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___ Lemon, Tina Fey's 30 Rock character, 3 letters

___ Phair with the 2003 tune Why Can't I?, 3 letters

4. My wife ___ is my best friend, 3 letters

Garfield girlfriend, 3 letters

He's Just Not That Into You coauthor Tuccillo, 3 letters

Home Repair novelist Rosenberg, 3 letters

Natural Blonde author Smith, 3 letters

TGS with Tracy Jordan head writer Lemon, 3 letters

1963 Andy Warhol painting, 3 letters

1963 Cleo player, 3 letters

1963 Cleo portrayer, 3 letters

1995 showbiz biography by C. David Heymann, 3 letters

Actress Hurley, for short, 3 letters

Actress Taylor, 3 letters

Actress Taylor who was born in England, familiarly, 3 letters

Actress Taylor, familiarly, 3 letters

Actress Taylor, informally, 3 letters

Actress Taylor, to friends, 3 letters

Actress Taylor, to tabloids, 3 letters

Actress Torres, 3 letters

Alt-rock goddess Phair, 3 letters

Bride of Nicky, Michael, Mike, Eddie, Dick, Dick (again), John, and Larry, 3 letters

Butterfield 8 actress, 3 letters

Claiborne of couture, 3 letters

Claiborne of fashion, 3 letters

Claiborne or Smith, 3 letters

Claiborne or Taylor, 3 letters

Claiborne, for one, 3 letters

Cleo player, 3 letters

Cleo portrayer, 3 letters

Cleo portrayer in 1963, 3 letters

Clothing designer Claiborne, 3 letters

Columnist Smith, 3 letters

Designer Claiborne, 3 letters

Dick wed her twice, 3 letters

Dick's Cleopatra costar, 3 letters

Dick's costar, often, 3 letters

Dick's ex, 3 letters

Dick's mate, twice, 3 letters

Dick's two-time ex, 3 letters

Dick's wife, twice, 3 letters

Dirt disher ___ Smith, 3 letters

Eight-times-married Taylor, 3 letters

Ex of Eddie, 3 letters

Fair Phair, 3 letters

Fashion designer Claiborne, 3 letters

Fashion first name, 3 letters

Fashion's Claiborne, 3 letters

Fashionable Claiborne, 3 letters

Fave of the tabloids, 3 letters

First name in design, 3 letters

First name in fashion, 3 letters

Frequent tabloid subject, 3 letters

Garfield's vet, 3 letters

Gossip columnist Smith, 3 letters

Gossiper Smith, 3 letters

Hurley of Serving Sara, 3 letters

Hurley or Taylor, familiarly, 3 letters

Indie's Phair, 3 letters

Jon's girlfriend in Garfield, 3 letters

Journalist Trotta, 3 letters

La ___ (Hollywood nickname), 3 letters

Lilith Fair's Phair, 3 letters

Maternity clothing designer Lange, 3 letters

Model Hurley, to friends, 3 letters

Monty's A Place in the Sun co-star, 3 letters

Movie star Taylor, affectionately, 3 letters

Movie star Taylor, familiarly, 3 letters

Mrs. Warner's nickname, 3 letters

Mrs. Wilding's nickname, 3 letters

Ms. Claiborne, 3 letters

Ms. Smith, 3 letters

Ms. Taylor, 3 letters

Nickname that Taylor dislikes, 3 letters

Oft-married celeb, familiarly, 3 letters

Phair with Exile in Guyville, 3 letters

Rock singer Phair, 3 letters

Rock's Giant co-star, 3 letters

Rocker Phair, 3 letters

Rocking Phair, 3 letters

Role for Tina, 3 letters

Romance novelist Carlyle, 3 letters

She divorced Dick twice, 3 letters

She married Dick twice, 3 letters

She married Richard, Eddie, Nicky, Mike, John, Michael, and Larry, 3 letters

She played Cleo, 3 letters

She played Kate's niece in Suddenly, Last Summer, 3 letters

She played Maggie the Cat, 3 letters

Singer Phair, 3 letters

Singer-songwriter Phair, 3 letters

