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10-speed ride, 4 letters

10-speed, e.g., 4 letters

10-year-old's transportation, 4 letters

A two-wheeler, for short, 4 letters

Armstrong transport, 4 letters

Armstrong's ride, 4 letters

Breaking away transport, 4 letters

Certain Honda, 4 letters

Chopper, 4 letters

Common transport, 4 letters

Critical Mass vehicle, 4 letters

Cycle, 4 letters

Equipment for Lance Armstrong, 4 letters

Exercise device, 4 letters

Harley or Honda, 4 letters

Harley, for one, 4 letters

Hog, 4 letters

Hog, on the road, 4 letters

Hog, so to speak, 4 letters

Human-powered vehicle, 4 letters

It may have training wheels, 4 letters

It's human-powered, 4 letters

Item peddled by a spokesperson?, 4 letters

Kid transport, 4 letters

Kind of messenger, 4 letters

Kind of race in which the leader breaks the wind, 4 letters

Lance Armstrong's pride, 4 letters

Lemond's wheels, 4 letters

Messenger's vehicle, 4 letters

Moped, e.g., 4 letters

Motorcyclist's hog, 4 letters

Mountain ___, 4 letters

Mountain ride, 4 letters

Mountain transport, 4 letters

Pedal, 4 letters

Peloton racer, 4 letters

Preteen's vehicle, 4 letters

Prop for Lance Armstrong, 4 letters

Pumped ride, 4 letters

School bus alternative, 4 letters

Teener's transport, 4 letters

Ten-speed, 4 letters

Ten-speed ride, 4 letters

Ten-speed, e.g., 4 letters

Thing you can pop a wheelie on, 4 letters

Tour de France need, 4 letters

Tour de France racer, 4 letters

Tour de France requirement, 4 letters

Tour de France ride, 4 letters

Tour de France vehicle, 4 letters

Transportation for Pee-Wee Herman, 4 letters

Travel like Lance Armstrong, 4 letters

Triathlete's need, 4 letters

Triathlon need, 4 letters

Triathlon vehicle, 4 letters

Triathloner's need, 4 letters

Twelve-speed, 4 letters

Two ___wheeler, 4 letters

Two-wheeled vehicle, 4 letters

Use a ten-speed, 4 letters

Velodrome vehicle, 4 letters

What Floyd rode on Piper at the Gates of Dawn, 4 letters

What might take a stand outside a school?, 4 letters

Word after mountain or dirt, 4 letters

Word with dirt, trail, or mountain, 4 letters

X Games gear, 4 letters

You can pop a wheelie on one, 4 letters

You might get it in gear, 4 letters

A motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame, 4 letters

A cycle that has two wheels, 4 letters

Moved by foot pedals, 4 letters

Can it be kid traveled thus?, 5 letters

Competed in a velodrome, 5 letters

Competed in the Giro d'Italia, 5 letters

Competed in the Tour de France, 5 letters

Did part of a triathlon, 5 letters

Enjoyed a trail, 5 letters

Pedaled, 5 letters

Rode a Schwinn, e.g., 5 letters

Rode a ten-speed, for example, 5 letters

Rode, in a way, 5 letters

Took off on two wheels, 5 letters

Took the Schwinn, 5 letters

Trained with LeMond, 5 letters

Traveled by tandem, 5 letters

Used a tandem, 5 letters

Used the Schwinn, 5 letters

Used the velodrome, 5 letters

Went by Raleigh, say, 5 letters

Gear for many gear changers, 11 letters

(missing clue), 5 letters

Actor from Vienna, 5 letters

Actor Theodore, 5 letters

Actor-folk singer from Vienna, 5 letters

Austrian-born actor-singer, 5 letters

Entertainer Theodore, 5 letters

Folk singer, Theodore, 5 letters

Singer-actor Theodore, 5 letters

Tevye portrayer Theodore, 5 letters

Theodore in The African Queen, 5 letters

Theodore of Broadway's The Sound of Music, 5 letters

Theodore of My Fair Lady, 5 letters

