Select a letter

___ exam, 3 letters

___ firm, 3 letters

... and the person who does them, 3 letters

1040 consultant (abbr.), 3 letters

1040 expert, 3 letters

1040 expert (abbr.), 3 letters

1040 guide, 3 letters

1040 preparer, for short, 3 letters

1040 preparer, often: abbr., 3 letters

1040 pro, 3 letters

1040 reviewer, briefly, 3 letters

1040 scrutinizer, 3 letters

1040 worker, 3 letters

4/15 specialist, 3 letters

401(k) expert, e.g., 3 letters

Accountant in California keeping quiet (1,1,1), 3 letters

Accountant, briefly, 3 letters

Accounting dept. employee, perhaps, 3 letters

Accounting designation, 3 letters

Accounting designation, briefly, 3 letters

Acct., 3 letters

Acct., often, 3 letters

An expert with schedules, 3 letters

Annual hiree, for some, 3 letters

Apr. 15 advisor, 3 letters

Apr. 15 busybody, 3 letters

Apr. 15 VIP, 3 letters

Apr. 15th figure, 3 letters

Apr. adviser, 3 letters

Apr. consultant, 3 letters

Apr. hiree, 3 letters

Apr. need, 3 letters

Apr. number cruncher, 3 letters

Apr. professional, 3 letters

Apr. workhorse, 3 letters

April 15 fig., 3 letters

April 15th pro, 3 letters

April is his cruelest mo., 3 letters

April number-cruncher, 3 letters

April summer, for short, 3 letters

April VIP, 3 letters

Assets mgr., 3 letters

Asst. hired before April 15, 3 letters

Asst. on taxes, 3 letters

Audit expert, 3 letters

Audit expert's letters, 3 letters

Audit maker, 3 letters

Audit man, 3 letters

Audit pro, 3 letters

Audit pro (abbr.), 3 letters

Audit rep, 3 letters

Audit specialist: Abbr., 3 letters

Audit-taker's letters, 3 letters

Auditing ace: Abbr., 3 letters

Auditing film hiree, for short, 3 letters

Auditor, 3 letters

Auditor, at times, 3 letters

Auditor, briefly, 3 letters

Auditor, e.g.: Abbr., 3 letters

Auditor, for short, 3 letters

Auditor, sometimes, 3 letters

Auditor: abbr., 3 letters

Auditor's designation: Abbr., 3 letters

Auditor's initials, 3 letters

Auditor's letters, 3 letters

Auditor's title, 3 letters

Auditor's title: Abbr., 3 letters

Bal. sheet preparer, 3 letters

Balancer of bks., 3 letters

Balancer of the books, for short, 3 letters

Balancer, of sorts, 3 letters

Balancing artist, in brief, 3 letters

Balancing pro, 3 letters

Balancing pro, in brief, 3 letters

Bank aud., 3 letters

Bean counter, 3 letters

Bean counter (Abbr.), 3 letters

Bean counter briefly, 3 letters

Bean counter, for short, 3 letters

Bean-counter's letters, 3 letters

Big Four firm employee (Abbr.), 3 letters

Big help in tax season, 3 letters

Bk. reviewer?, 3 letters

Bks. balancer, 3 letters

Bks. examiner, 3 letters

Bks. expert, 3 letters

Block figure?: Abbr., 3 letters

Block letters?, 3 letters

Block party, perhaps: Abbr., 3 letters

Block party?, 3 letters

Bob Newhart, for one, 3 letters

Book balancer, 3 letters

Book balancer, briefly, 3 letters

Book balancer, for short, 3 letters

Book balancer: abbr., 3 letters

Book checker, for short, 3 letters

Book reviewer, briefly, 3 letters

Book reviewer, for short, 3 letters

Book reviewer, so to speak, 3 letters

Book-balancing pro, 3 letters

Bookkeeper, 3 letters

Bookkeeper (abbr.), 3 letters

Bookkeeper with a lic., 3 letters

Bookkeeper's ambition?, 3 letters

Bookkeeping expert, for short, 3 letters

Books expert: Abbr., 3 letters

Books pers., 3 letters

Books reviewer, 3 letters

Books reviewer: abbr., 3 letters

Bottom line watcher, 3 letters

Bus. calculator?, 3 letters

Bus. school grad, 3 letters

Business bkpr., 3 letters

Busy bee in Apr., 3 letters

Busy guy in Apr., 3 letters

Busy man in Apr., 3 letters

Busy one before Apr. 15, 3 letters

Busy person around Apr. 15, 3 letters

Busy person in Apr., 3 letters

