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Abbrev. on writable Discs, 3 letters

Burnable data-holder, for short, 3 letters

Burnable medium, briefly, 3 letters

Burnable object, 3 letters

Capt.'s subordinate, 3 letters

Computer storage item that gets burned (abbr.), 3 letters

Demo for a technologically-impaired band, probably, 3 letters

Digital file holder: Abbr., 3 letters

Format that can be burned once, 3 letters

Lt. Col. : Army :: ___ : Navy, 3 letters

Medium for a computer burner, briefly, 3 letters

Mil. chief, 3 letters

Mil. leader, 3 letters

Modern-day back-up, 3 letters

Modern-day storage medium, 3 letters

MP3 burning medium, possibly, 3 letters

Music mix medium: Abbr., 3 letters

Nav. officer, 3 letters

Naval off., 3 letters

Naval officer (abbr.), 3 letters

Naval officer ranking below a captain: Abbr., 3 letters

Naval rank below capt., 3 letters

Naval rank: Abbr., 3 letters

Naval VIP, 3 letters

Navy title (Abbr.), 3 letters

Part of 'C in C': Abbr., 3 letters

Part of C.I.C.: Abbr., 3 letters

Rank below capt., 3 letters

Riker's mil. rank, 3 letters

Spock, e.g.: Abbr., 3 letters

U.S.N. V.I.P., 3 letters

U.S.S. Enterprise officer: Abbr., 3 letters

USB drive alternative, 3 letters

USN officer, 3 letters

USN rank, 3 letters

USN rank for a sub's skipper, 3 letters

Write-once digital media, 3 letters

Audiophile's furnishings, 7 letters

Audiophile's purchase, 7 letters

Audiophile's storage, 7 letters

Music shop fixtures, 7 letters

Music store array, 7 letters

Music store fixtures, 7 letters

Music store storage, 7 letters

Places for music storage, 7 letters

They may hold many hours of music, 7 letters

Bank quote, 6 letters

Bank sign number, 6 letters

Certain bank quote, 6 letters

It's fixed by a bank, 6 letters

Number on a bank sign, 6 letters

Percentage on a bank sign, 6 letters

Percentage on an S&L sign, 6 letters

Percentage quoted by a bank, 6 letters

S&L quote, 6 letters

S&L stat, 6 letters

Bank info, 7 letters

Bank postings, 7 letters

Int. on certain investments, 7 letters

S&L figures, 7 letters

Stats in some bank ads, 7 letters

Subj. of many bank ads, 7 letters

How the paper might beat some rock?, 9 letters

Some Rolling Stone items, 9 letters

Where a CD might go, 6 letters

Windows disk designation, 6 letters

Antiquated drive, 5 letters

AOL freebie, 5 letters

AOL giveaway, 5 letters

AOL giveaway, once, 5 letters

AOL mailing, perhaps, 5 letters

Audiobook medium, 5 letters

Circ. info holder, 5 letters

Computer accessory, 5 letters

Computer acronym, 5 letters

Computer adjunct, 5 letters

Computer burner output, 5 letters

Computer data holder: Abbr., 5 letters

Computer disk, 5 letters

Computer drive insert, 5 letters

Computer feature, 5 letters

Computer game format, 5 letters

Computer gizmo, 5 letters

Computer information holder, 5 letters

Computer insert, 5 letters

Computer part, 5 letters

Computer storage device, 5 letters

Computer storage medium, 5 letters

D: drive's designation, often, 5 letters

Data delivery device, 5 letters

Data disk, 5 letters

Data holder, 5 letters

Data storage device, 5 letters

Data storage medium, 5 letters

Data-disk letters, 5 letters

Data-storage means, 5 letters

Dictionary accompanier, sometimes, 5 letters

Dictionary enclosure, perhaps, 5 letters

Dictionary format, 5 letters

Digital dictionary, e.g., 5 letters

Digital info storage device, 5 letters

Digital storage device, 5 letters

Digital storage medium, 5 letters

Disk that can hold volumes, 5 letters

Diskette supplanter, 5 letters

Drive insert, 5 letters

Drive insertion, 5 letters

Drive on a computer, 5 letters

Drive rapidly becoming obsolete, 5 letters

Drive that plays music, 5 letters

DVD's kin, 5 letters

Electronic info source, 5 letters

Electronic storage device, 5 letters

Electronic-encyclopedia medium: Abbr., 5 letters

Encyclopedia holder, nowadays, 5 letters

Encyclopedia medium, 5 letters

