genus of the Otariidae, 6 letters

Eared seals sea lions and fur seals, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..