Busy person in mid-April, 3 letters

Busy pro in Apr., 3 letters

Busy worker in Apr., 3 letters

Busy worker in April, for short, 3 letters

Calculating one, briefly, 3 letters

Calculating person, for short, 3 letters

Calculating person?, 3 letters

Calculating pro, 3 letters

Calculating sort, 3 letters

Calculating sort, for short?, 3 letters

Calculator: Abbr., 3 letters

CFO often, 3 letters

CFO, perhaps, 3 letters

Circus employee/subject of the puzzle, 3 letters

Column producer, for short, 3 letters

Comptroller credential, 3 letters

Corp. audit performer, 3 letters

Corp. treasurer, often, 3 letters

Cruncher of nos., 3 letters

Deduction expert, 3 letters

Deduction expert (Abbr.), 3 letters

Deloitte & Touche worker, 3 letters

E-file preparer, 3 letters

E-file preparer, briefly, 3 letters

E-filing expert, briefly, 3 letters

E&Y employee, perhaps, 3 letters

Econ major's possible job, 3 letters

Electronic tax filer, often, 3 letters

Employee in the accounting dept., maybe, 3 letters

Ernst & Young expert, for short, 3 letters

Ernst or Young, originally, 3 letters

Estate-planning pro, 3 letters

Expert at ledger-demain?, 3 letters

Expert in deductions: abbr., 3 letters

Expert in filling out tax docs., 3 letters

Expert in filling out tax forms: Abbr., 3 letters

Expert in ledger-domain?, 3 letters

Expert on bks., 3 letters

Expert on IRS forms, 3 letters

Expert who's busy before Apr. 15, 3 letters

Expert with I.R.S. returns, 3 letters

Expert with nos., 3 letters

Expert with schedules, for short, 3 letters

Expert, maybe, on the I.R.S. code, 3 letters

FASB member, 3 letters

FICA expert, 3 letters

Figs. expert, 3 letters

Figure figurer, for short, 3 letters

Figure head found in this puzzle's longest answers, 3 letters

Figure head?, 3 letters

Figure head? (abbr.), 3 letters

Figurer of figures, 3 letters

Figures fig., 3 letters

Figures figure, briefly, 3 letters

Figures pro, 3 letters

Filing asst., 3 letters

Filing expert, for short, 3 letters

Fin. adviser, 3 letters

Fin. troubleshooter, 3 letters

Fin. whiz, 3 letters

Finance VIP, 3 letters

Financial adviser, for short, 3 letters

Financial auditor's designation, 3 letters

Financial auditor's designation, briefly, 3 letters

Form 1040 completer, 3 letters

Form 1040 examiner, for short, 3 letters

Form 1040 pro, 3 letters

Form 1040 reviewer, for short, 3 letters

Form filer, for short, 3 letters

Form-1040 helper, 3 letters

GAO employee, 3 letters

GAO worker, 3 letters

Gene Wilder's occupation in The Producers, 3 letters

H&R Block employee, 3 letters

H&R Block hiree, 3 letters

H&R Block supervisor, 3 letters

H&R Block worker, 3 letters

H&R Block-er, 3 letters

He does your taxes, 3 letters

He keeps the Pac. acct, 3 letters

He's busy in Apr., 3 letters

He's busy on Apr. 15, 3 letters

He's taxed in April, 3 letters

He's the taxman, yes he's the taxman, 3 letters

His favorite song might be Taxman: abbr., 3 letters

I.R.S. challenger, 3 letters

I.R.S. employee, 3 letters

I.R.S. job applicant, maybe, 3 letters

I.R.S. worker, 3 letters

IRS adviser, 3 letters

IRS and IRA expert, 3 letters

IRS audit rep, 3 letters

IRS battler, 3 letters

IRS calculator?, 3 letters

IRS expert, 3 letters

IRS form expert, 3 letters

IRS go-between, 3 letters

IRS hire, 3 letters

IRS hiree, perhaps, 3 letters

IRS return expert, 3 letters

IRS staffer, 3 letters

IRS VIP, 3 letters

KPMG employee, 3 letters

l. R.S.go. between, 3 letters

Ledger doc, 3 letters

Ledger expert (abbr.), 3 letters

Ledger-domain pro?, 3 letters

Leo Bloom's job in The Producers, 3 letters

Long-form pro, 3 letters

Man of figures, 3 letters

Man of figures for short, 3 letters

Man with a figure head?, 3 letters

