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Hoops group until 2009, 3 letters

Lawyers org. north of the border, 3 letters

Minor league hoops org. for the Idaho Stampede and Dakota Wizards, 3 letters

Goalpost parts, 5 letters

SAT follow-up, 4 letters

*Power sources for some toys, 10 letters

Some toy inserts, 10 letters

Common toy go-with, 8 letters

Largish cell, 8 letters

Power source for a toy, often, 8 letters

Part of an old pavement (11), 7 letters

As It Happens network, 3 letters

Blue Jays airer, 3 letters

Blue Jays' games airer, 3 letters

Broadcaster based in Toronto, 3 letters

Canadian network, 3 letters

Canadian television network, 3 letters

Canuck TV network, 3 letters

CTV alternative, 3 letters

Hockey Night broadcaster, 3 letters

Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster, 3 letters

In certain areas it's called Radio Nord Qu, 3 letters

It's on in Ont., 3 letters

It's watched in Ont., 3 letters

Media svc. based in Ottawa, 3 letters

N. American network founded in 1936, 3 letters

Network that shows Jays games, 3 letters

News source to the north, 3 letters

North-of-the-border network (abbr.), 3 letters

North-of-the-border TV network, 3 letters

Ont. channel, 3 letters

Ottawa Morning network, 3 letters

Peter Mansbridge's network, 3 letters

Radio and television org. with francophone offerings, 3 letters

Radio Nord Qu, 3 letters

Respected media inits., 3 letters

Royal Canadian Air Farce network, 3 letters

The National network, 3 letters

This Hour Has 22 Minutes network, 3 letters

Toronto, 3 letters

Toronto media inits., 3 letters

Toronto TV channel, 3 letters

Toronto TV network, 3 letters

Toronto TV station, 3 letters

Toronto-based TV network, 3 letters

TV network, 3 letters

TV network north of the U.S., 3 letters

TV network up north, 3 letters

Where Alex Trebek worked as a newscaster, 3 letters

Counting the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in 1 cubic millimeter of blood, 3 letters

