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Eat Away at Endless Time: a poem (5), 5 letters

A hurricane may do this to a beach, 5 letters

Abrade, 5 letters

Adversely affect, as one's confidence, 5 letters

Alter, as a shoreline, 5 letters

Batter a beach, perhaps, 5 letters

Be slowly destroyed, 5 letters

Become eaten away, 5 letters

Become ground down, 5 letters

Become less strong, 5 letters

Become more rounded, maybe, 5 letters

Become weatherworn, 5 letters

Become worn down, 5 letters

Blow away, maybe, 5 letters

Blow away?, 5 letters

Break down, 5 letters

Break down over time, 5 letters

Carve a canyon, 5 letters

Cause a bank failure, perhaps, 5 letters

Cause decay, 5 letters

Cause to decay, 5 letters

Cause to deteriorate, 5 letters

Cause to vanish, 5 letters

Chip away, 5 letters

Chip away at, 5 letters

Chip away at, as confidence, 5 letters

Chip away, as support, 5 letters

Corrode, 5 letters

Create a canyon, 5 letters

Create a gorge, 5 letters

Create chasms, 5 letters

Crumble, 5 letters

Crumble away, 5 letters

Crumble into the sea, as shoreline, 5 letters

Crumble over time, 5 letters

Crumble, as support, 5 letters

Cut into, 5 letters

Decrease gradually, 5 letters

Decrease, as confidence, 5 letters

Decrease, as popularity, 5 letters

Decrease, as support, 5 letters

Destroy bit by bit, 5 letters

Destroy by degrees, 5 letters

Destroy gradually, 5 letters

Destroy over time, 5 letters

Destroy slowly, 5 letters

Destroy steadily, 5 letters

Deteriorate, 5 letters

Deteriorate slowly, 5 letters

Deteriorate, as a coastline, 5 letters

Deteriorate, in a way, 5 letters

Develop ruts, say, 5 letters

Diminish, 5 letters

Diminish by degrees, 5 letters

Diminish gradually, 5 letters

Diminish naturally, 5 letters

Diminish over time, 5 letters

Diminish slowly, 5 letters

Diminish, as support, 5 letters

Diminish, as support in a poll, 5 letters

Diminish, as trust, 5 letters

Diminish, in a way, 5 letters

Disappear bit by bit, 5 letters

Disappear gradually, 5 letters

Disappear slowly, 5 letters

Disappear slowly but surely, 5 letters

Disappear slowly, in a way, 5 letters

Disassemble naturally, 5 letters

Disintegrate, 5 letters

Disintegrate slowly, 5 letters

Displace over time, as soil, 5 letters

Drop off, 5 letters

Dwindle, 5 letters

Dwindle, as public favor, 5 letters

Dwindle, as support, 5 letters

Eat, 5 letters

Eat at, 5 letters

Eat at the bank?, 5 letters

Eat away, 5 letters

Eat away (at), 5 letters

Eat away at slowly, 5 letters

Eat away at the bank?, 5 letters

Eat away at the beach?, 5 letters

Eat off the land?, 5 letters

Fade gradually, 5 letters

Fail to hold up, as a bank, 5 letters

Fall away, 5 letters

Fall away, as support, 5 letters

Fall off, 5 letters

Fall off, as popularity, 5 letters

Fall off, as support, 5 letters

Form a gully, 5 letters

Form by wearing away, 5 letters

Frazzle, 5 letters

Fret, 5 letters

Get worn, 5 letters

Give ground?, 5 letters

Give way to wind and water, 5 letters

Gnaw, 5 letters

Go from rock to dust, 5 letters

Gradually break down, 5 letters

Gradually destroy, 5 letters

Gradually destroy, as confidence, 5 letters

Gradually destroy, as shoreline, 5 letters

Gradually deteriorate, 5 letters

Gradually remove, 5 letters

Gradually wear away, 5 letters

Grind away, 5 letters

Grind down, 5 letters

Lessen, as political support, 5 letters

Lose as power, 5 letters

Lose at the bank?, 5 letters

Lose face?, 5 letters

Lose ground, 5 letters

Lose ground, literally, 5 letters

Lose little by little, 5 letters

Lose slowly, 5 letters

Lose substance, 5 letters

Lose support, 5 letters

