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Commanded, 6 letters

Invited, 6 letters

Auction attendee, 6 letters

Auction participant, 6 letters

Bridge player, at times, 6 letters

Car-auction participant, 6 letters

eBay customer, 6 letters

eBay user, perhaps, 6 letters

Nodding one, sometimes, 6 letters

North, perhaps, 6 letters

One in action at an auction, 6 letters

Paddle holder at an auction, 6 letters

Sotheby's patron, 6 letters

Sotheby's visitor, 6 letters

Someone who makes an offer, 6 letters

Someone who makes a bid at cards, 6 letters

Why the eBay user was laid up?, 10 letters

Competitors on eBay?, 15 letters

Future buyers, 7 letters

Hand raisers, at times, 7 letters

Annoying old ladies, 7 letters

Fussbudgets, 7 letters

Hens, 7 letters

Young chicks, 7 letters

Auction activities, 8 letters

Auction action, 10 letters

Auction duel, 10 letters

Competition for a hot manuscript, 10 letters

Site of a hospital auction?, 11 letters

Brideshead Revisited author at an auction?, 12 letters

Mayflower Madam Sydney ___ Barrows, 6 letters

Cackler, 5 letters

Fussbudget, 5 letters

Fussy old woman, 5 letters

Fussy type, 5 letters

Hatchling, 5 letters

Hen, 5 letters

Adult female chicken, 5 letters

Young bird especially of domestic fowl, 5 letters

Jazz tribute to farm moms?, 11 letters

Cluck cluck?, 13 letters

Invoke upon, 7 letters

Make a serious effort to attain something, 7 letters

Make a demand in card games, as for a card or a suit or a show of hands, 7 letters

Ask for or request earnestly, 7 letters

Propose a payment, 7 letters

(bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing to contract to make, 7 letters

A request to be present, 7 letters

An authoritative direction or instruction to do something, 7 letters

Ask someone in a friendly way to do something, 7 letters

As at sales or auctions, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..