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Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams has one: Abbr., 3 letters

A Wall St. Journal subscriber, perhaps, 3 letters

Adv. business degree, 3 letters

Advanced deg., 3 letters

An exec may have one, 3 letters

Bill Gates found one unnecessary, 3 letters

Bill Gates' lack, 3 letters

Biz deg., 3 letters

Bus. degree, 3 letters

Bush deg., 3 letters

Bush got his at Harvard: Abbr., 3 letters

Business deg., 3 letters

Business degree, 3 letters

Business degree: Abbr., 3 letters

C.E.O. hopeful, 3 letters

C.E.O. hopeful, perhaps, 3 letters

C.E.O.'s deg., 3 letters

C.E.O.'s degree, 3 letters

C.F.O.'s deg., perhaps, 3 letters

CEO candidate, 3 letters

CEO deg., often, 3 letters

CEO degree, often, 3 letters

CEO r, 3 letters

CEO-to-be's degree, 3 letters

CEO's degree, maybe, 3 letters

CEO's degree, perhaps, 3 letters

CEO's degree, possibly, 3 letters

CEO's degree, sometimes, 3 letters

CEO's wall hanging, perhaps, 3 letters

CEO's wallhanging, 3 letters

Certain deg., 3 letters

CFO's degree, often, 3 letters

Chicago GSB degree, 3 letters

Colin Powell's degree, 3 letters

College degree, 3 letters

Corp. exec's degree, 3 letters

Corp. hiree, 3 letters

Corp. job requirement, often, 3 letters

Corp. leader's degree, 3 letters

Corporate bigwig's deg., 3 letters

Corporate bigwig's deg., perhaps, 3 letters

Corporate executive's deg., 3 letters

Dartmouth graduate deg., 3 letters

Deg. for a Barron's reader, 3 letters

Deg. for a budding entrepreneur, 3 letters

Deg. for a CEO, 3 letters

Deg. for a company manager, 3 letters

Deg. for a corporate climber, perhaps, 3 letters

Deg. for a corporate ladder climber, 3 letters

Deg. for a corporate ladder climber, perhaps, 3 letters

Deg. for a yuppie, 3 letters

Deg. for an executive, 3 letters

Deg. for corporate execs, 3 letters

Deg. for Dubya, 3 letters

Deg. for execs, 3 letters

Deg. for Wall St., 3 letters

Deg. from Dartmouth's Tuck School, 3 letters

Deg. from the Kellogg School, 3 letters

Deg. from Wharton, 3 letters

Deg. held by George W. Bush, 3 letters

Degree Bill Gates and Warren Buffett never earned, 3 letters

Degree for a C.E.O., 3 letters

Degree for a CEO, often, 3 letters

Degree for an MIT Sloan School grad, 3 letters

Degree for dealmakers, 3 letters

Degree for W., 3 letters

Degree from MIT Sloan, 3 letters

Degree from MIT's Sloan School, 3 letters

Degree from Wharton, 3 letters

Degree held by many a CEO, 3 letters

Degree involving courses in mktg. and mgmt., 3 letters

Degree sought by someone taking the GMAT, 3 letters

Dubya's deg., 3 letters

Dubya's degree, 3 letters

Econ. degree, 3 letters

Entrepreneur's deg., 3 letters

Ex-President of Gabon, 3 letters

Exec s degree, 3 letters

Exec.'s degree, perhaps, 3 letters

Exec's deg., 3 letters

Exec's pride, 3 letters

Executive's deg., 3 letters

Fin. degree, 3 letters

Finance deg., 3 letters

Finance degree, 3 letters

Finance grad, 3 letters

Finance major's deg., 3 letters

First president of Gabon, 3 letters

Future C.E.O.'s deg., 3 letters

Future corp. exec., maybe, 3 letters

Future exec., maybe, 3 letters

Geo. W. Bush has one, 3 letters

George W. Bush is the only president with one, 3 letters

George W. Bush's deg., 3 letters

George W. deg., 3 letters

George W.'s degree, 3 letters

Georgetown deg., 3 letters

GMAT taker's goal, 3 letters

GMAT taker's objective, 3 letters

Grad. degree, 3 letters

Grad. school goal, for some, 3 letters

Graduate student's degree, 3 letters

Harvard deg., 3 letters

Industrialist's deg., 3 letters

Industrialist's deg., perhaps, 3 letters

Investment banker's deg., 3 letters

Investment banking deg., 3 letters

Kellogg offering, briefly, 3 letters

Kellogg School deg., 3 letters

Management deg., 3 letters

Management sch. offering, 3 letters

Manager's deg., 3 letters

Manager's deg., perhaps, 3 letters

Many a Bain Capital hiree: Abbr., 3 letters

Many a CEO, 3 letters

Many a corp. hire, 3 letters

Many a mgr. holds one, 3 letters

Many a Wall St. Journal subscriber, 3 letters

Many a Wharton grad, 3 letters

Many a Wharton grad's degree, 3 letters

Many a WSJ reader, 3 letters