Workspace for Dilbert (7), 4 letters

Common lab tests, 4 letters

Hockey Night in Canada place, 13 letters

Simon of Cyrene, for one, 7 letters

'Good buddy' sayer, 4 letters

10-4 buddy, 4 letters

10-4 speaker, 4 letters

10-4-talking trucker, 4 letters

10-4, good buddy utterer, 4 letters

10-code user, 4 letters

27-MHz band user, 4 letters

Bear watcher?, 4 letters

Bored trucker, perhaps, 4 letters

Breaker 1-9 utterer, 4 letters

Breaker on the road, 4 letters

Breaker-breaker buddy, 4 letters

Breaker, maybe, 4 letters

Broadcasting trucker, 4 letters

Buddy on the road, 4 letters

Cab communicator, 4 letters

Car transmission ace?, 4 letters

Certain radio operator, 4 letters

Certain radio owner, 4 letters

Certain radio user, 4 letters

Certain shortwave user, 4 letters

Channel 19 broadcaster, 4 letters

Channel 19 user, 4 letters

Chatterbox in a cab, maybe, 4 letters

Citizen's Band user for short, 4 letters

Convoy communicator, 4 letters

Convoy member, perhaps, 4 letters

Convoy narrator, e.g., 4 letters

Copy that speaker, 4 letters

Driver who talks, 4 letters

Driver with a handle, 4 letters

Fellow with a handle, 4 letters

Fuzz reporter, 4 letters

Gabby truck driver, 4 letters

Good buddy, 4 letters

Good buddy driver, 4 letters

Good buddy on the road, 4 letters

Good buddy trucker, 4 letters

Good buddy with a handle, 4 letters

Good buddy, briefly, 4 letters

Good buddy, for one, 4 letters

Good buddy, often, 4 letters

Good buddy, probably, 4 letters

Good buddy, so to speak, 4 letters

Ham on the road?, 4 letters

Ham radio operator, 4 letters

Ham's cousin, 4 letters

Ham's relative, 4 letters

Handle holder, 4 letters

Handle user, 4 letters

Handle user, and a hint to this puzzle's theme, 4 letters

Handled ham?, 4 letters

Hauler with a handle, 4 letters

He may talk to a good buddy, 4 letters

Highway chatterbox, 4 letters

Highway ham, 4 letters

Highway handle holder, 4 letters

Highway hauler with a handle, 4 letters

Hwy. motor mouth, 4 letters

Lonely trucker, perhaps, 4 letters

Many a trucker, 4 letters

Mobile talker, 4 letters

On air trucker?, 4 letters

One behind the wheel with a handle, 4 letters

One familiar with 10-codes, 4 letters

One who knows the ten code, 4 letters

One who might call a state trooper a Smokey, 4 letters

One who might radio you not to break double nickel after seeing a Smokey, 4 letters

