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___ Rose, 3 letters

Bandmate of Slash, 3 letters

First name in metal, 3 letters

Guns N' Roses frontman Rose, 3 letters

Guns N' Roses leader Rose, 3 letters

Guns N' Roses rocker ___ Rose, 3 letters

Guns N' Roses singer Rose, 3 letters

Guns N' Roses' Rose, 3 letters

Paradise City rocker Rose, 3 letters

Rock singer ___ Rose, 3 letters

Rock singer Rose who's been working on Chinese Democracy for over a decade, 3 letters

Rock-musician Rose, 3 letters

Rock's ___ Rose, 3 letters

Rocker Rose of Guns N' Roses, 3 letters

Rocking Rose, 3 letters

Rose born William Bruce, 3 letters

Rose of Guns N' Roses, 3 letters

Rose of Los Angeles, 3 letters

Rose of rock, 3 letters

Rose of rock fame, 3 letters

Rose of song, 3 letters

Rose on the charts 20 years ago?, 3 letters

Rose on the charts, a while back, 3 letters

Rose on the charts, in the 1980-90s, 3 letters

Rose on the charts, once, 3 letters

Rose on the music charts?, 3 letters

Rose that blossomed in the late '80s, 3 letters

Rose that may not smell sweet?, 3 letters

Rose that's not too pretty, 3 letters

Rose the rocker, 3 letters

Rose who rose to fame in the 1980s, 3 letters

Rose who rose to fame in the late '80s, 3 letters

Rose who started a band with Tracii Guns in 1985, 3 letters

Rose who turns 50 in February, 3 letters

Rose whose band formed twenty-three years ago, 3 letters

Singer ___ Rose, 3 letters

Singer Rose of Guns N' Roses, 3 letters

Slash's bandmate, 3 letters

Slash's old bandmate, 3 letters

Sweet Child O' Mine singer Rose, 3 letters

The name of the Rose?, 3 letters

William Bruce Rose's nom de rock, 3 letters

___ grease, 4 letters

___ tree: cart bar, 4 letters

A semi lacks a front one, 4 letters

A unicycle has one, 4 letters

Assembly line add-on, 4 letters

Assembly line add-on, perhaps, 4 letters

Aussie Whitehead, 4 letters

Auto bar, 4 letters

Auto shaft, 4 letters

Auto-shop shaft, 4 letters

Automobile shaft, 4 letters

Bar between Pirellis, 4 letters

Bar between wheels, 4 letters

Bar in a car, 4 letters

Bar on a bus, 4 letters

Bar on a limo, 4 letters

Bar under the car, 4 letters

Bar whose end is covered by a hubcap, 4 letters

Bike feature, 4 letters

Bridge toll unit, 4 letters

Car bar, 4 letters

Car rod, 4 letters

Car shaft, 4 letters

Car wheel shaft, 4 letters

Car-toll unit, often, 4 letters

Car-wheel connector, 4 letters

Carriage part, 4 letters

Cart part, 4 letters

Cart spindle, 4 letters

Cartwheel connection, 4 letters

Cartwheel spinner, 4 letters

Certain shaft, 4 letters

Chassis attachment, 4 letters

Chassis component, 4 letters

Chassis part, 4 letters

Chassis rod, 4 letters

Chevy shaft, 4 letters

Connecting rod, 4 letters

Connection between two hubs, 4 letters

Connection for some big wheels, 4 letters

Connector of wheels, 4 letters

Cotter pin's place, 4 letters

Crossbar, 4 letters

Device for rotating one's tires?, 4 letters

Differential attachment, 4 letters

Differential gear site, 4 letters

Differential part, 4 letters

Differential-gear locale, 4 letters

Disc brake adjoiner, 4 letters

Drive train component, 4 letters

Drive train element, 4 letters

Drive train rod, 4 letters

Drivetrain connection, 4 letters

Drivetrain part, 4 letters

Ferris-wheel part, 4 letters

Front or rear, on a car, 4 letters

Grease gun's target, 4 letters

Grease recipient, 4 letters

Grease target, 4 letters

Greasy bar, 4 letters

Greasy shaft, 4 letters

Highway toll unit, 4 letters

Hod-rod rod, 4 letters

Holds the wheels on, 4 letters

Hot rod's rod, 4 letters

Hub connection, 4 letters

It goes from wheel to wheel, 4 letters

It may be greased in a pit, 4 letters

It may have a linchpin, 4 letters

It may spin its wheels, 4 letters

