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Agents like Bond, 3 letters

Agents like James Bond, 3 letters

Bond, James Bond, 3 letters

Brosnan role, 3 letters

End notes, in cyber-chat, 3 letters

Extinct birds of Hawaii, 3 letters

Hawaiian birds, 3 letters

Hawaiian honey-eaters, 3 letters

Long-running film role, 3 letters

Moores number, once, 3 letters

Roulette bets, 3 letters

Embryo-to-be, 7 letters

Fungal zygote, 7 letters

A thick-walled sexual spore that develops from a fertilized oosphere in some algae and fungi, 7 letters

Botanical microorganisms, 8 letters

East, in Amsterdam, 4 letters

Painter Jacob van , 4 letters

Used especially of lower plants, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..