One who might report seeing a bear, 4 letters

One who uses ten-four as an affirmative, 4 letters

One who's driving on air?, 4 letters

One with 18 wheels and a handle, 4 letters

One with a handle, 4 letters

One with a handle behind the wheel?, 4 letters

One with buddies, 4 letters

One with ears on, 4 letters

One with good buddies?, 4 letters

Pers. with a handle?, 4 letters

Person at a steering wheel with a handle?, 4 letters

Person who changes lanes with a handle?, 4 letters

Radio buddy, 4 letters

Radio enthusiast, 4 letters

Radio good buddy, 4 letters

Radio operator, 4 letters

Radio personality?, 4 letters

Radio-active driver, 4 letters

Radio-active one, 4 letters

Radio-active sort?, 4 letters

Radio-active trucker, 4 letters

Radio-using trucker, 4 letters

Radioer on the road, 4 letters

Road breaker, 4 letters

Road ham, 4 letters

Road radioman, 4 letters

Roger that sayer, 4 letters

Rubber Duck, for one, 4 letters

Semi conductor?, 4 letters

Semi driver, at times, 4 letters

Semi driver, often, 4 letters

Semi-skilled talker?, 4 letters

She radios ahead, 4 letters

Smokey detector, 4 letters

Smokey spotter, 4 letters

Smokey spotter in a big rig, maybe, 4 letters

Speed trap foiler, maybe, 4 letters

Talkative trucker, 4 letters

Talking trucker, 4 letters

Talking trucker, sometimes, 4 letters

Ten code user, 4 letters

Ten-four sayer, 4 letters

Ten-four speaker, 4 letters

Traffic reporter, of a sort, 4 letters

Traffic reporter, you might say, 4 letters

Transmitting trucker, 4 letters

Truck-to-truck talker, 4 letters

Trucker at times, 4 letters

Trucker on the air, 4 letters

Trucker on the radio, 4 letters

Trucker operating a radio, e.g., 4 letters

Trucker who broadcasts, 4 letters

Trucker with a band?, 4 letters

Trucker with a handle, 4 letters

Trucker with a handle, for short, 4 letters

Trucker with a radio, 4 letters

Trucker with a transmitter, 4 letters

Trucker, often, 4 letters

Trucker, perhaps, 4 letters

Trucker, sometimes, 4 letters

Trucker, when communicating, 4 letters

Trucker's good buddy, 4 letters

Turnpike talker, maybe, 4 letters

Group of radio users making music together?, 13 letters

Chatters on the road, 5 letters

Good buddies, 5 letters

Good buddies on the highway, 5 letters

Good buddies on the radio, 5 letters

Good buddies on the road, 5 letters

Good buddies with handles, 5 letters

Good buddies, so to speak, 5 letters

Good buddy broadcasters, 5 letters

Ham radio enthusiasts, 5 letters

Handle holders, 5 letters

Haulers with handles, 5 letters

Highway chatters, 5 letters

Many talkative truckers, 5 letters

Many teamsters, 5 letters

Many truckers, 5 letters

Mighty convoy truckers, in song, 5 letters

Most truckers, 5 letters

Ones with handles, 5 letters

People with handles, 5 letters

Radio-active ones, 5 letters

Radio-active truckers, 5 letters

Smokey observers, 5 letters

Some breakers, 5 letters

Some radio buffs, 5 letters

Some radio users, 5 letters

Some truckers, 5 letters

Talkative truckers?, 5 letters

Ten code talkers, 5 letters

Ten code users, 5 letters

They have their ears on, 5 letters

They like trucks, 5 letters

They report bear sightings, 5 letters

They use 10-codes, 5 letters

They're radio-active, 5 letters

Traveling speakers, 5 letters

Truckers on the air, 5 letters

Truckers with handles, 5 letters

Truckers, at times, 5 letters

Truckers, often, 5 letters

Truckers, perhaps, 5 letters

Truckers, usually, 5 letters

Turnpike breakers, 5 letters

Turnpike talkers, 5 letters

The ___ his language when talking with female truckers, 9 letters

U.K. honorees, 4 letters

Bowery club now occupied by a clothing boutique, 4 letters

Bygone N.Y.C. punk club, 4 letters

Defunct NYC punk club, 4 letters

Famed NYC punk rock club, 4 letters

Former Hilly Kristal club in the Bowery, 4 letters

Legendary NYC club that's now an expensive clothing boutique, 4 letters

Major US punk club of the 1970s, 4 letters

Manhattan music club whose awning had the acronym OMFUG on it, 4 letters

NYC club mentioned in Talking Heads' Life During Wartime, 4 letters

NYC club whose final performance was by Patti Smith on October 15, 2006, 4 letters

NYC punk club from 1973 to 2006, 4 letters

Old N.Y.C. club said to be the birthplace of punk, 4 letters

Venue Ramones used to rock, 4 letters

Where the Ramones often headlined, 4 letters

Legendary N.Y.C. club that launched punk rock, 5 letters

Legendary NYC club whose last concert was Patti Smith, 5 letters

Poor example?, 12 letters

Asian theater of World War II, 3 letters

Northern Hemisphere bird, 5 letters

Defeater of War Admiral in a 1938 match race, 8 letters

The 700 Club co., 3 letters

Ensemble, 3 letters

Federal agcy. that doesn't score speeches, according to director Douglas Elmendorf, 3 letters

