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Act the bouncer, 5 letters

Air ace's button, 5 letters

Bail out, 5 letters

Bail out from a jet, 5 letters

Bailout button, 5 letters

Boot, 5 letters

Boot out, 5 letters

Bounce, 5 letters

Button for pilots in peril, 5 letters

Button in Bond's car, 5 letters

Button in James Bond's car, 5 letters

Button on a cassette player, 5 letters

Button on a tape player, 5 letters

Button on a VCR, 5 letters

Button on James Bond's dashboard?, 5 letters

Cassette deck button, 5 letters

Cassette player button, 5 letters

CD player button, 5 letters

Cockpit bailout button, 5 letters

Cockpit button, 5 letters

Compel to leave, 5 letters

Deplane dramatically, 5 letters

Deplane like a shot?, 5 letters

Disc player button, 5 letters

Discharge, 5 letters

Do a bouncer's job, 5 letters

Drive out, 5 letters

DVD button, 5 letters

DVD-player button, 5 letters

Emergency button, 5 letters

Emergency lever, 5 letters

Emulate a bouncer, 5 letters

Exit a plane the hard way, 5 letters

Expel, 5 letters

Fighter pilot's button, 5 letters

Fighter pilot's emergency button, 5 letters

Fighter plane button, 5 letters

Fly out of the helicopter, say, 5 letters

Force out, 5 letters

Get rid of forcibly, 5 letters

Give the boot, 5 letters

Give the heave-ho, 5 letters

Give the heave-ho to, 5 letters

Give the thumb, 5 letters

Give the thumb to, 5 letters

Give the thumb, as a angry umpire, 5 letters

Jettison, 5 letters

Kick out, 5 letters

Leave the cockpit suddenly, 5 letters

Leave the plane suddenly?, 5 letters

Muscle out, 5 letters

Order to go, 5 letters

Oust, 5 letters

Oust by force, 5 letters

Panic button, 5 letters

Pilot's button, 5 letters

Pilot's decision, 5 letters

Pilot's emergency button, 5 letters

Pilot's option, 5 letters

Pilot's panic button, 5 letters

Pop out from the cockpit, 5 letters

Pop out of a jet, 5 letters

Pop out of a plane, 5 letters

Recorder button, 5 letters

Remote button, 5 letters

Removal button, 5 letters

Remove a tape, 5 letters

Remove a videotape, 5 letters

Send packing, 5 letters

Send to the locker room, perhaps, 5 letters

Spew, 5 letters

Stereo's cassette-retrieval button, 5 letters

Stereo's CD-retrieval button, 5 letters

Suddenly leave one's seat on a plane?, 5 letters

Take out, in a way, 5 letters

Tape deck button, 5 letters

Tape player, 5 letters

Tape player button, 5 letters

Throw out, 5 letters

Throw out forcibly, 5 letters

Throw out of the game, 5 letters

Thrust out, 5 letters

Toss from the game, 5 letters

Toss out, 5 letters

Tray-opening button, 5 letters

Unique button in 007's Aston Martin, 5 letters

VCR button, 5 letters

VCR function, 5 letters

VCR or F-14 button, 5 letters

Walkman button, 5 letters

What bouncers do, 5 letters

Eruption matter, 6 letters

Expelled matter, 6 letters

Eyjafjallaj, 6 letters

Lava, e.g., 6 letters

Lava, sometimes, 6 letters

Stuff thrown out, 6 letters

Trash, 6 letters

Volcanic emissions, 6 letters

Volcanic outpouring, e.g., 6 letters

Volcanic spewings, 6 letters

Volcanic spewings, e.g., 6 letters

Volcano output, 6 letters

Like CDs and DVDs, 9 letters

Bailed out, 7 letters

Booted, 7 letters

Bounced, 7 letters

Deplaned, in a way, 7 letters

Kicked out, 7 letters

Left the cockpit in a hurry, 7 letters

Left the plane suddenly (m), 7 letters

Out of the DVD player, 7 letters

Put out, 7 letters

Sent packing, 7 letters

Threw out, 7 letters

Thrown out by the umpire, 7 letters

Unseated, Bond-style, 7 letters

Bouncer's activity, 8 letters

Bouncer's work, 8 letters

Red-carded player's punishment, 8 letters

Removal by a ref, 8 letters

The act of expelling someone, 8 letters

Emergency device, 15 letters

Bouncers' tasks, 9 letters

Eviction notice?, 12 letters

Bouncer, at times, 7 letters

Gun mechanism that throws out the empty cartridge, 7 letters

Kind of seat used by 007, 7 letters

Many a cursed umpire, 7 letters

Gun parts, 8 letters

Bond's Aston Martin had one, 11 letters

Feature of James Bond's car, 11 letters

Bails out, 6 letters

Bails out, in a way, 6 letters

Bails out, nowadays, 6 letters

Boots, 6 letters

Boots out, 6 letters

Bounces, 6 letters

Deplanes, in a crisis, 6 letters

Does a bouncer's job, 6 letters

Drives out, 6 letters

Expels, 6 letters

Forces out, 6 letters

Gives the heave-ho, 6 letters

Gives the heave-ho to, 6 letters

Kicks out, 6 letters

Leaves a plane, in a way, 6 letters

Leaves the plane in a hurry?, 6 letters

Leaves the plane, perhaps, 6 letters

Pops out a tape, 6 letters

Presents with a red card, perhaps, 6 letters

Red-cards, say, 6 letters

Removes forcibly, 6 letters

Removes, as a CD, 6 letters

Retrieves a DVD, 6 letters

Sends packing, 6 letters

Singles out, 6 letters

Spits out, 6 letters

Spits out, as a DVD, 6 letters

Takes a cassette tape out, 6 letters

Throws out, 6 letters

Throws out of the game, 6 letters

Tosses out, 6 letters

Mexican farm co-op, 5 letters

Singer on day three of 1969's Woodstock, 9 letters

Post reporter Dionne et al., 3 letters

*Spam?, 5 letters

A speaker who utters a sudden exclamation, 10 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..