Many a business school grad, 3 letters

Many an IRS employee, 3 letters

Master of ledger-domain, 3 letters

Master of the ledger domain, 3 letters

Math is his forte, 3 letters

Money manager: abbr., 3 letters

Money maven, 3 letters

Money mgr., 3 letters

More than a bookkeeper, 3 letters

Most taxed person in April?, 3 letters

No. brain?, 3 letters

No. cruncher, 3 letters

No. cruncher, sometimes, 3 letters

No. expert, 3 letters

No. one with nos., 3 letters

No. pro, 3 letters

No.-brainer?, 3 letters

No.-crunching pro, 3 letters

Nos. man, 3 letters

Nos. person, 3 letters

Nos. runner, 3 letters

Notable deg. in Apr., 3 letters

Number cruncher, 3 letters

Number cruncher of April, 3 letters

Number cruncher, briefly, 3 letters

Number cruncher, familiarly, 3 letters

Number cruncher, for short, 3 letters

Number cruncher's letters, 3 letters

An accountant certified by the state, 3 letters

Plot line of The Babe's Audit?, 15 letters

Hearing broadcaster, 4 letters

Mech. for troubled sleepers, 4 letters

1040 experts, 4 letters

1040 experts, for short, 4 letters

1040 filers, 4 letters

1040 fillers and filers, 4 letters

1040 preparers, 4 letters

1040 preparers, maybe, 4 letters

Acct.-bk. examiners, 4 letters

Acct.'s, 4 letters

Annual rept. opinion writers, 4 letters

Apr. 15 addressors, 4 letters

Apr. computers, 4 letters

Apr. figurers, 4 letters

Apr. is their big month, 4 letters

Apr. midnight-oil burners, 4 letters

Apr. workhorses, 4 letters

April is their cruelest mo., 4 letters

April number crunchers, for short, 4 letters

Audit makers, 4 letters

Audit team members, 4 letters

Auditing employees: Abbr., 4 letters

Auditors, 4 letters

Auditors, at times, 4 letters

Auditors, for short, 4 letters

Auditors, often, 4 letters

Auditors, perhaps, 4 letters

Auditors: Abbr., 4 letters

Balancing experts, briefly?, 4 letters

Balancing pros, 4 letters

Bean counters, 4 letters

Bean counters (Abbr.), 4 letters

Bean counters briefly, 4 letters

Bean counters, for short, 4 letters

Bean counters: abbrev., 4 letters

Bk. reviewers, 4 letters

Bk. reviewers, perhaps, 4 letters

Book auditors, for short, 4 letters

Book reviewers, for short, 4 letters

Books experts, 4 letters

Bus. degree holders, 4 letters

Busy bunch on Apr. 14, 4 letters

Busy folks in Apr., 4 letters

Busy people on April 15, 4 letters

Busy workers during April, 4 letters

Calculating bunch, briefly, 4 letters

Calculating folks?, 4 letters

Calculating individuals: abbr., 4 letters

Calculating pros, 4 letters

Calculating sorts, 4 letters

Calculating types, 4 letters

Calculating types (Abbr.), 4 letters

Capital examiners, briefly, 4 letters

Checkers of entries, for short, 4 letters

Co. auditors, 4 letters

Corp. treasurers, maybe, 4 letters

Dealers in books and records, 4 letters

Deduction experts, 4 letters

Ernst & Young employees, 4 letters

Ernst & Young employees, for short, 4 letters

Ernst & Young staff, 4 letters

Excellent summers, for short?, 4 letters

Experts in IRS forms, 4 letters

Experts on bks., 4 letters

Figure heads? (abbr.), 4 letters

Figureheads?, 4 letters

Figures experts: abbr., 4 letters

Filing aids hiding in this puzzle's long answers, 4 letters

Financial agts., 4 letters

Financial data experts (abbr.), 4 letters

Financial friends: Abbr., 4 letters

Financial pros, 4 letters

Folks with return engagements?, 4 letters

Form fillers: Abbr., 4 letters

Frequent filers, 4 letters

H & R Block workers, 4 letters

H&R Block employees, 4 letters

I.R.S. employees, 4 letters

I.R.S. experts, 4 letters

I.R.S. experts, you hope, 4 letters

I.R.S. staffers, 4 letters

I.R.S. workers, 4 letters

Income-tax experts: Abbr., 4 letters

