Select a letter

First Year after B.C., 3 letters

Local airport's code, 3 letters

Start of the Christian Era, 3 letters

Start of some confessions, 6 letters

Words beginning a confession: 2 wds., 6 letters

My secret's out, 8 letters

OK, you caught me, 8 letters

You've got me dead to rights!, 8 letters

Confession opener, 8 letters

Confessor's words, 8 letters

Guilty person's confession, 8 letters

...whispering 'it's you ___'... (Besame Mucho lyric), 6 letters

Lady of Spain, ___ you..., 6 letters

Don't change anything!, 8 letters

It's absolutely terrific!, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..