It may turn a cartwheel, 4 letters

It spins its wheels, 4 letters

It's under the car, 4 letters

Joiner of wheels, 4 letters

Kind of grease, 4 letters

Kind of shaft, 4 letters

Kingpin connection, 4 letters

Leslie Fish Heart Like an ___, 4 letters

Limo bar?, 4 letters

Linchpin locale, 4 letters

Linchpin site, 4 letters

Linchpin spot, 4 letters

Linchpin's place, 4 letters

Linchpin's setting, 4 letters

Little Deuce Coop part?, 4 letters

Lubed shaft, 4 letters

Mandrel, 4 letters

Mechanical rod, 4 letters

Oiler's target, 4 letters

One of five on an eighteen-wheeler, 4 letters

One of two on a car, 4 letters

Part of a car's underpinning, 4 letters

Part of a chassis, 4 letters

Part of a gyroscope, 4 letters

Part of a wheelset, 4 letters

Place for grease, 4 letters

Pole between Pirellis, 4 letters

Power train connection, 4 letters

Power train target, 4 letters

Radio Flyer part, 4 letters

Railroad-car feature, 4 letters

Revolutionary car part?, 4 letters

Revolutionary device?, 4 letters

Revolutionary part of a car?, 4 letters

Rig part, 4 letters

Rig rod, 4 letters

Road rig rod, 4 letters

Roadster rod, 4 letters

Rod behind a hubcap, 4 letters

Rod between wheels, 4 letters

Rod for a hot rod, 4 letters

Rod in a car, 4 letters

Rod in a hot rod, 4 letters

Rod in a rod, 4 letters

Rod on a rig, 4 letters

Rod that holds tires, 4 letters

Rod that holds two wheels, 4 letters

Roll bar?, 4 letters

Rolling bar, 4 letters

Rolling pin, 4 letters

Rotating car part, 4 letters

Rotating shaft, 4 letters

Rotation device, 4 letters

Running gear component, 4 letters

Saturn bar, 4 letters

Saturn or Mercury feature, 4 letters

Saturn's rod?, 4 letters

Sedan shaft, 4 letters

Semi feature, 4 letters

Semi support, 4 letters

Shaft, 4 letters

Shaft behind a hubcap, 4 letters

Shaft between hubcaps, 4 letters

Shaft between the Zamboni's wheels, 4 letters

Shaft between wheels, 4 letters

Shaft from Detroit, 4 letters

Shaft in a car, 4 letters

Shaft of a wheel, 4 letters

Shaft on which a wheel rotates, 4 letters

Shaft on which wheel is mounted, 4 letters

Shaft under the floorboard, 4 letters

Sort of shaft, 4 letters

Spindle, 4 letters

Spinner in a turbine, 4 letters

Spinning part, 4 letters

Spot for cotter pins, 4 letters

Suburban bar, 4 letters

Support shaft, 4 letters

Supporting shaft, 4 letters

Tahoe bar, say, 4 letters

Target for a grease monkey, 4 letters

The wheel thing, 4 letters

Tire rotator, 4 letters

Toll road unit, 4 letters

Toll unit, 4 letters

Toll unit for trucks, 4 letters

Toll unit on a toll road, 4 letters

Toll unit, sometimes, 4 letters

Toll-road toll unit, 4 letters

Tool used for splitting has large crossbar (4), 4 letters

Tractor factor, 4 letters

Truck feature, 4 letters

Truck part, 4 letters

Truck toll unit, 4 letters

Trucker's toll unit, 4 letters

Turbine rod, 4 letters

Turbine turner, 4 letters

Turning point, 4 letters

Turnpike toll unit, 4 letters

Twin ___, 4 letters

Type of grease, 4 letters

Under-car bar, 4 letters

Undercarriage item, 4 letters

Undercarriage part, 4 letters

Undercarriage piece, 4 letters

Undercarriage unit, 4 letters

Vehicle's connecting rod, 4 letters

Wagon need, 4 letters

Wagon part, 4 letters

Wagon rod, 4 letters

Wagon-wheel attachment, 4 letters

What a drivetrain connects to, 4 letters

What a kingbolt connects to, 4 letters

Wheel and ___ (simple machine), 4 letters

Wheel assembly part, 4 letters

Wheel attachment, 4 letters

Wheel bar, 4 letters

Wheel base terminus, 4 letters

Wheel center, 4 letters

Wheel connector, 4 letters

Wheel contact, 4 letters

Wheel holder, 4 letters

Wheel mounting, 4 letters

Wheel pin, 4 letters

Wheel rod, 4 letters

Wheel rotator, 4 letters

Wheel shaft, 4 letters