Ind. auditors, 4 letters

Independent auditors (abbr.), 4 letters

Inspectors of fin. books, 4 letters

IRS experts: Abbr., 4 letters

IRS form experts, 4 letters

IRS form preparers, 4 letters

IRS form pros, 4 letters

IRS people, 4 letters

IRS pros, 4 letters

KPMG employees, 4 letters

Ledger perusers: abbr., 4 letters

Long-form pros, 4 letters

Many tax preparers, 4 letters

Masters of deduction?, 4 letters

Midnight oil burners on Apr. 14, 4 letters

No Mar./ Apr. vacations for them, 4 letters

No. brains?, 4 letters

No. crunchers, 4 letters

No.-crunching pros, 4 letters

Nos. men, 4 letters

Nos. people, 4 letters

Nos. pros, 4 letters

Number crunchers, 4 letters

Number crunchers (abbr.), 4 letters

Number crunchers, briefly, 4 letters

Number crunchers, for short, 4 letters

Number-crunchers, familiarly, 4 letters

Numbers men, for short, 4 letters

Numbers pros, 4 letters

Numbers runners?: Abbr., 4 letters

Ones doing a balancing job?, 4 letters

Ones filling out 1040's, for short, 4 letters

Ones for the books?, 4 letters

Ones who might correct schedule conflicts, for short, 4 letters

Ones with an early-Apr. rush, 4 letters

Ones working on columns, for short, 4 letters

Ones working with books, 4 letters

P and L preparers, 4 letters

P. & L. preparers, 4 letters

P. & L. statement preparers, 4 letters

Pacs anagram, 4 letters

People doing book reviews?, 4 letters

People with books, for short, 4 letters

PricewaterhouseCoopers staffers, 4 letters

Professional bean counters, 4 letters

Professional bean counters, briefly, 4 letters

Pros sought in Apr., 4 letters

Pros who work on schedules, for short, 4 letters

Pros with schedules, 4 letters

Return pros: Abbr., 4 letters

Return signers, often: abbr., 4 letters

Reviewers of bks., 4 letters

Reviewers of books, briefly, 4 letters

Sched. C preparers, 4 letters

Schedule experts, for short, 4 letters

Some 1040 preparers, 4 letters

Some auditors: Abbr., 4 letters

Some bus. grads, 4 letters

Some IRS personnel, 4 letters

Some no. crunchers, 4 letters

Some of them become CFOs, 4 letters

Some tax advisers, for short, 4 letters

Some tax advisors (abbr.), 4 letters

Spreadsheet pros, 4 letters

Sum people, for short, 4 letters

Tax advisors, 4 letters

Tax advisors, briefly, 4 letters

Tax experts: Abbr., 4 letters

Tax form pros, 4 letters

Tax prep pros, 4 letters

Tax preparers, 4 letters

Tax pros, 4 letters

Tax pros, briefly, 4 letters

Tax pros, for short, 4 letters

Tax pros: Abbr., 4 letters

Tax specialists, 4 letters

Tax time VIPs, 4 letters

Tax-form experts: Abbr., 4 letters

Tax-time helpers: Abbr., 4 letters

Taxing folks, 4 letters

Taxpayer reps, at times, 4 letters

Their days are numbered, 4 letters

Their work may be taxing?, 4 letters

They do book reviews, 4 letters

They do taxing work, 4 letters

They get a lot of return business, 4 letters

They handle a lot of returns, 4 letters

They handle many returns, 4 letters

They keep a close eye on figures, 4 letters

They keep bks., 4 letters

They may itemize (Abbr.), 4 letters

They may work on columns, 4 letters

They often fill out schedules, 4 letters

They often itemize, 4 letters

They work in columns, 4 letters

They work on journals, 4 letters

They work with many schedules, 4 letters

They're busy around Apr. 15, 4 letters

They're busy in Apr., 4 letters

They're good with nos., 4 letters

They're no. experts, 4 letters

Those who figure the figs., 4 letters

Total pros?, 4 letters

What some business attys. are, 4 letters

Workers in columns, 4 letters

Workers on financial records, 4 letters

Yr.-end visitors, 4 letters

Program about a sarcastic naval officer who offers sound financial advice?, 10 letters

