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Fatty acid in fish, 3 letters

Fish oil acid, 3 letters

Letters found on many sunless tanning products, 3 letters

Omega-3 acid found in fish oil, 3 letters

One of the omega-3 fatty acids (abbr.), 3 letters

Abu ___, 5 letters

Abu ___ (United Arab Emirates capital), 5 letters

Abu ___, oil emirate, 5 letters

Abu ___, U.A.E., 5 letters

Abu -- (Arabian sheikdom), 5 letters

Oil emirate Abu ___, 5 letters

Sheikdom ender, 5 letters

Sheikdom, Abu ___, 5 letters

UAR state and site of The World islands, 5 letters

Saudi city, 7 letters

Asian tree, 4 letters

East Indian tree bearing a profusion of intense vermilion velvet-textured blooms and yielding a yellow dye, 4 letters

Bangladesh capital, 5 letters

Capital of Bangladesh, 5 letters

Indian dish made with stewed legumes, 4 letters

Indian stewed legume dish, 4 letters

Indian stewed legume dish (Var.), 4 letters

Lentil dish (Var.), 4 letters

Pigeon pea (Var.), 4 letters

Pigeon-pea plant, e.g., 4 letters

Tropical woody herb with showy yellow flowers and flat pods, 4 letters

Much cultivated in the tropics, 4 letters

Indian vegetable dishes, 5 letters

NFL linebacker and bow-tie merchant, 10 letters

Small native state in Central India, 4 letters

___ & Greg (1997-2002 sitcom), 6 letters

___ and Greg, 6 letters

___ Initiative: research project on Lost, 6 letters

Buddhist teaching, 6 letters

Cosmic order, in Buddhism, 6 letters

Cosmic order, in Hinduism, 6 letters

Doctrine of the Hinduism religious and moral rights, 6 letters

Essence, in Hinduism, 6 letters

Greg's apartment mate on TV, 6 letters

Greg's mate, 6 letters

Greg's mate, in a sitcom, 6 letters

Greg's sitcom mate, 6 letters

Greg's sitcom partner, 6 letters

Greg's sitcom spouse, 6 letters

Greg's sitcom wife, 6 letters

Greg's TV mate, 6 letters

Greg's TV partner, 6 letters

Greg's TV wife, 6 letters

Greg's wife, 6 letters

Hindu duty, 6 letters

Jenna Elfman role, 6 letters

Jenna Elfman TV role, 6 letters

Jenna's TV role, 6 letters

Kerouac's kind of bums, 6 letters

Kerouac's type of bums, 6 letters

Lost research project name, 6 letters

She had arm around Greg, 6 letters

Sitcom role for Jenna, 6 letters

Teachings of Buddha, 6 letters

The ___ Bums, 6 letters

Title character in a new 1997 ABC sitcom, 6 letters

TV role for Jenna, 6 letters

TV's ___ and Greg, 6 letters

TV's '___ & Greg', 6 letters

Basic principles of the cosmos, 6 letters

Also an ancient sage in Hindu mythology worshipped as a god by some lower castes, 6 letters

Essential qualities, in Hinduism, 7 letters

Delhi appeal method, 6 letters

Sitcom enjoyed by William Kidd?, 15 letters

Hawaiian landmark, 5 letters

Surfers' mecca, 5 letters

Batted but didn't field, 4 letters

Batted in the A.L. but didn't play the field, 4 letters

Batted without playing the field, for short, 4 letters

Batted, but didn't field, in the A.L., 4 letters

Just batted, 4 letters

Played, but not in the field, briefly, 4 letters

Was a swinger, but didn't play the field?, 4 letters

Was in the lineup, but didn't play the field, 4 letters

Went to the plate but didn't play defense, 4 letters

Work successfully, 8 letters

Job for an aging AL player, perhaps, 5 letters

Job for an older Indian, perhaps, 5 letters

Airborne Express acquirer, 3 letters

Big name in international shipping, 3 letters

Federal Express alternative, 3 letters

FedEx alternative, 3 letters

FedEx competitor, 3 letters

FedEx rival, 3 letters

Global shipping company, 3 letters

Rival of UPS and FedEx, 3 letters

Rival of UPS or FedEx, 3 letters

Shipper with red-and-yellow trucks, 3 letters

Shipping company with yellow boxes, 3 letters

UPS alternative, 3 letters

UPS competitor, 3 letters

UPS rival, 3 letters

We move the world sloganeer, 3 letters

Author of Lady Chatterley's Lover, 10 letters

Lettered man in literature?, 10 letters

Man of letters?, 10 letters

Novelist/poet not playing the field?, 10 letters

Sons and Lovers author, 10 letters

Women in Love author, 10 letters

Hillary's designation, 4 letters

Asian wild dog, 5 letters

Endangered Asian dog, 5 letters

Fierce wild dog, 5 letters

Space object with an event horizon, 5 letters

Wild Asian dog, 5 letters

Wild dog of Asia, 5 letters

Wild dog of India, 5 letters

Fierce wild dog of the forests of central and southeast Asia that hunts in packs, 5 letters