Many a WSJ subscriber, 3 letters

Many a yuppie's deg., 3 letters

Many an exec, 3 letters

Many an exec's deg., 3 letters

Marketing deg., 3 letters

Marketing deg., often, 3 letters

Marketing deg., perhaps, 3 letters

McKinsey employee, perhaps, 3 letters

Mgmt. degree, 3 letters

Mgr.'s degree, 3 letters

Mgr.'s holding, 3 letters

Middle manager's deg., 3 letters

Mitt Romney has one, 3 letters

Mitt Romney has one: Abbr., 3 letters

New Goldman Sachs hire, maybe, 3 letters

New IBM hire, maybe, 3 letters

Offering at Brigham Young's Marriott, 3 letters

One of GWB's degrees, 3 letters

Pace University deg., 3 letters

Part of a C.E.O.'s r, 3 letters

Post-grad deg., 3 letters

Postgrad degree, 3 letters

Postgraduate deg., 3 letters

Pres. Bush's degree, 3 letters

President of Gabon: 1961-67, 3 letters

Respected degree, 3 letters

Second deg.?, 3 letters

Second degree, maybe, 3 letters

Second degree, sometimes, 3 letters

Second degree?, 3 letters

Sloan School offering, 3 letters

Suit's deg., 3 letters

Temple offering, maybe: Abbr., 3 letters

UCLA degree offering, 3 letters

Univ. business degree, 3 letters

Upper mgmt. aspirant, 3 letters

Upper mgmt. degree, 3 letters

Valued deg., 3 letters

W has one, 3 letters

W.'s deg., 3 letters

Wall St. credential, 3 letters

Wall St. deg., 3 letters

Wall St. degree, 3 letters

Wall St. exec's degree, 3 letters

Wall St. hire, 3 letters

Wall St. passport perhaps, 3 letters

Wall St. type, 3 letters

Wall St. wall plaque, 3 letters

Wall Street exec's deg., 3 letters

Wall Streeter's deg., 3 letters

Wall Streeter's deg., perhaps, 3 letters

Warton degree, 3 letters

Wharton achievement, 3 letters

Wharton conferral, 3 letters

Wharton deg., 3 letters

Wharton degree (Abbr.), 3 letters

Wharton grad, 3 letters

Wharton grad's accomplishment, 3 letters

Wharton grad's deg., 3 letters

Wharton graduate's deg., 3 letters

Wharton prize, 3 letters

Wharton product, 3 letters

Wharton reward, 3 letters

Wharton Sch. degree, 3 letters

Wharton School deg., 3 letters

Wharton School degree, 3 letters

Wharton specialty, 3 letters

What a random banker holds, 3 letters

Wheeler-dealer's deg., 3 letters

Yuppie's deg., 3 letters

Yuppie's degree, 3 letters

A master's degree in business, 3 letters

Capital of Swaziland, 7 letters

Swaziland's capital, 7 letters

Capital of Swaziland, 7 letters

Located in northwestern Swaziland, 7 letters

GMAT taker's goal, 9 letters

Wall St. asset, 9 letters

Many CEOs once studied for these, 8 letters

It's 60 to 100 GHz in the electromagnetic spectrum, 5 letters

Advanced degs., 4 letters

Budding entrepreneurs, for short, 4 letters

Bus. degrees, 4 letters

Bus. students' goals, 4 letters

Business degs., 4 letters

C.E.O.'s degrees, 4 letters

C.E.O.'s degs., 4 letters

C.E.O.'s may have them, 4 letters

CEO resume items, 4 letters

CEO wannabes, 4 letters

CEOs, usually, 4 letters

Certain advanced degrees (Abbr.), 4 letters

Certain Wharton degs., 4 letters

CFO degrees, 4 letters

Columbia offerings, 4 letters

Company recruits, for short, 4 letters

Corp. exec hopefuls, 4 letters

Corp. execs' degrees, 4 letters

Corp. fast-trackers, 4 letters

Corp. recruits, 4 letters

Corp. recruits, often, 4 letters

Degrees displayed on firm walls: Abbr., 4 letters

Degrees for C.E.O.'s, 4 letters

Degrees for CEOs, perhaps, 4 letters

Degrees for corp. execs, 4 letters

Degrees for execs, perhaps, 4 letters

Degrees for many a CPA, 4 letters

Degrees held by many C.E.O.'s, 4 letters

Degrees of some CEOs, 4 letters

Degrees sought on Wall St., 4 letters

Degrees, of a sort, 4 letters

Degs. for career execs, 4 letters

Degs. for corporate types, 4 letters

Degs. for execs, 4 letters

Degs. for industrialists, 4 letters

Degs. for mgrs., 4 letters

Degs. for money managers, 4 letters

Degs. for some execs, 4 letters

Degs. for some upper management personnel, 4 letters

Degs. for would-be entrepreneurs, 4 letters

Degs. from Wharton, 4 letters

Degs. held by Colin Powell and George W. Bush, 4 letters

Degs. held by managers, 4 letters

Entrepreneurs' degs., 4 letters

Exec degrees, 4 letters

Exec's degs., 4 letters

Finance degrees: Abbr., 4 letters