Place for grazing, 8 letters

Annenberg-___ (non-profit behind educational programming), 3 letters

NPR's parent organization, 3 letters

Qualified, 5 letters

Palindromic Chinese political party, 3 letters

Cook Cty's finest, 3 letters

Word like rainbow: abbr., 3 letters

A son of J.S. Bach, 3 letters

Amazonian poison, 3 letters

Soup or salad ingredient, 4 letters

Airport code for Copenhagen, 3 letters

Central pro. hockey lge. (became CHL), 4 letters

Abbr. in many a wage-increase clause, 3 letters

Bureau of Labor Statistics no., 3 letters

Bureau of Labor Statistics stat., 3 letters

Cost-of-living meas., 3 letters

Cost-of-living no., 3 letters

Cost-of-living stat, 3 letters

Econ. indicator, 3 letters

Econ. percentage, 3 letters

Econ. yardstick, 3 letters

Economic indicator, 3 letters

Economic stat., 3 letters

Govt. stat, 3 letters

Inflation fig., 3 letters

Inflation meas., 3 letters

Inflation stat., 3 letters

Key econ. indicator, 3 letters

Market basket cost meas., 3 letters

Market basket gauge of inflation (abbr.), 3 letters

No. of interest to those on fixed incomes, 3 letters

No. to which annual raises might be tied, 3 letters

Raises may depend on it: Abbr., 3 letters

Union contract no., 3 letters

Union contract stat, 3 letters

An index of the cost of all goods and services to a typical consumer, 3 letters

Pie chain founded on the West Coast, for short, 3 letters

An N.C.O., 3 letters

Army man: Abbr., 3 letters

Army non-com, 3 letters

Army off., 3 letters

Below sgt., 3 letters

Canadian Armed Forces rank (abbr.), 3 letters

Canadian forces rank (abbr.), 3 letters

Certain GI, 3 letters

Double-chevron wearer: Abbr., 3 letters

GI with two stripes, 3 letters

Klinger's M.A.S.H. rank: Abbr., 3 letters

Klinger's M*A*S*H rank: Abbr., 3 letters

Klinger's rank (abbr.), 3 letters

Klinger's rank on M*A*S*H, 3 letters

Klinger's rank on M*A*S*H: Abbr., 3 letters

Lance ___ (U.S.M.C. rank), 3 letters

Lowest NCO, 3 letters

Lowest-ranking NCO, 3 letters

M*A*S*H NCO, 3 letters

Mil. rank, 3 letters

NCO, 3 letters

NCO below Sgt., 3 letters

NCO club member, 3 letters

Noncom, 3 letters

One above a specialist: Abbr., 3 letters

Person in the fourth grade: Abbr., 3 letters

PFC superior, 3 letters

Pfc. boss, 3 letters

Pfc.'s superior, 3 letters

Pvt.'s goal?, 3 letters

R.C.M.P. rank, 3 letters

R.C.M.P. rank (abbr.), 3 letters

Radar M*A*S*H, 3 letters

Radar O'Reilly's rank (abbr.), 3 letters

Radar, e.g., 3 letters

Radar, e.g.: Abbr., 3 letters

Radar, say: Abbr., 3 letters

Radar's rank (abbr.), 3 letters

Radar's rank on M*A*S*H: Abbr., 3 letters

Radar's rank on TV, 3 letters

Rank above Pfc., 3 letters

Rank below Sgt., 3 letters

Sgt.'s inferior, 3 letters

Sgt.'s right-hand man, 3 letters

Sgt.'s subordinate, 3 letters

Sgt.'s underling, 3 letters

Specialist's superior: Abbr., 3 letters

Two-stripe soldier: Abbr., 3 letters

Two-striper in the Army: Abbr., 3 letters

U.S. Army E-4, 3 letters

U.S. army rank, 3 letters

U.S. noncom, 3 letters

USMC rank, 3 letters

Painful sch. experience, once, 13 letters

Certain N.C.O.s, 4 letters

GIs with two stripes, 4 letters

Inferiors to sgts., 4 letters

Klinger and Agarn; Abbr., 4 letters

Klinger, et al. (abbr.), 4 letters

Lowest-ranking NCOs, 4 letters

NCO's, 4 letters

Onetime specialists, perhaps: Abbr., 4 letters

Peo. with Klinger's rank, 4 letters

People with Klinger's rank: abbr., 4 letters

Pfc's superiors, 4 letters

Radar et al.: Abbr., 4 letters

Sgt.'s subordinates, 4 letters

Sgt.'s underlings, 4 letters

Sgts. outrank them, 4 letters

Sgts. outrank them in the U.S. Marines, 4 letters

Some NCO's, 4 letters

Some USMC noncoms, 4 letters

They rank above Pfc.'s, 4 letters

They report to sgts., 4 letters

They're above pvts., 4 letters

They're over specialists: Abbr., 4 letters

Two-stripers (Abbr.), 4 letters

USMC E-4s, 4 letters

* Slightly above average, 5 letters

2.3, roughly, 5 letters

77 or so, 5 letters

79, say, 5 letters

A little above average, 5 letters

A little better than average, 5 letters

Above avg. grade, 5 letters

Above-average grade, 5 letters

Academically above average, 5 letters

Alternative title for this puzzle?, 5 letters

Barely above average grade, 5 letters

Better than average, 5 letters