Sister of Mike in For Better or for Worse, 3 letters

Smith of gossip, 3 letters

Smith of the back fence, 3 letters

Smith or Claiborne, 3 letters

Smith or Taylor, 3 letters

Smith who wrote Natural Blonde, 3 letters

Songwriter Phair, 3 letters

Supermarket tabloid subject, 3 letters

Taylor, 3 letters

Taylor in the tabloids, 3 letters

Taylor of film fame, familiarly, 3 letters

Taylor of the violet eyes, 3 letters

Taylor or Claiborne, 3 letters

Taylor or Torres, 3 letters

Taylor who played Cleo, 3 letters

Taylor who said I do eight times, 3 letters

Taylor-made name?, 3 letters

Taylor, familiarly, 3 letters

Taylor, in tabloids, 3 letters

Taylor, tailored, 3 letters

Taylor, to fans, 3 letters

Taylor, to friends, 3 letters

Taylor, to the tabloids, 3 letters

Taylor's nickname, 3 letters

Tina's '30 Rock' role, 3 letters

Tina's role on 30 Rock, 3 letters

TV journalist Trotta, 3 letters

TV's Torres, 3 letters

___ of Lambeth, Maugham's first novel, 4 letters

___ of Lambeth (Maugham novel), 4 letters

___ of Lambeth (W. Somerset Maugham's first novel), 4 letters

___ With a 'Z': 1972 TV special, 4 letters

___ With a Z (1972 Emmy-winning show), 4 letters

___ With a Z (filmed concert shown on TV in 1972), 4 letters

___ with a Z: 1972 TV special, 4 letters

___, With a Z, 4 letters

'Cabaret' name, 4 letters

'Dear' woman in 'There's a Hole in the Bucket', 4 letters

An American in Paris song, 4 letters

Cabaret first name, 4 letters

Cabaret Oscar winner, 4 letters

Cabaret star, 4 letters

Cabaret star Minnelli, 4 letters

Don't Drop Bombs singer Minnelli, 4 letters

Little ___ Jane: old folk song, 4 letters

Show Girl tune, 4 letters

1929 Gershwin song, 4 letters

A daughter of Judy, 4 letters

Actress Minnelli, 4 letters

Beth alternative, 4 letters

Cabaret costar, 4 letters

Co-star of Joel in the film Cabaret, 4 letters

Crime author Marklund, 4 letters

Daughter of Judy, 4 letters

Daughter of Judy and Vincente, 4 letters

David Gest's ex, 4 letters

Dudley's Arthur co-star, 4 letters

Dudley's costar in Arthur, 4 letters

Dudley's opposite in Arthur, 4 letters

Entertainer Minnelli, 4 letters

Four-time-wed Minnelli, 4 letters

Gershwin title girl who can make all the clouds... roll away, 4 letters

Gershwin tune, 4 letters

Gershwin tune in The Jolson Story, 4 letters

Joel's Cabaret costar, 4 letters

Judy and Vincente's daughter, 4 letters

Judy Garland's daughter, 4 letters

Judy s daughter, 4 letters

Judy's elder daughter, 4 letters

Judy's eldest, 4 letters

Judy's girl, 4 letters

Judy's kid, 4 letters

Judy's Oscar-winning daughter, 4 letters

Judy's singing daughter, 4 letters

Lorna Luft's sister, 4 letters

Lorna's big sister, 4 letters

Lorna's half sister, 4 letters

Lorna's sister, 4 letters

Maugham's ___ of Lambeth, 4 letters

Michael's Cabaret costar, 4 letters

Minnelli, 4 letters

Minnelli of 'Cabaret', 4 letters

Minnelli of Arthur, 4 letters

Minnelli of Broadway, 4 letters

Minnelli of stage and screen, 4 letters

Minnelli on stage, 4 letters

Minnelli with a brilliant role on Arrested Development, 4 letters

Minnelli with two Tonys, 4 letters

Ms. Minelli, 4 letters

Multitalented Minnelli, 4 letters

Musical Minnelli, 4 letters

One of Judy Garland's girls, 4 letters

One of Judy's girls, 4 letters

Oscar winner Minnelli, 4 letters

Pookie in The Sterile Cuckoo, 4 letters