Lose topsoil, 5 letters

Lose underpinnings, 5 letters

Lose underpinnings, e.g., 5 letters

Make bank withdrawals?, 5 letters

Make many small withdrawals at the bank?, 5 letters

Make molehills out of mountains?, 5 letters

Make smaller, in a way, 5 letters

Molder, 5 letters

Opposite of build up, 5 letters

Opposite of strengthen, 5 letters

Oxidize, 5 letters

Partly eat away, 5 letters

React to acid rain, perhaps, 5 letters

Rub away, 5 letters

Rub down, 5 letters

Rub off, 5 letters

Ruin the topsoil, 5 letters

Rust, 5 letters

Scrape away at, 5 letters

Shorelines do it, 5 letters

Show signs of weakening, 5 letters

Shrink at the shore, maybe, 5 letters

Shrink in increments, 5 letters

Shrink slowly, 5 letters

Siphon off, as support, 5 letters

Slowly crumble, 5 letters

Slowly destroy, 5 letters

Slowly disintegrate, 5 letters

Slowly lose ground, 5 letters

Slowly reduce, as a cliff, 5 letters

Slowly reduce, as a cliff face, 5 letters

Slowly wear away, 5 letters

Slowly wear away, as a cliff face, 5 letters

Some shorelines do it, 5 letters

Start to deteriorate, 5 letters

Steadily reduce, 5 letters

Steadily reduce, in a way, 5 letters

Subject to ablation, 5 letters

Subject to planation, 5 letters

Succumb to time and tide, 5 letters

Succumb to wind and water, 5 letters

Take away little by little, 5 letters

Trade center in India, 5 letters

Undercut, 5 letters

Undermine, 5 letters

Undermine, as confidence, 5 letters

Vanish gradually, 5 letters

Vanish over time, 5 letters

Wane, as support, 5 letters

Wash away, 5 letters

Wash away slowly, 5 letters

Wash away, as a bank, 5 letters

Wash away, as soil, 5 letters

Wash out, 5 letters

Waste away gradually, 5 letters

Waste away in a way, 5 letters

Weaken, 5 letters

Weaken gradually, 5 letters

Weaken, as confidence, 5 letters

Wear, 5 letters

Wear away, 5 letters

Wear away by wind, 5 letters

Wear away gradually, 5 letters

Wear away over time, 5 letters

Wear away, as a beach, 5 letters

Wear away, as a coastline, 5 letters

Wear away, as earth, 5 letters

Wear away, as popularity, 5 letters

Wear away, as rock, 5 letters

Wear away, as soil, 5 letters

Wear down, 5 letters

Wear down gradually, 5 letters

Wear down slowly, 5 letters

Wear down, as by the action of wind or water, 5 letters

Wear down, as confidence, 5 letters

Wear down//Become weatherworn, 5 letters

Wear gradually, 5 letters

Wear in bad weather?, 5 letters

Wear out, 5 letters

Wear slowly, 5 letters

Wear through weathering, 5 letters

Wear, as by wind, 5 letters

Wear, in a way, 5 letters

Weather, 5 letters

Weather away, 5 letters

Weather gradually, 5 letters

Weather, in a way, 5 letters

Whittle away, 5 letters

Wear away part of the highway system?, 10 letters

WEAR?, 15 letters

Abraded, 6 letters

Ate, 6 letters

Ate away, 6 letters

Ate away at, 6 letters

Ate into, 6 letters

Became a gully, 6 letters

Became weatherworn, 6 letters

Became worn away, 6 letters

Broke the bank, 6 letters

Carved a canyon, 6 letters

Chipped away at, 6 letters

Corroded, 6 letters

Crumbled, 6 letters

Cut into, 6 letters

Destroyed by degrees, 6 letters

Destroyed slowly, 6 letters

Destroyed, in a way, 6 letters

Diminished, as support, 6 letters

Disappeared slowly, as a lead, 6 letters

Disintegrated, 6 letters

Eaten away, 6 letters

Got worn, 6 letters

Gradually disappeared, 6 letters

Gradually wore down, 6 letters

Ground down, 6 letters

In a weakened state, 6 letters

Like a ravine, 6 letters

Like ancient canyon cliffs, 6 letters

Like badlands, 6 letters

Like gullies, 6 letters

Like many shorelines, 6 letters

Like shorelines, often, 6 letters

