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___-et-Vilaine, France, 4 letters

___-et-Vilaine: French department, 4 letters

'Winnie ___ Pu', 4 letters

Winnie , 4 letters

Winnie ___ Pu, Lenard book, 4 letters

Winnie ___ Pu (Latin translation of Milne work), 4 letters

Winnie ___ Pu (Latin version of Milne's classic that became a bestseller in 1960), 4 letters

Winnie ___ Pu: Lenard, 4 letters

A river at Rennes, 4 letters

He to Cassius, 4 letters

He, to Caesar, 4 letters

He, to Hadrian, 4 letters

Latin that, 4 letters

Latin pronoun, 4 letters

Latin's that, 4 letters

Lenard's Winnie ___ Pooh, 4 letters

Lenard's Winnie ___ Pu, 4 letters

Milne character name, 4 letters

Not welle, 4 letters

Rennes river, 4 letters

River at Rennes, 4 letters

River flowing to Rennes, 4 letters

River flowing to the Rennes, 4 letters

River of France, 4 letters

That (Lat.), 4 letters

That one, to Caesar, 4 letters

That, to Tacitus, 4 letters

Winne ___ Pu, 4 letters

Winnie ___ Pooh, 4 letters

Winnie-___-Pu, 4 letters

Winnie-Pu's friend?, 4 letters

Ghost World actress Douglas, 7 letters

Douglas of To Die For, 7 letters

Sick slickness?, 7 letters

Adjective for a speak-easy, 7 letters

Against the law, 7 letters

Against the rules, 7 letters

Banned, 7 letters

Bootleg, 7 letters

Criminal, 7 letters

Felonious, 7 letters

Forbidden by statute, 7 letters

Kind of alien, 7 letters

Law-breaking, 7 letters

Like a spitball, 7 letters

Like contraband, 7 letters

Like driving while intoxicated, 7 letters

Like icing, 7 letters

Like insider trading, 7 letters

Like some aliens, 7 letters

More than frowned upon, 7 letters

Neither immoral nor fattening?, 7 letters

Not according to Hoyle, 7 letters

Not kosher, 7 letters

Not licit, 7 letters

Not to be done, 7 letters

One caught by border patrol, 7 letters

Pretty intense way to refer to an undocumented worker, when you think about it, 7 letters

Prohibited, 7 letters

Some will, e.g., allow contraband (7), 7 letters

Some border crossers, 13 letters

Dress that goes against the code?, 12 letters

Misdemeanor, for one, 10 letters

Unlawfulness by virtue of violating some legal statute, 10 letters

How some get leaks, 9 letters

In a criminal manner, 9 letters

In a manner contrary to the rules, 9 letters

*Rolling past a stop sign?, 13 letters

Improper trade of a St. Louis N.F.L. player?, 15 letters

Certain would-be Americans, 8 letters

Raid targets, 8 letters

Unlawful immigrants, 8 letters

Traffic violation, 11 letters

Guy gets grabby on first date; ref penalizes him for..., 20 letters

Criminal, 7 letters

Crooked, 7 letters

Dishonest, 7 letters

Dishonest, informally, 7 letters

Not on the up and up, 7 letters

In an unacceptable way, 14 letters

Bavarian river, 5 letters

Cooler, to a hip-hopper, 5 letters

Danube feeder, 5 letters

Feeling worse, 5 letters

Going down hill, 5 letters

Greener around the gills, 5 letters

Having a worse prognosis, 5 letters

In worse health, 5 letters

Less hale, 5 letters

Less healthy, 5 letters

Less well, 5 letters

More awesome, to a rapper, 5 letters

More green around the gills, 5 letters

More out of sorts, 5 letters

More poorly, 5 letters

More sick, 5 letters

More sick, in dialect, 5 letters

More terrific, to a hip-hopper, 5 letters

More under the weather, 5 letters

More wonderful, to a hip-hopper, 5 letters

Not as hale, 5 letters

Not as healthy, 5 letters

Not as sound, 5 letters

Not having as favorable a prognosis, 5 letters

Not so well, 5 letters

River near Ulm, 5 letters

Best, at the skatepark, 6 letters

Coolest, in rap slang, 6 letters

Greenest around the gills, 6 letters

Least hale, 6 letters

Least healthy, 6 letters

Least sound, 6 letters

Least well, 6 letters

Most cool, in slang, 6 letters

Most in need of a doctor, 6 letters

Most inauspicious, 6 letters

Most indisposed, 6 letters

Most sick, 6 letters

Most unwell, 6 letters

Sickbay superlative, 6 letters

Superlatively phat, 6 letters

Small stream, 5 letters

1 species coral necklace, 10 letters

Writing (print or handwriting) that cannot be deciphered, 12 letters

The status of being born to parents who were not married, 12 letters

Unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with law, 12 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..