Theodore of The Defiant Ones, 5 letters

Veteran performer Theodore, 5 letters

Safe place for cyclists, 8 letters

Spirited section of a road, 8 letters

Bad places to drive, 9 letters

It's put on the rack, 8 letters

Schwinn guards, 9 letters

Cyclists' route, 8 letters

Dirt trail in a park, 8 letters

Pedaler's place, 8 letters

Place where you might get taken for a ride, 8 letters

Route for a Schwinn, 8 letters

Route through a park, maybe, 8 letters

Safe place for a cyclist, 8 letters

Routes for two-wheelers, 9 letters

Certain exerciser, 5 letters

Certain gang member, 5 letters

Cycle enthusiast, 5 letters

Cycle rider, 5 letters

Cyclist, 5 letters

Gang member, maybe, 5 letters

Greg LeMond, for one, 5 letters

Harley owner, 5 letters

Harley rider, 5 letters

Harley-Davidson rider, 5 letters

Hell's Angel, 5 letters

Hell's Angel, e.g., 5 letters

Hell's Angels member, 5 letters

Helmet wearer, 5 letters

Hog enthusiast, 5 letters

Hog lover?, 5 letters

Hog man, 5 letters

Hog owner, 5 letters

Hog rider, 5 letters

Just one of the gang?, 5 letters

Leather jacket wearer, 5 letters

Mad Max extra, 5 letters

Mad Max villain, 5 letters

Man on a hog, 5 letters

Motorcycle owner, 5 letters

Motorcycle rider, 5 letters

One on a motorcycle, 5 letters

One on two wheels, 5 letters

One pedaling, 5 letters

One using a velodrome, 5 letters

Pedal pusher?, 5 letters

Slang term for chopper rider, 5 letters

Sturgis Rally goer, 5 letters

Sturgis visitor, 5 letters

The Wild One extra, 5 letters

Tour de France entrant, 5 letters

Tour de France participant, 5 letters

Yamaha customer, 5 letters

Tour de France, e.g., 8 letters

Tour-de-France, for one, 8 letters

Triathlon part, informally, 8 letters

Velodrome competitions, 9 letters

Hog hullabaloo?, 10 letters

Hangout where you might see a lot of hogs, 8 letters

Two-wheeler excursion, 8 letters

Motorcycle club wear, 11 letters

Tour de France layout, 9 letters

Cyclists, 6 letters

Easy Rider heroes, 6 letters

Harley folks, 6 letters

Harley riders, 6 letters

Hell's Angels e.g., 6 letters

Hell's Angels members, 6 letters

Hog lovers, 6 letters

Motorcyclists, 6 letters

Pedal pushers, 6 letters

Some Angels, 6 letters

Some gang members, 6 letters

Some riders, 6 letters

Sturgis Rally goers, 6 letters

Yamaha users, 6 letters

Were largely unskilled manual laborers, 6 letters

Originally a British youth subculture that evolved out of the teddy boys in the 1960s, 6 letters

Wore black leather jackets and jeans and boots, 6 letters

Had greased hair and rode motorcycles and listened to rock'n'roll, 6 letters

13 motorcycles?, 11 letters

Thirteen Harleys?, 11 letters

___ Peak, 5 letters

Breaking Away transports, 5 letters

Carriers for spokespersons?, 5 letters

Choppers, 5 letters

Common campus transportation, 5 letters

Cycles, 5 letters

Exercise room lineup, 5 letters

Exercises outdoors, 5 letters

Gym array, 5 letters

Gym lineup, 5 letters

Harleys and Schwinns, 5 letters

Items in a rack, 5 letters

Items sold by spokespeople?, 5 letters

Pedals, 5 letters

Rides on two wheels, 5 letters

Schwinns, e.g., 5 letters

Six-day race vehicles, 5 letters

Some exercise equipment, 5 letters

Tandems, 5 letters

They come with or without motors, 5 letters

Tour de France needs, 5 letters

Tours on a ten-speed, 5 letters

Transportation featured in Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls, 5 letters