Encyclopedia medium, these days, 5 letters

File holder, 5 letters

Flat storage place, 5 letters

Flat storage site, 5 letters

Floppy disk alternative, 5 letters

Floppy disk replacement, 5 letters

Game holder, maybe, 5 letters

Hi-tech dictionary medium, 5 letters

Hi-tech dictionary site, 5 letters

Info holder, 5 letters

Info storage medium, 5 letters

Information holder, 5 letters

Information repository, 5 letters

Installation need, often, 5 letters

Installer's need, often, 5 letters

Interactive medium, 5 letters

ISP giveaway, 5 letters

It's read by a laser, 5 letters

Jewel box contents, 5 letters

Jewel box enclosure, 5 letters

Jewel box insert, 5 letters

Kind of computer drive, 5 letters

Kind of drive, 5 letters

Kind of drive for a computer, 5 letters

Kind of drive, in a computer, 5 letters

Laptop feature, 5 letters

Mac insert, 5 letters

Modem info. storehouse, 5 letters

Modern book, 5 letters

Modern data holder, 5 letters

Modern data source, 5 letters

Modern encyclopedia medium, 5 letters

Modern file cabinet?, 5 letters

Modern info-keeper, 5 letters

Modern information medium, 5 letters

Modern multimedia tool, 5 letters

Multimedia format, 5 letters

Multimedia software: abbr., 5 letters

One going into a drive, 5 letters

One might take it for a drive, 5 letters

PC backup medium, 5 letters

PC component, 5 letters

PC data disk, 5 letters

PC disk, 5 letters

PC drive, 5 letters

PC drive insert, 5 letters

PC feature, 5 letters

PC info-keeper, 5 letters

PC insert, 5 letters

PC spinner, 5 letters

PC storage accessory, 5 letters

PC storage accessory that gets inserted into a drive, 5 letters

PC storage device, 5 letters

PC storage format, 5 letters

PC storage medium, 5 letters

PC tray, 5 letters

Place for data, 5 letters

Portable memory, 5 letters

Program source, 5 letters

Provider of sound bytes?, 5 letters

Requirement for some software installation, 5 letters

Software box encl., 5 letters

Software box enclosure, 5 letters

Software holder, 5 letters

Software installation source, perhaps, 5 letters

Software mailing, perhaps, 5 letters

Software medium, 5 letters

Software pkg. item, 5 letters

Software storer, 5 letters

Source of a program, often, 5 letters

Source of information for McRod, 5 letters

Storage disc, 5 letters

Storage location, 5 letters

Storage medium, 5 letters

Text-storage method, 5 letters

Type of drive, 5 letters

Type of portable memory, 5 letters

Ubiquitous AOL item, 5 letters

Unalterable disk, 5 letters

Love that blossomed in a music store?, 9 letters

Common computer feature, 10 letters

Modern computer feature, 10 letters

Modern loading site, 10 letters

Computer-drive agreement?, 9 letters

Computer libs., 6 letters

Computer parts, 6 letters

D: drive inserts, 6 letters

Floppy disk successors, 6 letters

Media of a sort, 6 letters

PC inserts, 6 letters

PC inserts: Hyph., 6 letters

Players in the computer business, 6 letters

Program holders, 6 letters

Software backups, typically, 6 letters

Some music storage media, 6 letters

They come with new computers, 6 letters

What software may be stored on, 6 letters

Trashy pop release?, 5 letters

007 and others of the same rank: Abbr., 4 letters

Capt.'s subordinates, 4 letters

Contents of many software boxes, 4 letters

McHale et al., 4 letters

Mil. leaders, 4 letters

Modern storage media, briefly, 4 letters

Modern-day photo holders, for short, 4 letters

Nav. officers, 4 letters

Naval officers: Abbr., 4 letters

Navy bigwigs: abbr., 4 letters

Prospective capts., 4 letters

Some writeable discs, 4 letters

They get burned, 4 letters

They may be burned in order to preserve information: Abbr., 4 letters

U.S.N. officers, 4 letters

USN VIPs, 4 letters

Writable storage media, briefly, 4 letters

Writeable discs, 4 letters

Writeable discs (abbr.), 4 letters

They might be used for daily backups, 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..