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___ Baby Baby (1965 hit for the Miracles), 3 letters

___, Ernest...: 1922 song, 3 letters

'Hollywood Squares' win, 3 letters

Hollywood Squares victory, 3 letters

Hollywood Squares win, maybe, 3 letters

Hollywood Squares winner, 3 letters

Tic Tac Dough win, 3 letters

Tic-Tac-Dough line, 3 letters

Tic-Tac-Dough winning line, 3 letters

3/4 of a thousand?, 3 letters

999 follower, 3 letters

999 follower, perhaps, 3 letters

A tic-tac-toe winner, 3 letters

A winning combination in today's puzzle theme, 3 letters

Absolutely nothing, 3 letters

Alternative win to XXX, 3 letters

Beginning line under RHE, 3 letters

Card hugs, 3 letters

Castles queenside, 3 letters

Certain show of affection, 3 letters

Cockney Santa's laugh?, 3 letters

Coup at noughts-and-crosses, 3 letters

Game winner, 3 letters

Game-winning line, 3 letters

Goal of a popular game, 3 letters

Goose eggs, 3 letters

Grand finale?, 3 letters

Hallmark hugs, 3 letters

Hockey shutout, 3 letters

Hockey shutout box score, 3 letters

Hockey shutout line score, 3 letters

Hugs, 3 letters

Hugs but not kisses, 3 letters

Hugs in a love letter, 3 letters

Hugs indication, 3 letters

Hugs, in a letter, 3 letters

Hugs, in letters, 3 letters

Hugs, in text, 3 letters

Hugs, on a card, 3 letters

Hugs, on cards, 3 letters

Hugs, on greeting cards, 3 letters

Hugs, on paper, 3 letters

Hugs, symbolically, 3 letters

It's a win in one game, 3 letters

Kid's game winner, 3 letters

Letter hugs, 3 letters

Line indicating that X misplayed, 3 letters

Line struck through by a winner, 3 letters

Love letters?, 3 letters

Meter setting, 3 letters

Most of a thousand?, 3 letters

New odometer setting, 3 letters

New pedometer reading, 3 letters

No-hitter line score, maybe, 3 letters

Noughts in noughts-and-crosses, 3 letters

Noughts-and-crosses win, 3 letters

Odometer start, 3 letters

One thousand minus one?, 3 letters

Opposite of XXX, 3 letters

Owes all, 3 letters

Paper and pencil game winner, 3 letters

Pawnbroker's sign?, 3 letters

Pedometer reading, 3 letters

Pedometer reading, often, 3 letters

Pedometer's starting point, 3 letters

Pedometer's starting reading, 3 letters

Pencil game winner, 3 letters

Pencil-and-paper victory, 3 letters

Penpal's hugs, 3 letters

Perfect game box score, 3 letters

Perfect game, as reflected on the scoreboard, 3 letters

Perfect score, 3 letters

Possible tic-tac-toe line, 3 letters

Pre-game scoreboard stats, 3 letters

Queenside castle, in chess notation, 3 letters

Queenside castling in chess notations, 3 letters

Queenside castling notation, 3 letters

Rare tic-tac-toe win, 3 letters

Reset figures, 3 letters

Reset numbers, 3 letters

Reset pedometer reading, 3 letters

Reset reading, 3 letters

Reset setting, 3 letters

Reset setting, perhaps, 3 letters

Resetting setting, 3 letters

Scoreboard line in a perfect game, 3 letters

Scoreboard line under RHE, maybe, 3 letters

Scoreboard perfection, for a pitcher, 3 letters

Scoreboard trio, 3 letters

Spooky sound, 3 letters

Start of a new car's odometer, 3 letters

Start of a shutout, 3 letters

Starting digits under RHE, 3 letters

Symbolic hugs, 3 letters

Symbols for hugs, 3 letters

Symbols of affection, 3 letters

Three hugs, 3 letters

Three rings, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe feat, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe line, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe line... and a hint to this puzzle's theme, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe loss, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe row, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe score, at times, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe triumph, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe victory, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe win, maybe, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe win, perhaps, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe winner, 3 letters