Better-than-average grade, 5 letters

Better-than-middling grade, 5 letters

Decent mark, 5 letters

Fair grade, 5 letters

Good mark, 5 letters

Grade barely above average, 5 letters

Grade below a B, 5 letters

Grade just above average, 5 letters

Grade lower than B, 5 letters

Grade of 75 or so, 5 letters

Grade under B, 5 letters

Just above average, 5 letters

Mediocre mark, 5 letters

Middling grade, 5 letters

Middling mark, 5 letters

Not quite a B, 5 letters

Passing grade, but nothing to write home about, 5 letters

S0-so grade, 5 letters

Slightly above average grade, 5 letters

Slightly above average, gradewise, 5 letters

Slightly better than average, 5 letters

Slightly better than average grade, 5 letters

So-so scholastic calculation, 12 letters

Business cert. for overseers, 3 letters

Pricing for online advertising: Abbr., 3 letters

Wave meas., 3 letters

Ad-rate figures, 4 letters

It may be clipped (6), 3 letters

___ Sharkey, 3 letters

___ Sharkey (Don Rickles sitcom of the '70's), 3 letters

___ Sharkey (Rickles series), 3 letters

___ Sharkey of 1970s TV, 3 letters

'70s sitcom ___ Sharkey, 3 letters

70's TV ___ Sharkey, 3 letters

Boat bigwig, briefly, 3 letters

Coast Guard noncom, 3 letters

Coast Guard rank (inits.), 3 letters

Coast Guard rank: Abbr., 3 letters

Coast Guard VIP, 3 letters

Ens.' subordinate, 3 letters

Ensign's underling: Abbr., 3 letters

Gunnery sergeant's USN equivalent, 3 letters

Mil. rank, 3 letters

Minor U.S.N. administrator, 3 letters

Nav. enlisted rank, 3 letters

Nav. non-com, 3 letters

Nav. rank, 3 letters

Naval NCO, 3 letters

Naval noncom: Abbr., 3 letters

Naval off., 3 letters

Naval rank: Abbr., 3 letters

Navy fig., 3 letters

Navy rank (abbr.), 3 letters

Rickles show, , 3 letters

Seagoing noncom, 3 letters

SFC's USN counterpart, 3 letters

Sharkey's rank, 3 letters

Sharkey's TV rank, 3 letters

Three-striper, 3 letters

TV oldie, ___ Sharkey, 3 letters

TV's ___ Sharkey, 3 letters

TV's Sharkey, for one, 3 letters

U.S. Navy noncom, 3 letters

U.S.C.G. rank, 3 letters

U.S.N. functionary, 3 letters

U.S.N. letters, 3 letters

U.S.N. member, 3 letters

U.S.N. noncom, 3 letters

U.S.N. officer, 3 letters

USCG NCO, 3 letters

USN grade, 3 letters

USN junior officer trainer, 3 letters

USN rank (3), 3 letters

USN rank since 1893, 3 letters

USN rank: Abbr., 3 letters

USN title, 3 letters

Shark's target, at times, 7 letters

Chief petty officer's rnk., 4 letters

Certain U S N men, 4 letters

Coast Guard noncoms, 4 letters

Nav. ranks, 4 letters

Nav. ratings, 4 letters

Naval appointees: Abbr., 4 letters

Naval enlisted rank, 4 letters

Naval noncoms, 4 letters

Navy equivalents of S.F.C.'s, 4 letters

Navy NCOs, 4 letters

Navy noncoms, for short, 4 letters

Navy noncoms: Abbr., 4 letters

Noncom naval personnel, 4 letters

Sgts.' counterparts, 4 letters

Sharky, et al., 4 letters

Some Navy enlistees (abbr.), 4 letters

Some Navy noncoms, 4 letters

Some noncoms: Abbr., 4 letters

Some ship personnel, briefly, 4 letters

Some USN personnel, 4 letters

Three-stripers, 4 letters

TV's Sharkey et al., 4 letters

U.S.N. noncoms, 4 letters

U.S.N. personnel, 4 letters

USN NCOs, 4 letters

USN ranks, 4 letters

Don Rickles sitcom, 10 letters

'ER' skill, 3 letters

A real lifesaver, for short, 3 letters

Abbreviation that saves nine syllables, 3 letters

An EMT skill, 3 letters

C.N. alternative, 3 letters

Cause of a revival?: Abbr., 3 letters

Chest-pounding?, 3 letters

Choke hold?, 3 letters

Class for EMTs, 3 letters

CN rival, 3 letters

Course for an EMT, 3 letters

Doing it to the beat of Stayin' Alive is ideal, 3 letters

Doing it will often break a few ribs, 3 letters

Dummies help teach this: Abbr., 3 letters

E.M.S. course, 3 letters

E.M.T. application, 3 letters

E.M.T. specialty, 3 letters

E.M.T.'s procedure, 3 letters

E.M.T.'s skill, 3 letters

E.M.T.'s training, 3 letters

E.R. administration, 3 letters

E.R. technique, 3 letters

Emer. skill, 3 letters

Emergency administration, 3 letters

Emergency procedure letters, 3 letters

EMT expertise, 3 letters

EMT lifesaver, 3 letters

EMT's ability, 3 letters

EMT's forte, 3 letters

EMT's frequent task, 3 letters

EMT's maneuver, 3 letters

EMT's special skill, 3 letters

EMT's technique, 3 letters