Treks and Schwinns, 5 letters

Triathlon needs, 5 letters

Two-wheeled vehicles, 5 letters

Two-wheelers, 5 letters

Uses the really slow lane, 5 letters

Velodrome racers, 5 letters

Velodrome vehicles, 5 letters

Wheels, for short*, 5 letters

Specialized seat, 10 letters

Pointed front of a two-wheeler?, 9 letters

Place to pick up a Schwinn, 8 letters

Place to purchase a Schwinn, 8 letters

Store for some helmet wearers, 8 letters

Lance Armstrong foundation?, 9 letters

No-car route, 6 letters

Pedal through London's theatre district?, 15 letters

Recreational thoroughfare, 7 letters

Road endings, 15 letters

Snake on a Schwinn?, 11 letters

___ wax, 6 letters

...yellow polka dot ___, 6 letters

Alluring beachwear, 6 letters

Barely-there beachwear, 6 letters

Bathing suit variety, 6 letters

Beach attraction, 6 letters

Beach wear, 6 letters

Beachwear item, 6 letters

Breif suit, 6 letters

Brief beach wear, 6 letters

Common Vegas poolside sight, 6 letters

Divided suit, 6 letters

Historic atoll, 6 letters

How To Stuff a Wild ___ (1965), 6 letters

In song, it's itsy-bitsy and teenie-weenie, 6 letters

Ipanema wear, 6 letters

It allows a tummy tan, 6 letters

It has a top and a bottom, 6 letters

It has two pieces, 6 letters

It has two pieces, top and bottom, 6 letters

It's itsy-bitsy and teenie-weenie in song, 6 letters

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot ___, 6 letters

Kind of wax, 6 letters

Marshall island atoll, 6 letters

Noted test site, 6 letters

Photo shoot bathing suit, 6 letters

Resort wear, 6 letters

Revealing beachwear, 6 letters

Revealing suit, 6 letters

Scant covering, 6 letters

Scanty bathing suit, 6 letters

Scanty panty, 6 letters

Sexy beachwear, 6 letters

Sexy suit, 6 letters

Skimpy beachwear, 6 letters

Skimpy covering, 6 letters

Skimpy suit, 6 letters

Small suit, 6 letters

Small swimsuit, 6 letters

Split suit, 6 letters

String ___, 6 letters

Suit named for an atoll, 6 letters

Suit or atoll, 6 letters

Summer suit, 6 letters

Tan line cause, 6 letters

Two-piece, 6 letters

Two-piece bathing suit, 6 letters

Two-piece suit, 6 letters

Two-piece suit of a sort, 6 letters

Two-piece wear, 6 letters

Two-piece, maybe, 6 letters

Wear for some contests, 6 letters

A woman's abbreviated two-piece bathing suit, 6 letters

1946 atomic bomb test site, 11 letters

Atomic bomb test site of 1946, 11 letters

Early A-bomb test site, 11 letters

It's uninhabited pending a U.S. government cleanup effort, 11 letters

Marshall Islands locale, 11 letters

Micronesian locale uninhabited for over 50 years, 11 letters

1964 Avalon/Funicello musical comedy, 11 letters

1964 Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello musical comedy, 11 letters

Beach sport?, 12 letters

Where SpongeBob SquarePants lives, 12 letters

One whose shots reveal lots, 11 letters

Brief suits, 7 letters

Duds for minimalists?, 7 letters

Scanty suits, 7 letters

Some beachwear, 7 letters

Some beachwear or underwear, 7 letters

Suits introduced by engineer Louis R, 7 letters

Sunning choices, 7 letters

Tanning attire, 7 letters

They have a top and a bottom, but no middle, 7 letters

Tops and bottoms, 7 letters

Two-piece suits, 7 letters

Cause of some tan lines, 9 letters

Halter, perhaps, 9 letters

Suit part, 9 letters

Two-piece part, 9 letters

Two-piece piece, 9 letters

End of a beach fad?, 10 letters

Summer salon service, for some, 9 letters

Sunbather's depilatory, 9 letters

1960s-'70s anti-apartheid activist Steve, 4 letters

1987 Oscar-nominated role for Denzel Washington, 4 letters

Anti-apartheid icon Steve, 4 letters

Anti-apartheid activist Stephen, 4 letters

Black Consciousness Movement co-founder, 4 letters

Cry Freedom subject, 4 letters

Late Steve of South Africa, 4 letters

Peter Gabriel song about a slain anti-Apartheid activist, 4 letters

Peter Gabriel song about a South African hero, 4 letters

Peter Gabriel song about an anti-apartheid activist, 4 letters

Peter Gabriel tribute, 4 letters

South African Cry Freedom activist Stephen, 4 letters

South African remembered in song by Peter Gabriel, 4 letters

Steve of South Africa, 4 letters

Steven ___, real-life subject of the 1987 film Cry Freedom, 4 letters

Steven ___, subject of Cry Freedom, 4 letters

Late anti-apartheid leader and family, 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..