Federal legislation-analysis agcy., 3 letters

Where puts and calls trade in IL, 4 letters

Windy City trading site: abbr., 4 letters

Explorer at Labrador in 1497, 4 letters

Big rig's communication device (1,1,5), 7 letters

Breaker's gadget, 7 letters

Communication device on The Dukes of Hazzard, 7 letters

Convoy communication, 7 letters

Inspiration for the 1976 hit single Convoy, 7 letters

It requires a handle, 7 letters

Medium for good buddies, 7 letters

Medium that uses ten-codes, 7 letters

One may have a handle on it, 7 letters

Semi communicator, 7 letters

Source of a large, colorful lingo, 7 letters

Subject of some FCC regulations, 7 letters

Trucker talker, 7 letters

You might have a handle on it, 7 letters

Truckers' devices, 8 letters

Minutes net, 3 letters

___ News Sunday Morning, 3 letters

'60 Minutes' broadcaster, 3 letters

'60 Minutes' network, 3 letters

'Becker' broadcaster, 3 letters

'CSI: NY' network, 3 letters

'CSI' airer, 3 letters

'Dennis the Menace' airer on old TV, 3 letters

'Everybody Loves Raymond' network, 3 letters

'Face the Nation' network, 3 letters

'Good buddies use them', 3 letters

'JAG' broadcaster, 3 letters

'NCIS' airer, 3 letters

'Survivor' airer, 3 letters

'Survivor' network, 3 letters

'The Early Show' broadcaster, 3 letters

'The Eye Network', 3 letters

'The Late Show' shower, 3 letters

'Yes, Dear' network, 3 letters

$#!* My Dad Says network, 3 letters

2 Broke Girls channel, 3 letters

2000 Viacom acquisition, 3 letters

2000 Viacom purchase, 3 letters

2004 Super Bowl presenter, 3 letters

48 Hours network, 3 letters

60 Minutes airer, 3 letters

60 Minutes II network, 3 letters

A major broadcaster, 3 letters

A major network, 3 letters

A network, 3 letters

A rival of ABC, 3 letters

ABC competitor, 3 letters

ABC rival, 3 letters

All in the Family network, 3 letters

Amazing Race airer, 3 letters

America's Most Watched Network, 3 letters

Andrew Heyward runs its news division, 3 letters

As the World Turns network, 3 letters

Becker network, 3 letters

Becker's channel, 3 letters

Big Brother airer, 3 letters

Big Brother broadcaster, 3 letters

Big rig devices, often, 3 letters

Bob Schieffer's network, 3 letters

Breakers communicate with them, 3 letters

Breakers, sometimes, 3 letters

Breakers' equipment, 3 letters

Broadcasting org., 3 letters

C.S.I. network, 3 letters

C.S.I.: Miami carrier, 3 letters

Cab fixtures, 3 letters

Certain broadcasting co., 3 letters

Channel network, 3 letters

Chicago Hope network, 3 letters

City of Angels network, 3 letters

Cold Case network, 3 letters

Company in The Insider, 3 letters

Convoy communicators, 3 letters

Corp. with an eye logo, 3 letters

Couch potato option, 3 letters

Couric's employer, 3 letters

Couric's network, 3 letters

Couric's outfit, 3 letters

Craig Ferguson's network, 3 letters

Criminal Minds airer, 3 letters

Criminal Minds network, 3 letters

Cronkite's network, 3 letters

CSI: Miami network, 3 letters

CSI: NY airer, 3 letters

D. Letterman's network, 3 letters

Dallas network, 3 letters

Dan Rather's base, 3 letters

Dan Rather's employer, 3 letters

Dan Rather's network, 3 letters

David Letterman's network, 3 letters

Diagnosis: Murder network, 3 letters

Doris Day Show network, 3 letters

Ed Bradley's network, 3 letters

Edward R. Murrow's employer, 3 letters

Entertainment Tonight network, 3 letters

Everybody there loves Raymond, 3 letters

Eye channel, 3 letters

Eye net, 3 letters

Eye network, 3 letters

Face the Nation airer, 3 letters

Face the Nation carrier, 3 letters

Former Manhattan punk music club, familiarly, 3 letters

Former Reach for the stars sloganeer, 3 letters

Former We've got the touch sloganeer, 3 letters

Former Welcome home sloganeer, 3 letters

FOX competitor, 3 letters

FOX rival, 3 letters

Go there for 60 Minutes, 3 letters