Like some banks, 6 letters

Like the Grand Canyon, 6 letters

Lost ground, 6 letters

Made bank withdrawals?, 6 letters

Really blown away?, 6 letters

Rubbed down, 6 letters

Slowly broke down, 6 letters

Subjected to ablation, 6 letters

Undercut, 6 letters

Undermined, 6 letters

Washed away, 6 letters

Weathered away, 6 letters

Went from bad to worse, 6 letters

What did deer do to soil?, 6 letters

Whittled away, 6 letters

Wore, 6 letters

Wore away, 6 letters

Wore away at, 6 letters

Wore away gradually, 6 letters

Wore down, 6 letters

Worn by wind, 6 letters

Worn in the rain?, 6 letters

Causing corrosion, 7 letters

Causing disintegration, 7 letters

Causing to wear away, 7 letters

Caustic, 7 letters

Corrosive, 7 letters

Like the power of the wind, 7 letters

Like water or wind, 7 letters

Like wind and surf, 7 letters

Likely to wear down, 7 letters

Naturally wearing down, 7 letters

Tending to wash out, 7 letters

Tending to wear away, 7 letters

Tending to wear down, 7 letters

Acid, for one, 6 letters

Soil spoiler, 6 letters

Storm surf, vis-a-vis a beachfront, 6 letters

Water or wind, e.g., 6 letters

Wind or water, 6 letters

Wind, over time, 6 letters

Sandstorms, e.g., 7 letters

Things that wear well?, 7 letters

Wind and water, e.g., 7 letters

Becomes a gully, 6 letters

Becomes worn, 6 letters

Breaks down, 6 letters

Breaks the bank?, 6 letters

Causes wear to, 6 letters

Chips away, 6 letters

Chips away at, 6 letters

Creates a gully, 6 letters

Creates ravines, 6 letters

Creates, as a gorge, 6 letters

Crumbles away, 6 letters

Cuts into, 6 letters

Decays gradually, 6 letters

Destroys by degrees, 6 letters

Destroys by disintegration, 6 letters

Destroys gradually, 6 letters

Destroys slowly, 6 letters

Deteriorates, 6 letters

Diminishes, 6 letters

Diminishes bit by bit, 6 letters

Diminishes by degrees, 6 letters

Diminishes, in a way, 6 letters

Disappears gradually, 6 letters

Disintegrates, 6 letters

Eats at, 6 letters

Eats at the beach, 6 letters

Eats away, 6 letters

Eats away at, 6 letters

Eats away at, as support, 6 letters

Eats away, as soil, 6 letters

Eventually wears, 6 letters

Gives ground?, 6 letters

Gradually wears away, 6 letters

Grinds down, 6 letters

Loses ground, 6 letters

Molders, 6 letters

Reduces gradually, 6 letters

Rubs away, 6 letters

Ruins by degrees, 6 letters

Shrinks, as a coastline, 6 letters

Slowly destroys, 6 letters

Slowly disappears, 6 letters

Slowly disintegrates, 6 letters

Slowly washes away, 6 letters

Undergoes nivation, 6 letters

Undermines, 6 letters

Washes away, 6 letters

Wastes, in a way, 6 letters

Weakens, 6 letters

Wears, 6 letters

Wears away, 6 letters

Wears away gradually, 6 letters

Wears away gradually, as shoreline, 6 letters

Wears down, 6 letters

Wears gradually, 6 letters

Wears off, 6 letters

Wears slowly, 6 letters

Whittles away, 6 letters

Whittles down, 6 letters

Like beaches, 8 letters

Like loose soil, 8 letters

Susceptible to losing ground, 8 letters

Vulnerable to runoff, 8 letters

Becoming weaker, 7 letters

Blowing away, 7 letters

Crumbling away, 7 letters

Disintegrating, 7 letters

Eating away, 7 letters

Gradually disappearing, 7 letters

Like some coastlines, 7 letters

Losing ground, 7 letters

Rusting., 7 letters

Washing away, 7 letters

Wearing away, 7 letters

Wearing down, 7 letters

The mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down (as by particles washing over it), 7 letters

Become ground down or deteriorate, 7 letters

Remove soil or rock, as of wind or water, 7 letters

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