Finance degs., 4 letters

Finance types, 4 letters

Financial degs., 4 letters

Future CEOs, perhaps, 4 letters

Future CEOs' degrees, 4 letters

Gabon's Prime Minister and family, 4 letters

GMAT takers' goals, 4 letters

Graduate school degs., 4 letters

Harvard and Wharton degs., 4 letters

Harvard degs., 4 letters

Managers' degrees, 4 letters

Managers' degrees (abbr.), 4 letters

Managers' degs., 4 letters

Many C.E.O.'s, 4 letters

Many corp. hirees, 4 letters

Many corp. recruits, 4 letters

Many Forbes readers have them, 4 letters

Many mgrs. have them, 4 letters

Many new corp. hires, 4 letters

Many Wall St. apprentices, 4 letters

Many Wall St. hires, 4 letters

Many Wall St. recruits, 4 letters

Many Wall St. types, 4 letters

New corp. hires, 4 letters

New corp. hires, often, 4 letters

Post-grad degrees, 4 letters

Post-grad degs., 4 letters

Programs ranked by Forbes, 4 letters

Resume abbrs., 4 letters

Some The Apprentice candidates, 4 letters

Some CEOs, 4 letters

Some corp. recruits, 4 letters

Some degrees, 4 letters

Some entrepreneurs have them: abbr., 4 letters

Some exec degrees, 4 letters

Some finance grads, 4 letters

Some Harvard grads, 4 letters

Some Kellogg grads, 4 letters

Some managers' degrees (abbr.), 4 letters

Some managers' degs., 4 letters

Some new corp. hires, 4 letters

Some second degrees, briefly, 4 letters

Some second degs., 4 letters

Some Wall St. recruits, 4 letters

Some Wharton alums, 4 letters

Some Wharton degs., 4 letters

Some Wharton grads, 4 letters

Some Wharton School grads, 4 letters

Stern School degs., 4 letters

Suits often hold them, 4 letters

Suits' degs., 4 letters

They may be framed, 4 letters

They may be held by CEOs, 4 letters

Tuck grads, 4 letters

University degrees: abbr., 4 letters

Wall St. degrees, 4 letters

Wall St. hirees, 4 letters

Wall St. recruits, 4 letters

Wall St. types, 4 letters

Wall St. wall hangings, 4 letters

Wall St. workers, 4 letters

Wall St. workers' degrees, 4 letters

Wharton alums, perhaps, 4 letters

Wharton awards, 4 letters

Wharton degrees, 4 letters

Wharton degs., 4 letters

Wharton grads, 4 letters

Wharton offerings: Abbr., 4 letters

Wharton payoffs, 4 letters

Wharton prizes, 4 letters

Wharton School degrees, 4 letters

Wharton School degs., 4 letters

What suits often hold, 4 letters

Wheels of Fortune?, 4 letters

WSJ readers, perhaps: Abbr., 4 letters

Yale School of Mgmt. awards, 4 letters

Yale School of Mgmt. degrees, 4 letters

Yuppie degs., 4 letters

It's taken to get into bus. school, 7 letters

Accord among future CEOs?, 9 letters

Brit. award, 3 letters

Brit. honorary initials, 3 letters

Brit's title, 3 letters

British medal, 3 letters

Eng. award, 3 letters

Eng. letters?, 3 letters

English honor for short, 3 letters

Honorary U.K. title, 3 letters

Honourary title: Abbr., 3 letters

Royal honor, briefly, 3 letters

U.K. honor, 3 letters

U.K. honorary title, 3 letters

UK award, 3 letters

UK honor (abbr.), 3 letters

Mandela's presidential successor, 5 letters

South Africa's president, 5 letters

South African leader Thabo ___, 5 letters

World leader since June 1999, 5 letters

Brit. awards, 4 letters

Brit. honors, 4 letters

U.K. honors, 4 letters

Thumb piano, 5 letters

African thumb pianos, 6 letters

Big credit card bank, 4 letters

Former credit card giant, 4 letters

Loan company acquired by Bank of America in 2005, 4 letters

Admin. method, 3 letters

Early Christian pulpit, 3 letters

Big maker of small cars, 4 letters

Broadband speed letters, 4 letters

WWW connection speed measures, 4 letters

Card-carrying indiv., 3 letters

One who belongs: abbr., 3 letters

Gershwin classic?, 11 letters

They're neither high-falutin' nor uncultured, 6 letters

Card carriers (abbr.), 4 letters

Club card carriers (Abbr.), 4 letters

Abbrs. for info units, 3 letters

Freeland, MI airport, 3 letters

Radio network: Abbr., 3 letters

Language of Angola, 6 letters

* 1988 Tony winner for Best Play, 10 letters

Best Play of 1988, 10 letters

David Henry Hwang play of 1988, 10 letters

Play based on a Puccini opera, 10 letters

A condition (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..