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Bow maker's need, 5 letters

Assinine comment?, 4 letters

Hardly enthusiastic, 8 letters

'60s VP, 3 letters

'The Happy Warrior' of Minn., 3 letters

1968 election monogram, 3 letters

1968 loser to RMN, 3 letters

Famed political initials from Minnesota, 3 letters

Initials at the Metrodome, 3 letters

L.B.J. veep, 3 letters

L.B.J.'s V.P., 3 letters

LBJ's vice president, 3 letters

Letters on '68 campaign buttons, 3 letters

Loser to R.M.N. in '68, 3 letters

Loser to R.M.N., 1968, 3 letters

Lyndon's VP, 3 letters

Merry sound of the season, 3 letters

Only South Dakota-born VP, 3 letters

Presidential also-ran from Minn., 3 letters

R.M.N. opponent, 3 letters

Rival of RMN in 1968, 3 letters

V.P. from Minn., 3 letters

Veep born in South Dakota, 3 letters

Veep of the '60s, 3 letters

Veep under LBJ, 3 letters

Vice president under LBJ, 3 letters

VP before Agnew, 3 letters

VP under LBJ, 3 letters

Gathering of budding agriculturists, 15 letters

Ticker symbols?, 5 letters

Laughing sounds, 15 letters

Visual representation of an item associated with the answers to the asterisked clues in this puzzle, 15 letters

Uninteresting, 5 letters

Author better known as Saki, 7 letters

Burma-born author with a famous pen name, 7 letters

Sake, really, 7 letters

Saki, 7 letters

Saki, the writer, 7 letters

Saki's real name, 7 letters

Attack deadline, 5 letters

Crucial moment, militarily, 5 letters

Crucial moment, militarily speaking, 5 letters

D-Day time, 5 letters

D-Day's cousin, 5 letters

Decisive time, 5 letters

Mil. time (3rd), 5 letters

Military launch time, 5 letters

Time of attack, 5 letters

Time of war's beginning, 5 letters

Time set for launching an operation, 5 letters

Time to strike, 5 letters

Time when a military operation is set to begin, 5 letters

Specifications within D-days, 6 letters

Bordello, 6 letters

A Cabinet dept., 3 letters

Cabinet Dept. since 1979, 3 letters

Cabinet dept. that oversees the CDC, 3 letters

Cabinet inits. since 1979, 3 letters

DC dept., 3 letters

Dept. currently headed by Kathleen Sebelius, 3 letters

Donna Shalala's dept., 3 letters

Family gathering places, 3 letters

Firesides, 3 letters

H.E.W. offshoot, 3 letters

Hot spots, 3 letters

Kathleen Sebelius's Dept., 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..