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Response to a busy druggist, 7 letters

Sarcastic Go ahead, keep talking, 7 letters

Cahn-STYNE song, 12 letters

Kitchen compromise, 13 letters

New York Times crossword solver's nightmare?, 7 letters

Animosity, 7 letters

Antagonism, 7 letters

Enmity, 7 letters

Hostility, 7 letters

Malevolence, 7 letters

Malice, 7 letters

Malicious intent, 7 letters

Obstacle to diplomacy, 7 letters

Rancor, 7 letters

Venom, 7 letters

Sick singer of On the Road Again?, 9 letters

Sick folks are going to drink greedily?, 12 letters

Bad fortune, 7 letters

Bad omen, 7 letters

Heywood's bearer of bad news, 7 letters

It blows no good, proverbially: 2 wds., 7 letters

It blows no good, 7 letters

It blows in bad times, 7 letters

Proverbial bringer of misfortune, 7 letters

Chicago balloonists' needs?, 8 letters

Symbolic bringers of bad fortune, 8 letters

SNEEZY, 15 letters

Obtained dishonorably, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..