Select a letter

Bar request, 15 letters

Tavern order, 15 letters

Me too, at a bar, 14 letters

Regular's request, 15 letters

Choice words?, 14 letters

Thanks, but none for me, 13 letters

Quarterback's thought on third down and 10?, 13 letters

Polite putoff, 21 letters

Telephone line, 21 letters

End of the verse, 21 letters

When Harry Met Sally line, 21 letters

___, he said hotly, 15 letters

Medical anomaly?, 9 letters

Reason to see a doctor, 9 letters

Sickness, 9 letters

Capitol con artist under the weather?, 12 letters

Opening used by foe?, 17 letters

More of the doggerel, 18 letters

Bad spirits, 8 letters

Bile, 8 letters

Sourness, 8 letters

Surly mood, 8 letters

Cross, 10 letters

Surly, 10 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..