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Croque Madame ingredient, 4 letters

Poule product, 4 letters

A oiseau lays it, 4 letters

Egg, in Arles, 4 letters

Egg, in French cooking, 4 letters

Egg, in Montr, 4 letters

Egg, to Bizet, 4 letters

French breakfast staple, 4 letters

French chef's egg, 4 letters

French egg, 4 letters

French toast accompaniment?, 4 letters

Ingredient of l'omelette, 4 letters

Monsieur's egg, 4 letters

Omelet ingredient, in French, 4 letters

Omelette ingredient, 4 letters

Orleans egg, 4 letters

Pierre's breakfast choice, 4 letters

Souffl, 4 letters

Venue for a play like Omelette?, 12 letters

Eggs in Aix, 5 letters

French eggs, 5 letters

French hens produce them, 5 letters

Omelet ingredients, 5 letters

Omelette's ingredients, 5 letters

Petit d, 5 letters

Poulet output, 5 letters

Quiche ingr, 5 letters

They're needed to make une omelette, 5 letters

What three French hens might produce?, 5 letters

Artist's body of work, 6 letters

Artist's lifework, 6 letters

Artist's output, 6 letters

Artist's works, collectively, 6 letters

Body of work, 6 letters

French opus, 6 letters

Hors d'___, 6 letters

Hors d'___ (appetizer), 6 letters

Nice work, 6 letters

Opera, 6 letters

Work, 6 letters

Work of art, 6 letters

Work overseas?, 6 letters

Work, to Le Clerc, 6 letters

Works, collectively, 6 letters

Writer's body of work, 6 letters

Writer's lifetime work, 6 letters

Writer's works, 6 letters

Writer's works, collectively, 6 letters

The total output of a writer or artist (or a substantial part of it), 6 letters

Artists' lifeworks, 7 letters

Bodies of artistic work, 7 letters

Bodies of collected works, 7 letters

Bodies of work, 7 letters

One's literary lifework, 7 letters

Works, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..