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Capital city once called Batavia, 8 letters

Located on the island of Java, 8 letters

Founded by the Dutch in 17th century, 8 letters

Capital and largest city of Indonesia, 8 letters

Esmeralda's goat in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 5 letters

Nicole Richie's ill-fated ex, 4 letters

Jazz guitarist Reinhardt, 6 letters

Belgian jazz great, 15 letters

On guitar..., 15 letters

Pioneering hot jazz guitarist, 15 letters

Spinner's location, 7 letters

Spinning and scratching locale, 7 letters

Pet Shop Boys song that mentions living in a satellite fantasy, 9 letters

Did some radio work, 4 letters

Entertained at a party, in a way, 4 letters

Kept the party hopping, in a way, 4 letters

Played records at a party, 4 letters

Played records at a party, say, 4 letters

Provided the party entertainment, perhaps, 4 letters

Scratched, perhaps, 4 letters

Spun, 4 letters

Spun 45s, say, 4 letters

Spun CDs at a party, 4 letters

Spun platters, for short, 4 letters

Spun records, 4 letters

Spun records at a party, 4 letters

Spun records at a party, say, 4 letters

Spun records, as at a party, 4 letters

Spun the records, 4 letters

Spun the tunes, 4 letters

Spun tunes, 4 letters

Spun wax, 4 letters

Worked as a record spinner, for short, 4 letters

Worked at a wedding, 4 letters

Squeezable African drum, 6 letters

Chance to spin?, 5 letters

Game that comes with turntables, 6 letters

30-stock stat., 4 letters

Famed Wall St. index: abbr., 4 letters

It was at 12,144.59 at 9 AM today, 4 letters

Wall St. index, 4 letters

Wall St. index: abbr., 4 letters

African nation, 8 letters

Horn of Africa country, 8 letters

Neighbor of Eritrea, 8 letters

Neighbor of Somalia, 8 letters

Port city on the Gulf of Aden, 8 letters

The capital and largest city of Djibouti, 8 letters

A country in northeastern Africa on the Somali peninsula, 8 letters

Formerly under French control but became independent in 1997, 8 letters

Currency in the Horn of Africa, 15 letters

Fashion outlet on the Red Sea?, 11 letters

Railroad tycoon Brady, 4 letters

Gay Nineties bon vivant, 9 letters

Tycoon who was reputedly the first person in New York City to own an automobile, 9 letters

Star of Amistad and The Tempest, 13 letters

Bottled spirit?, 4 letters

Bottled spirit?: Var., 4 letters

He might be subject to the Seal of Solomon, 4 letters

Muslim spirit, 4 letters

Spirit in Muslim demonology: Var., 4 letters

Job at a dance, 5 letters

Receiving rave reviews, maybe, 5 letters

Spinning platters, 5 letters

Spinning records, 5 letters

Bottled spirit, 5 letters

Invisible Islamic lamp spirit, 5 letters

Islamic folklore figure, 5 letters

Islamic spirit, 5 letters

Magic lamp figure, 5 letters

Muslim spirit, 5 letters

Mythical Islamic folklore figure, 5 letters

Mythical Islamic spirit, 5 letters

Supernatural being, in Arab folklore, 5 letters

Islamic spirit: var.(*see View/Notepad above), 6 letters

It is anglicised to Genie, 6 letters

Magic spirit, 6 letters

Spirit of Muslim legend, 6 letters

Spirit of Muslim legend (Var.), 6 letters

A spirit believed by Muslims to inhabit the earth and influence mankind by appearing in the form of humans or animals, 6 letters

Islamic genies, 6 letters

Islamic spirits, 6 letters

Half of a hip-hop duo, 11 letters

Half the duo who did I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson, 11 letters

Musical partner of the Fresh Prince, 11 letters

Wax spinner opens up the floor?, 11 letters

Turntablist Richard Quitevis who took his stage name from a video game, 7 letters

Rapper who did the 1998 album Rhythm-al-ism, 6 letters

He makes weekly countdowns?, 8 letters

45 spinners, 3 letters

AM or FM celebs, 3 letters

CD changers, at times, 3 letters

CD players, 3 letters

Countdown presenters, 3 letters

Dance club V.I.P.'s, 3 letters

Dance party VIPs, 3 letters

Dance VIPs, 3 letters

Dance workers, 3 letters

Demo recipients, 3 letters

Figures at many a wedding reception, briefly, 3 letters

FM station employees, 3 letters

Murray the K et al., 3 letters

Music players, 3 letters

Music players, shortly, 3 letters

Nightclub spinmeisters, 3 letters

Party hires, 3 letters

Party music providers, 3 letters

Party spinners, briefly, 3 letters

Party VIPs, 3 letters

Plays, as at a wedding, 3 letters

Professional players, 3 letters

Professional spinners, 3 letters

Pros at spinning LPs, 3 letters

Provides music for a wedding reception, perhaps, 3 letters

Radio CD players, 3 letters

Radio personalities, 3 letters

Radio personalities, for short, 3 letters

Radio show hosts, 3 letters

Radio show hosts, briefly, 3 letters

Radio speakers, 3 letters

Radio staff, for short, 3 letters

Radio stars: abbr., 3 letters

Radio station employees, 3 letters

Radio V.I.P.'s, 3 letters

Radio-station employees, for short, 3 letters

Rave performers, 3 letters

Rave V.I.P.'s, 3 letters

Record players, 3 letters

Record spinners, 3 letters

Record spinners at parties, for short, 3 letters

Record spinners, for short, 3 letters

School dance VIPs, 3 letters

Short spinners?, 3 letters

Singles players, 3 letters

Singles spinners, 3 letters

Some CD players, 3 letters

Some do countdowns, 3 letters

Some rap musicians, for short, 3 letters

Some wedding music providers, 3 letters

Some WKRP characters, 3 letters

Spinmeisters?, 3 letters

Spinners, 3 letters

Spinners at affairs, 3 letters

Spinners for the party, 3 letters

Spinners of the Spinners, e.g., 3 letters

Spinners, briefly, 3 letters

Spinners, for short, 3 letters

Spinners' spinners, 3 letters

Station personalities, 3 letters

Station workers, 3 letters

They play a lot at work?, 3 letters

They spin at raves, 3 letters

They spin in clubs, 3 letters

They spin tunes, 3 letters

They welcome callers, 3 letters

They work wedding receptions, 3 letters

They're hired to spin, 3 letters

They're usually only known for their voices, 3 letters

Turntable pros, 3 letters

Turntablists, familiarly, 3 letters

Vinyl spinners, 3 letters

Wedding music providers, perhaps, 3 letters

Wedding reception hirees, 3 letters

Wedding reception VIPs, 3 letters

Wedding workers, 3 letters

Workers who play?, 3 letters

You can hear them spin, 3 letters

Author-turned-radio personality?, 10 letters

Legendary Houston rapper who overdosed on purple drank, 7 letters

Club gig, perhaps, 5 letters

Event when the tables turn?, 5 letters

Pre-rap show entertainment, maybe, 5 letters

Spinning round?, 5 letters

Familiar feeling (4,2), 3 letters

A native or inhabitant of Djibouti, 10 letters

A spirit believed by Muslims to inhabit the earth and influence mankind by appearing in the form of humans or animals, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..