EMT's treatment, 3 letters

EMTs administer it, 3 letters

ER action, 3 letters

ER action, perhaps, 3 letters

ER practice, 3 letters

ER procedure, 3 letters

First aid technique (abbr.), 3 letters

First responder's skill, 3 letters

First-aid course: Abbr., 3 letters

Heart starter, 3 letters

Help for a broken heart: Abbr., 3 letters

Help for a broken heart?, 3 letters

Hospital administration, 3 letters

It may be a lifesaver, 3 letters

It may be administered by an EMT, 3 letters

It may be practiced on a dummy, 3 letters

It may restart the heart, 3 letters

It saves thousands of lives yearly, 3 letters

It won't help DOA's, 3 letters

It'll help you breathe, 3 letters

It's a lifesaver, 3 letters

It's not done on a DNR patient, 3 letters

It's often practiced on a dummy, 3 letters

Jump-start of a sort, 3 letters

Jump-start of sorts, 3 letters

Kiss of life (abbr.), 3 letters

Kiss of life, briefly, 3 letters

Lesson for an EMT, 3 letters

Life saver, for short, 3 letters

Life saving skill, 3 letters

Life support course subj., 3 letters

Life-saving meth., 3 letters

Life-saving skill, for short, 3 letters

Life-saving technique, 3 letters

Life-saving technique: Abbr., 3 letters

Lifeguard skill, 3 letters

Lifeguard's skill, briefly, 3 letters

Lifeguard's skill, for short, 3 letters

Lifesaver, briefly, 3 letters

Lifesaving course, 3 letters

Lifesaving maneuver: Abbr., 3 letters

Lifesaving medical technique, briefly, 3 letters

Lifesaving medical technique, for short, 3 letters

Lifesaving skill: Abbr., 3 letters

Lifesaving technique performed in the E.R. [1960], 3 letters

LPN'S skill, 3 letters

Medic's skill, 3 letters

Mouth-to-mouth is part of it: Abbr., 3 letters

Night-school class, 3 letters

One of Canada's national railways (abbr.), 3 letters

One of the transcontinental lines (abbr.), 3 letters

One way to bring 'em back alive, 3 letters

Paramedic procedure, 3 letters

Paramedic skill, 3 letters

Paramedic skill: Abbr., 3 letters

Paramedic tech., 3 letters

Paramedic technique, 3 letters

Paramedic's skill, briefly, 3 letters

Paramedic's skill, for short, 3 letters

Paramedic's technique: Abbr., 3 letters

Paramedic's work, in brief, 3 letters

Part of an EMT's training, 3 letters

Part of EMT training, 3 letters

Potential lifesaver, briefly, 3 letters

Pressing activity?, 3 letters

Procedure for an EMT, 3 letters

Procedure performed by a paramedic, 3 letters

Procedure performed by an E.M.T., 3 letters

Procedure that includes mouth-to-mouth, for short, 3 letters

Procedure that might precede defibrillation, 3 letters

Red Cross course, 3 letters

Red Cross course, briefly, 3 letters

Red Cross course, for short, 3 letters

Red Cross training, for short, 3 letters

Rescue 911 action, 3 letters

Revival effort: Abbr., 3 letters

Revival method, 3 letters

Revival of a cause, briefly, 3 letters

Revival producer: Abbr., 3 letters

Revival skill, 3 letters

Revival tech-nique, briefly, 3 letters

Revival technique, 3 letters

Revivalism?, 3 letters

Revivalist movements, briefly?, 3 letters

Revivalist's meth.?, 3 letters

Short course at the Red Cross, 3 letters

Short Red Cross course?, 3 letters

Skill for a lifeguard, 3 letters

Skill for an EMT, 3 letters

Skill practiced on dummies, 3 letters

Skill practiced on dummies, briefly, 3 letters

Skill taught by the Red Cross, 3 letters

Some chest-pounding, briefly, 3 letters

Some chest-pounding, for short, 3 letters

Some chest-pumping, for short, 3 letters

Something administered by an EMT, 3 letters

Subj. of The National Dream, 3 letters

Subject for EMT training, 3 letters

Technique for EMTs, 3 letters

Technique practiced on dummies, 3 letters

Topic in basic life-support training, 3 letters

Topic in first-aid training, 3 letters

Treatment from an EMT, 3 letters

Y class, 3 letters

Y.M.C.A. class, 3 letters

YMCA course, 3 letters

You may need a dummy to practice it, 3 letters

You might get it when you're out, 3 letters

The first treatment for a person who has collapsed and has no pulse and has stopped breathing, 3 letters

Attempts to restore circulation of the blood and prevent death or brain damage due to lack of oxygen, 3 letters

An emergency procedure consisting of external cardiac massage and artificial respiration, 3 letters