Good buddies' gear, 3 letters

Good buddies' radios, 3 letters

Guiding Light airer, 3 letters

Gunsmoke appeared on it, 3 letters

Gunsmoke network, 3 letters

Gunsmoke shower, 3 letters

Hack network, 3 letters

Handles are needed to work them, 3 letters

Handles are used on them, 3 letters

Hard Copy studio, 3 letters

Hawaii Five-0 network, 3 letters

Hawaii Five-O airer, 3 letters

Hawaii Five-O broadcaster, 3 letters

Home of 'The Early Show' and 'The Late Show', 3 letters

How I Met Your Mother network, 3 letters

I Love Lucy appeared on it, 3 letters

It airs 'CSI', 3 letters

It has '60 Minutes', 3 letters

It has an eye on the tube, 3 letters

It has an eye on TV, 3 letters

It keeps an eye on TV, 3 letters

It lured Dave away, 3 letters

It lured Letterman, 3 letters

It merged with Viacom in 1999, 3 letters

It's all here sloganeer, once, 3 letters

It's headquartered in Black Rock, 3 letters

It's luring young viewers with Survivor, 3 letters

Items used by good buddies, 3 letters

Its eye is on TV, 3 letters

Its logo features an eye, 3 letters

Its logo is an eye on the tube, 3 letters

Its logo watches you, 3 letters

JAG's home, 3 letters

JAG's original home, 3 letters

Jericho network, 3 letters

Joan of Arcadia network, 3 letters

Judge Judy carrier, 3 letters

Judging Amy network, 3 letters

Katie Couric's employer, 3 letters

Katie Couric's network, 3 letters

Katie's home, 3 letters

Let's Make a Deal network, 3 letters

Letterman employer, 3 letters

Letterman letters, 3 letters

Letterman locale, 3 letters

Letterman's home, 3 letters

Letterman's letters, now, 3 letters

Letterman's net, 3 letters

Letterman's turf, 3 letters

Letters for a Letterman, 3 letters

M*A*S*H network, 3 letters

Major American network, 3 letters

Major broadcaster, 3 letters

Major network, 3 letters

Major network initials, 3 letters

Major TV network, 3 letters

March Madness network, 3 letters

MarketWatch network, 3 letters

Memorial Tournament airers, 3 letters

Mike & Molly broadcaster, 3 letters

Mike & Molly channel, 3 letters

Murder, She Wrote airer, 3 letters

Murder, She Wrote network, 3 letters

Murphy Brown network, 3 letters

Murrow's network, 3 letters

Nagano Olympics network, 3 letters

Nat. network, 3 letters

Natl. TV network, 3 letters

NCIS network, 3 letters

Network, 3 letters

Network for 60 Minutes, 3 letters

Network initials, 3 letters

Network inits., 3 letters

Network letters, 3 letters

Network letters for Letterman, 3 letters

Network that canceled Cold Case, 3 letters

Network that's airing part of the 2000 Masters, 3 letters

Network to keep an eye on, 3 letters

Network with a large eye, 3 letters

Network with an eye, 3 letters

Network with an eye logo, 3 letters

Network with an eye-con, 3 letters

NFC network 1970-93, 3 letters

Nielsen letters, 3 letters

Numb3ers network, 3 letters

Numb3rs airer, 3 letters

Numb3rs letters, 3 letters

One of the TV networks, 3 letters

One-time owner of the Yankees, 3 letters

Onetime Paley net, 3 letters

Original I Love Lucy airer, 3 letters

Paley's network, 3 letters

Paley's org., 3 letters

Password network, 3 letters

Paul Shaffer's employer, 3 letters

Person of Interest channel, 3 letters

Place to go for 60 Minutes, 3 letters

Radios for good buddies?, 3 letters

Radios in rigs, 3 letters

Rather's employer, 3 letters

Rather's net, 3 letters

Rather's network, 3 letters

Rather's ntwk., 3 letters

Rather's workplace, 3 letters

Raymond's network, 3 letters

Record group Sony acquired in '88, 3 letters

Remote stop?, 3 letters

Rescue 911 network, 3 letters

Rig devices, 3 letters

Rig radios, 3 letters

Rig radios, for short, 3 letters

Rooney's network, 3 letters

Safer employer, 3 letters

Safer network, 3 letters

Safer working environment?, 3 letters

Safer workplace, 3 letters

Semi conductor's devices, 3 letters

