Select a letter

By the way, 9 letters

Pawn capture option, 9 letters

Pawn play, 9 letters

___ de mots (in a few words, in French), 5 letters

Board, 7 letters

Board a Boeing, 7 letters

Board a Boeing, say, 7 letters

Board a puddle-jumper, say, 7 letters

Board at JFK, 7 letters

Board at the airport, 7 letters

Board, in a way, 7 letters

Get on board, 7 letters

Get on, maybe, 7 letters

Get ready to fly, 7 letters

Go into a cabin, 7 letters

Hop a shuttle, perhaps, 7 letters

Prepare to fly, 7 letters

Prepare to get really high, 7 letters

Use a boarding pass, 7 letters

Climbed aboard a 747, 8 letters

Boarding of a jet, 11 letters

Boards, 8 letters

Boards, in a way, 8 letters

Preboards, perhaps, 8 letters

Prepares to fly, 8 letters

Utilizes LaGuardia, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..