Sally portrayer in Cabaret, 4 letters

She played Arthur's girlfriend in Arthur, 4 letters

She played Linda in Arthur, 4 letters

She played Sally in the movie version of Cabaret, 4 letters

She won her first Tony for playing Flora in Flora, the Red Menace, 4 letters

Singer Minnelli, 4 letters

Singer with a Z, 4 letters

Somerset Maugham's ___ of Lambeth, 4 letters

Songstress Minnelli, 4 letters

The first of Judy's daughters, 4 letters

The first of Judy's two daughters, 4 letters

Tony winner Minnelli, 4 letters

TV's ___ with a 'Z', 4 letters

Two-time Tony winner Minnelli, 4 letters

Vincente Minnelli's daughter, 4 letters

Vincente's daughter, 4 letters

Similar to the striped mullet and takes its place in the Caribbean region, 4 letters

A That's Entertainment! host, 12 letters

Judy Garland's daughter, 12 letters

Oscar/Emmy/Tony winner, 12 letters

She worked with Moore in Arthur, 12 letters

Speaker of the quotation, 12 letters

___ Lounge, 6 letters

Lounge critter?, 6 letters

Chameleon, e.g., 6 letters

Gecko or skink, 6 letters

Gecko, e.g., 6 letters

Gecko, for one, 6 letters

Gila monster, for one, 6 letters

Iguana, for one, 6 letters

Komodo dragon, 6 letters

Komodo dragon, e.g., 6 letters

Komodo dragon, for one, 6 letters

Lounge devotee, 6 letters

Monitor, for one, 6 letters

Pet-shop buy, 6 letters

Scaly reptile, 6 letters

Some shoe material, 6 letters

Relatively long-bodied reptile with usually two pairs of legs and a tapering tail, 6 letters

A man who idles about in the lounges of hotels and bars in search of women who would support him, 6 letters

Fashionable reptile?, 15 letters

SCALE, 14 letters

What Jim Morrison claimed he was, in song, 10 letters

Iguana over the rainbow?, 10 letters

Leapin' ___! (Orphan Annie cry), 7 letters

Gila monsters, 7 letters

Iguanas and chameleons, 7 letters

Lounge ___, 7 letters

Lounge frequenters?, 7 letters

Judy's girl et al., 5 letters

Minnelli and others, 5 letters

Romantic lady?, 12 letters

1972 Emmy-winning concert film, 10 letters

1972 made-for-TV concert film that won four Emmys, 10 letters

Emmy-winning 1972 TV concert film, 10 letters

MacKay on Law & Order, 7 letters

Poetess, familiarly, 11 letters

Big name in designer fragrances, 12 letters

Big name in fashion, 12 letters

Brussels-born designer, 12 letters

Crazy Horse designer, 12 letters

Famous fashion designer, 12 letters

Lyric poet who wrote Tears, 1899, 17 letters

Exile in Guyville rocker, 8 letters

Female rocker with the 2003 hit Why Can't I?, 8 letters

She put out the 1998 album whitechocolatespaceegg, 8 letters

She was born Apr. 17, 1967 in New Haven, 8 letters

Actress with many exes, 9 letters

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof bird?, 14 letters

Spinning server, 9 letters

1893 courtroom name, 6 letters

Borden of infamy, 6 letters

Borden of rhyme, 6 letters

Tin ___, 6 letters

Accused killer gettin' on a bus?, 13 letters

Noted 1892 defendant, 12 letters

Orphan in a choppy rhyme, 12 letters

Woman accused of an 1892 double murder, 12 letters

The Boys Are Back in Town Thin ___, 5 letters

Dizzy Beatles girl, 5 letters

Wacky woman?, 11 letters

Tropical fishes with large mouths in lizard-like heads, 10 letters

Found worldwide, 10 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..