Asian wild dogs, 6 letters

Wild dogs of Asia, 6 letters

Long-shot candidate, 6 letters

Maitre ___, 6 letters

Bollywood garment, 5 letters

Calcutta cloth, 5 letters

Delhi wrap, 5 letters

Gandhi garb, 5 letters

Gandhi's skimpy garb, 5 letters

Gandhi's wear, 5 letters

Garb for Gandhi, 5 letters

Garb worn by Gandhi, 5 letters

Garment for Gandhi, 5 letters

Gwalior garment, 5 letters

Hindu garment, 5 letters

Hindu loincloth, 5 letters

Indian loincloth, 5 letters

Kolkata cloth, 5 letters

Loincloth, 5 letters

Loincloth worn by Hindu men, 5 letters

Punjabi wear, 5 letters

A long loincloth worn by Hindu men, 5 letters

Hindu garments, 6 letters

Hindu loincloths, 6 letters

Telemarketer's time?, 5 letters

Place of disgrace, 6 letters

Arab boat, 4 letters

Arab merchant ship, 4 letters

Arab sailboat, 4 letters

Arab sailing vessel, 4 letters

Arab ship, 4 letters

Arabian coast vessel, 4 letters

Arabian craft, 4 letters

Arabian sailboat, 4 letters

Arabian sailing vessel, 4 letters

Boat built in Bahrain, 4 letters

Boat on the Indian Ocean, 4 letters

Indian Ocean transport, 4 letters

Indian Ocean vessel, 4 letters

It has a high poop and a low waist, 4 letters

Lateen-rigged Arabian sailing vessel, 4 letters

Lateen-rigged boat, 4 letters

Lateen-rigged sailboat, 4 letters

Lateen-rigged sailing vessel, 4 letters

Lateen-rigged transport, 4 letters

Persian Gulf craft, 4 letters

Red Sea vessel, 4 letters

Ship with a lateen sail, 4 letters

Who'd ship in Indian Ocean?, 4 letters

A lateen-rigged sailing vessel used by Arabs, 4 letters

Vessel's stock count?, 16 letters

500 show boats, 5 letters

Arab boats, 5 letters

Arabian cargo boats, 5 letters

Arabian vessels, 5 letters

Boats seen on the Indian Ocean, 5 letters

Boats with high poops, 5 letters

Baking spud, 5 letters

One resistant to change, 4 letters

Make less dangerous, as cattle, 4 letters

Supporters, as of causes, 6 letters

A.L. batters who don't play the field, 3 letters

A.L. stand-ins, 3 letters

Aging A.L. sluggers, often, 3 letters

AL batters, 3 letters

AL lineup members, 3 letters

AL sluggers: abbr., 3 letters

ALers who don't play the field, 3 letters

Baseball figures: Abbr., 3 letters

Batters who don't field (abbr.), 3 letters

Certain A.L. batters, 3 letters

Certain batters (abbr.), 3 letters

Giambi and others in the AL, 3 letters

Letters for some batters, 3 letters

N.L. no-nos, 3 letters

Non-fielding A.L. players, 3 letters

Only the A.L. uses them, 3 letters

Players who only bat, briefly, 3 letters

Players who spend most of their time on the bench, briefly, 3 letters

RBI leaders, often, 3 letters

Some A.L. batters, 3 letters

Some A.L. players, 3 letters

Some A.L. sluggers, 3 letters

Some A.L.'ers, 3 letters

Some A's, 3 letters

Some AL players, but not NL players, 3 letters

Some batters, for short, 3 letters

Some MLB hitters, 3 letters

Some players at the Jake, 3 letters

The A.L.'s David Ortiz et al., 3 letters

The N.L. doesn't allow them, 3 letters

The N.L. doesn't use them, 3 letters

The reason AL pitchers don't swing, 3 letters

The Yankees use them, but the Mets rarely ever can (abbr.), 3 letters

They don't exist in the N.L., 3 letters

They don't play the field: Abbr., 3 letters

They go in for Ps, 3 letters

They have no pos., 3 letters

They play in alternate World Series games: Abbr., 3 letters

They play offense but not defense: abbr., 3 letters

They're all hit and no field, for short, 3 letters

They're not used at AT&T Park, 3 letters

Tom Ridge's former employer, for short, 3 letters

Androgen primarily responsible for male pattern baldness; Abbr., 3 letters

Lady of the Lake outlaw, 3 letters

Roderick ___, 3 letters

Indian rug, 7 letters

A mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal (26,820 feet high), 10 letters

An Indian tree of the family Combretaceae that is a source of timber and gum, 5 letters

An Indian tree of the family Combretaceae that is a source of timber and gum, 5 letters

A branch of the Siouan languages, 7 letters

Any member of a Siouan people speaking one of the Dhegiha languages, 7 letters

A group of islands in the southeast Aegean Sea, 13 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..