Major Can. transport line, 6 letters

Revival meeting?, 8 letters

One who breathes into a dummy, 13 letters

Fancy ER?, 8 letters

Abbr. for data transfer, 3 letters

Early computer printer speed meas., 3 letters

Military headquarters: abbr., 3 letters

Monogram of the author of Strangers and Brothers, 3 letters

Poker supplies, 3 letters

Some NCOs, 3 letters

Strangers and Brothers author, 3 letters

Summer fun places: abbr., 3 letters

Unit of frequency, 3 letters

One Hertz has a periodic interval of one second, 3 letters

The unit of frequency, 3 letters

Anthony Trollope biographer, 6 letters

Author of the 'Strangers and Brothers' novels, 6 letters

Author of The Two Cultures, 6 letters

British novelist, 6 letters

British physicist/writer, 6 letters

English author/physicist, 6 letters

Strangers and Brothers author, 6 letters

Strangers and Brothers novelist, 6 letters

Strangers and Brothers writer, 6 letters

The Corridors of Power author, 6 letters

The Light and the Dark author, 6 letters

Below Maj., 3 letters

Cmdr.'s superior, 3 letters

Company ldr., 3 letters

Maj.'s subordinate, 3 letters

Naval off., 3 letters

Pierce's rank on M*A*S*H, 3 letters

Rank below Maj., 3 letters

USN rank, 3 letters

Midnight and Kangaroo: Abbr., 4 letters

Mil. officers, 4 letters

Superiors of 101D, 4 letters

Superiors of lts., 4 letters

Apple chip, briefly, 3 letters

Apple core, briefly, 3 letters

Apple core, for short, 3 letters

Apple core?, 3 letters

Brain of a computer, 3 letters

Brain of a computer, briefly, 3 letters

Brain of a PC, 3 letters

Chip in a Dell, briefly, 3 letters

Chip's place, 3 letters

Computer 'brain', 3 letters

Computer center, for short, 3 letters

Computer core: abbr., 3 letters

Computer heart: abbr., 3 letters

Computer part: Abbr., 3 letters

Computer's brain, for short, 3 letters

Computer's core, briefly, 3 letters

Computer's guts, for short, 3 letters

Computer's heart, for short, 3 letters

Core of a PC, 3 letters

Core PC controller, 3 letters

Digital brain, briefly, 3 letters

Droid's brain, briefly, 3 letters

Guts of a PC, 3 letters

HAL's heart?, 3 letters

Hard drive loc., 3 letters

Heart of a computer, 3 letters

Heart of a motherboard, briefly, 3 letters

Heart of a PC, 3 letters

Hi-tech brains?, 3 letters

Hi-tech guts, 3 letters

Hi-tech heart, 3 letters

High-tech heart, for short, 3 letters

I.B.M. brain, 3 letters

Important chip, briefly, 3 letters

Intel product, 3 letters

Intel product, briefly, 3 letters

Intel product, for short, 3 letters

Key part of a PC, 3 letters

Main chip, for short, 3 letters

Main computer part (Abbr.), 3 letters

Mainframe component, 3 letters

Mainframe shortly, 3 letters

Mainframe: Abbr., 3 letters

Mechanical brain, 3 letters

Modern day tablet's core, 3 letters

Part of a computer, for short, 3 letters

PC brain, 3 letters

PC component, 3 letters

PC core, 3 letters

PC core: Abbr., 3 letters

PC heart, 3 letters

PC innards: Abbr., 3 letters

PC's brain, briefly, 3 letters

Pentium product, 3 letters

Primary PC element, 3 letters

Processor, for short, 3 letters

Robot's brains, for short, 3 letters

Smartphone component, 3 letters

Smartphone component, for short, 3 letters

Smartphone's brain, 3 letters

Tablet component: Abbr., 3 letters

VDT operator, 3 letters

(computer science) the part of a computer (a microprocessor chip) that does most of the data processing, 3 letters

The CPU and the memory form the central part of a computer to which the peripherals are attached, 3 letters

Apple cores, 4 letters

Apple cores? (abbr.), 4 letters

Computer brains, 4 letters

Computer brains (abbr.), 4 letters

Computer brains, for short, 4 letters

Computer innards, for short, 4 letters

Computers' guts, 4 letters

Dell drivers: Abbr., 4 letters

Gateway components, 4 letters

Key computer components, briefly, 4 letters

Laptop cores, for short, 4 letters

Mac brains, 4 letters

Mainframe brains, 4 letters

Mainframe components, 4 letters

Micro-processors: abbr., 4 letters

PC 'brains', 4 letters

PC control centers, 4 letters

PC cores, 4 letters

PC hearts, 4 letters

PC necessities, 4 letters

Program executors, for short, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..