Semi professionals use them, 3 letters

Semi radios, 3 letters

Setting for The Good Wife, 3 letters

Showtime's parent company, 3 letters

Simon & Schuster's parent, 3 letters

SportsLine airer (abbr.), 3 letters

SportsLine net, 3 letters

Survivor home, 3 letters

Survivor station, 3 letters

Survivor: Pearl Islands network, 3 letters

Survivor's showcase?, 3 letters

The Amazing Race airer, 3 letters

The Amazing Race broadcaster, 3 letters

The Amazing Race network, 3 letters

The Big Bang Theory channel, 3 letters

The Big Bang Theory network, 3 letters

The Dukes of Hazzard network, 3 letters

The Early Show airer, 3 letters

The Ed Sullivan Show network, 3 letters

The Eye, 3 letters

The eye in broadcasting, 3 letters

The Fugitive network, now, 3 letters

The Good Wife network, 3 letters

The Guiding Light airer, 3 letters

The Jackie Gleason Show network, 3 letters

The Jackie Gleason Show shower, 3 letters

The King of Queens airer, 3 letters

The Nanny network, 3 letters

The Price Is Right airer, 3 letters

The Price Is Right network, 3 letters

The Price Is Right network since 1972, 3 letters

The so-called Tiffany Network, 3 letters

The Unit airer, 3 letters

Their eye is on TV, 3 letters

Their users have handles, 3 letters

They're handled by people with handles, 3 letters

Things used in semi circles?, 3 letters

Touched By an Angel network, 3 letters

Trucker trackers, 3 letters

Truckers use them, 3 letters

TV broadcaster with an eye, 3 letters

TV call letters, 3 letters

TV Guide listing, 3 letters

TV initials, 3 letters

TV network letters, 3 letters

TV network with an eye, 3 letters

TV network with an eye logo, 3 letters

TV network with the reality show Pirate Master, 3 letters

TV powerhouse, 3 letters

TV/record company, 3 letters

Two and a Half Men network, 3 letters

Two-way devices for semi conductors, 3 letters

Two-way radios, 3 letters

Ultimate Survivor winner?, 3 letters

UPN rival, 3 letters

Viacom subsidiary, 3 letters

W. Paley presided here, 3 letters

Walter Cronkite's network, 3 letters

Walter Cronkite's old boss, 3 letters

To whom Dan Rather reports, 8 letters

48 Hours producer, 7 letters

60 Minutes producer, 7 letters

It keeps an eye on what's going on, 7 letters

Katie Couric's employer, 7 letters

Rather beat?, 7 letters

Rather's milieu, 7 letters

Scott Pelley's employer, 7 letters

Scott Pelley's workplace, 7 letters

See It Now producer of 1950s TV, 7 letters

The Twentieth Century producer, 7 letters

TV reporting choice, 7 letters

Viacom division, 7 letters

Follow-up series to See It Now, 10 letters

Home of The NFL Today, 9 letters

Masters TV venue since 1956, 9 letters

Where to see Colts and Broncos, 9 letters

'48 Hours' broadcaster, 5 letters

'CSI' broadcaster, 5 letters

'Face the Nation' airer, 5 letters

'Survivor' broadcaster, 5 letters

$550,000 fine payer of 2004, 5 letters

60 Minutes home, 5 letters

60 Minutes network, briefly, 5 letters

60 Minutes venue, 5 letters

Cold Case airer, 5 letters

CSI venue, 5 letters

CSI: NY network, 5 letters

Dr. Phil broadcaster, 5 letters

Dr. Phil venue, 5 letters

Gary Unmarried channel, 5 letters

Home of Sunday Morning, 5 letters

How I Met Your Mother network, 5 letters

I Love Lucy venue, 5 letters

It has an eye logo, 5 letters

Joan of Arcadia airer, 5 letters

Letterman airer, 5 letters

Letterman's employer, 5 letters

Letterman's letters?, 5 letters

NCIS network, 5 letters

Network with an eye logo, 5 letters

Survivor network, 5 letters

The Amazing Race network, 5 letters

The Amazing Race venue, 5 letters

The Mentalist airer, 5 letters

The Mentalist broadcaster, 5 letters

The Unit HQ, 5 letters

Where CSI: NY is seen, 5 letters

Where to find 60 Minutes, 5 letters

Where to watch CSI: Miami, 5 letters

William Paley's realm, 5 letters

Intimate, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..