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Acronym for mad cow disease, 3 буквы

Educ. degree, 3 буквы

Mad cow disease, 3 буквы

Mad cow disease letters, 3 буквы

Mad cow disease, for short, 3 буквы

Mad Cow Disease, initially, 3 буквы

Teacher's deg., 3 буквы

Three-letter acronym aka Mad Cow Disease, 3 буквы

A fatal disease of cattle that affects the central nervous system, 3 буквы

Causes staggering and agitation, 3 буквы

Popular vacation locale, 4 буквы

2005 Richard Gere film, 7 букв

Excellent viewing spot, 5 букв

Good place from which to watch a game, 5 букв

Certain col. deg., 4 буквы

Blew hot air, 4 буквы

Coll. degree, 4 буквы

Pretended to know a lot, briefly, 4 буквы

Spoke above one's pay grade, 4 буквы

Spoke with false authority, 4 буквы

Talked a big game, for short, 4 буквы

Talked beyond one's expertise, as it were, 4 буквы

Talked confidently beyond one's expertise, 4 буквы

Teacher-to-be's deg., 4 буквы

Teacher's deg., 4 буквы

Teaching deg., 4 буквы

Teaching degree, 4 буквы

Told a total lie, 4 буквы

Caltech deg., 4 буквы

Certain MIT deg., 4 буквы

MIT deg., 4 буквы

Technical degree, 4 буквы

Pet shop bagful, 5 букв

MIT grad, 5 букв

One who can't dazzle with brilliance, for short, 4 буквы

Mazda pickup line, 7 букв

Mazda truck models, 7 букв

Old Mazda pickup line, 7 букв

Truth-benders (slang), 5 букв

Record collection, 4 буквы

Mark your card!, 6 букв

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