Tic-tac-toe winning line, 3 letters

Tick-tack-toe goal, 3 letters

Tick-tack-toe win, 3 letters

Trip meter reading, 3 letters

Triple stack, 3 letters

Tripmeter setting, 3 letters

Trisha Yearwood's XXX's and ___'s, 3 letters

Unlikely tic-tac-toe outcome, 3 letters

Valentine hugs, on paper, 3 letters

Valentine symbols, 3 letters

White's combined move of Kc1 and Rd1, in chess notation, 3 letters

Win in a children's game, 3 letters

Win in a pencil-and-paper game, 3 letters

Winning Hollywood Squares line, 3 letters

Winning Hollywood Squares line, at times, 3 letters

Winning Tic Tac Dough line, 3 letters

Winning combo on Hollywood Squares, 3 letters

Winning game line, 3 letters

Winning line in tic-tac-toe, 3 letters

Winning line on Tic Tac Dough, 3 letters

Winning lineup, 3 letters

Winning row in tic-tac-toe, 3 letters

Winning sequence, 3 letters

Winning tic-tac-toe line, 3 letters

Winning tic-tac-toe row, 3 letters

Winning tic-tac-toe sequence, 3 letters

Word of amazement spelled in a bowl of Cheerios?, 3 letters

Xer's downfall?, 3 letters

XXX alternative, 3 letters

XXX counterpart, 3 letters

XXX opposite, 3 letters

Zero-for-four, 3 letters

... a circusgoer, 4 letters

Aren't you special!, 4 letters

Color me impressed!, 4 letters

How exciting!, 4 letters

I really like this!, 4 letters

I'm really impressed!, 4 letters

That was amazing!!, 4 letters

That's gotta hurt, 4 letters

You're gonna get in trou-ble!, 4 letters

Circusgoer's exclamation, 4 letters

Cry of delight, 4 letters

Fireworks reaction, 4 letters

Pyrotechnics reaction, 4 letters

Relative of aaah, 4 letters

Repeated interjection in the Rolling Stones' Miss You, 4 letters

Response to fireworks, 4 letters

Sound of joy, 4 letters

Squeal of delight, 4 letters

Utterance of wonder, 4 letters

Lloyd Price pop hit, 12 letters

Part of the bottom line on 8 Oct '56, 9 letters

Alley Oop character, 5 letters

Alley Oop's girl, 5 letters

Alley Oop's girlfriend, 5 letters

Alley Oop's heartthrob, 5 letters

Alley Oop's lady, 5 letters

Alley Oop's love, 5 letters

Alley Oop's main squeeze, 5 letters

Alley Oop's mate, 5 letters

Alley Oop's wife, 5 letters

Character in Alley Oop, 5 letters

Oop's main squeeze, 5 letters

Odometer reading of a new car?, 4 letters

___ that Shakespeherian Rag: T.S. Eliot, 4 letters

I'm impressed!, 4 letters

When We ___ (2001 Janet Jackson song), 4 letters

When We ___ (Janet Jackson tune), 4 letters

Cry from under a white sheet, 4 letters

Football line score on a bad day for the offense, 4 letters

Football shutout line score, 4 letters

Ghost's cry, 4 letters

Ghost's sound, 4 letters

Goose eggs, 4 letters

Is behind, 4 letters

Line score in a football shutout, 4 letters

Lots of hugs for Will!, 4 letters

NFL shutout, on the scoreboard, 4 letters

Reset number, 4 letters

Reset setting, 4 letters

Shutout symbols, 4 letters

Ten thousand minus one?, 4 letters

Trip-odometer initial reading, 4 letters

What some readings get reset to, 4 letters

It may precede You're in trouble now!, 5 letters

Thoroughly awed utterances, 6 letters

New car's odometer reading, 5 letters

New-car odometer reading, 5 letters

New-car odometer's miles?, 5 letters

Odometer reset, 5 letters

Odometer start, 5 letters

A lot of dollars, 7 letters

Deep-breathed fireworks reaction, 9 letters

Line score for a whitewash, 9 letters

Odometer reading on a practically new spaceship, 12 letters

What milli means, 6 letters

Add these to go from millionaire to billionaire, 4 letters

Spooky sounds, 4 letters

They turn millionaires into billionaires, 4 letters

What's needed to go from millionaire to billionaire, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..