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Light, 6 letters

Light up, 6 letters

Light up, old style, 6 letters

Light up, poetically, 6 letters

Light up, to a poet, 6 letters

Light, old-style, 6 letters

Make lighter or brighter, 6 letters

Provide light in poesy, 6 letters

Shed light on, 6 letters

Shed light on, poetically, 6 letters

Supply with light, old-style, 6 letters

Lighted, old style, 7 letters

Lighted, poetically, 7 letters

Lit, 7 letters

Lit up, poetically, 7 letters

Brightens, to the poets, 7 letters

Lights up, old-style, 7 letters

Decorate, in a way, 10 letters

Enlighten, 10 letters

Put in the spotlight, 10 letters

Enlightened ones, 10 letters

Very enlightened group, 10 letters

Brighten up, 8 letters

Light, 8 letters

Shed light on, 8 letters

Shed some light on, 8 letters

Throw some light on, 8 letters

Threw some light on, 9 letters

Personal enlightment, 10 letters

Abbr. denoting pictures in a book, 5 letters

Card catalogue abbr., 5 letters

Carroll:auth.::Tenniel:___, 5 letters

Dict. picture, 5 letters

Drawing in a bk., 5 letters

Drawing: abbr., 5 letters

Graphic example: abbr., 5 letters

Like bks. with pictures, 5 letters

Like most children's books: Abbr., 5 letters

Like tots' bks., 5 letters

Pic. or diag., 5 letters

Pict. in a book, 5 letters

Picture accompanying text, briefly, 5 letters

Picture: Abbr., 5 letters

With pictures: abbr., 5 letters

Bad treatment, 8 letters

Mistreatment, 8 letters

Victimization, 8 letters

Be bad to, 6 letters

Be cruel to, 6 letters

Brutalize, 6 letters

Cruel treatment, 6 letters

Handle poorly, 6 letters

Maltreat, 6 letters

Maltreatment, 6 letters

Misappropriation, 6 letters

Mishandling, 6 letters

Treat badly, 6 letters

Treat like dirt, 6 letters

Treat unjustly, 6 letters

Unjust treatment, 6 letters

Badly handled, 7 letters

Maltreated, 7 letters

Neglected, 7 letters

Sullied and abused, 7 letters

Treated badly, 7 letters

Mistreats, 7 letters

Treats badly, 7 letters

Treats unjustly, 7 letters

Chimera, 8 letters

David Copperfield speciality, 8 letters

Fancy, 8 letters

Magic trick, 8 letters

Mirage, 8 letters

Something many people believe that is false, 8 letters

An erroneous mental representation, 8 letters

Chimerical, 11 letters

Cesar Millan dog-training apparatus, 14 letters

Deceptive decorating devices, 11 letters

Magician, 11 letters

Someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audience, 11 letters

A person with unusual powers of foresight, 11 letters

Ignes fatui, 9 letters

Mirages, 9 letters

Penn & Teller perform them, 9 letters

Some magic tricks, 9 letters

They're magic, 9 letters

Deceptive, 8 letters

Hallucinatory, 8 letters

Misleading, 8 letters

Unreal, 8 letters

Deceptive, 8 letters

Like a mirage, 8 letters

Misleading, 8 letters

Not for real, 8 letters

Not what it appears to be, 8 letters

Clarify with examples, 10 letters

Emulate Erte, 10 letters

Emulate N.C. Wyeth, 10 letters

Ray Bradbury story collection (with The), 14 letters

Tenniel's Alice in Wonderland contribution, 12 letters

What Tenniel added to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 12 letters

Artwork that helps make something clear or attractive, 12 letters

Showing by example, 12 letters

A single item of information that is representative of a type, 12 letters

A visual representation (a picture or diagram) that is used make some subject more pleasing or easier to understand, 12 letters

Norman Rockwell, for example, 11 letters

Distinguished, 11 letters

Renowned, 11 letters

The luminous flux incident on a unit area, 11 letters

Something that can serve as a source of light, 10 letters

The degree of visibility of your environment, 12 letters

The luminous flux incident on a unit area, 12 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..