Wheel site, 4 letters

Wheel spindle, 4 letters

Wheel spinner, 4 letters

Wheel support, 4 letters

Wheel thing, 4 letters

Wheel turner, 4 letters

Wheel-bearing rod, 4 letters

Wheel-connecting bar, 4 letters

Wheel-supporting shaft, 4 letters

Wheel-to-wheel connector, 4 letters

Wheel-to-wheel rod, 4 letters

Wheel-to-wheel shaft, 4 letters

Wheel's need, 4 letters

Wheelbarrow feature, 4 letters

Wheelbase measurement terminus, 4 letters

Wheels connection, 4 letters

Wheelset component, 4 letters

Wheelset piece, 4 letters

Where big wheels meet, 4 letters

Yo-yo part, 4 letters

A shaft on which a wheel rotates, 4 letters

Connected to a bar, 5 letters

Connected to a bar, as wheels, 5 letters

Connected, as truck wheels, 5 letters

Connected, as wheels, 5 letters

Having a supporting shaft, 5 letters

Having spindles, 5 letters

Like cars or trucks, 5 letters

Like some wheels, 5 letters

Two-___ vehicle, 5 letters

Auto-shop lubricant, 10 letters

It helps keep the wheels turning, 10 letters

Lube job supply, 10 letters

Mechanic's supply, 10 letters

Universal-joint application, 10 letters

Wheel goo, 10 letters

Place to get the shaft?, 9 letters

Part of an auto shaft, 7 letters

A wheelbase is the distance between them, 5 letters

Assembly line supply, 5 letters

Auto pair, 5 letters

Auto parts, 5 letters

Auto shafts, 5 letters

Automotive rods, 5 letters

Bars between wheels, 5 letters

Bars for mechanics, 5 letters

Bars on cars, 5 letters

Bars on wheels, 5 letters

Bearing bearers, 5 letters

Car bars, 5 letters

Car couple?, 5 letters

Car rods, 5 letters

Car shafts, 5 letters

Car-wheel connectors, 5 letters

Car's wheel bars, 5 letters

Chassis attachments, 5 letters

Connections for big wheels, 5 letters

Connections for car wheels, 5 letters

Drive train parts, 5 letters

Eighteen-wheeler's bunch, 5 letters

Grease targets, 5 letters

Highway toll units, 5 letters

Hot rod rods, 5 letters

Hubcap adjoiners, 5 letters

Linchpins' places, 5 letters

Mini bars, 5 letters

Radio Flyer pair, 5 letters

Rods between wheels, 5 letters

Rods on rigs, 5 letters

Rods with wheels, 5 letters

Saturn bars, 5 letters

Semi bars, 5 letters

Semi shafts, 5 letters

Semi supports, 5 letters

Shafts, 5 letters

Some toll units, 5 letters

Spindles, 5 letters

Steering aids, 5 letters

Tandem twosomes, 5 letters

They help keep the wheels turning, 5 letters

They keep the wheels turning, 5 letters

Toll units, 5 letters

Turning points, 5 letters

Turnpike toll count, 5 letters

Turnpike toll determinant, 5 letters

Turnpike toll units, 5 letters

Ubolt go-withs, 5 letters

Undercarriage parts, 5 letters

Vehicular bars, 5 letters

Wagon parts, 5 letters

Wagon shafts, 5 letters

Weigh station count, 5 letters

Wheel bars, 5 letters

Wheel connectors, 5 letters

Wheel holders, 5 letters

Wheel rods, 5 letters

Wheel shafts, 5 letters

Wheel supports, 5 letters

Wheel turners, 5 letters

Wheel-wheel links, 5 letters

Wheelbase termini, 5 letters

Wheels turn on them, 5 letters

Pontiac part, 9 letters

Cart's wheel attachment, 8 letters

Wheel's attachment on a horse-drawn cart, 8 letters

A dead axle on a carriage or wagon that has terminal spindles on which the wheel revolve, 8 letters

'Welcome to the Jungle' vocalist, 7 letters

Bandmate of Slash, 7 letters

Frontman on the 1987 debut album Appetite for Destruction, 7 letters

Frontman on the 2008 rock album Chinese Democracy, 7 letters

Guns N' Roses leader, 7 letters

Paradise City rocker, 7 letters

Paradise City singer, 7 letters

Patience vocalist, 7 letters

Rock singer born William Bailey, 7 letters

Rock star's rough oral sex (3,4), 7 letters

Rocker formerly known as William Bailey, 7 letters

Sweet Child o' Mine singer, 7 letters

Sweet Child O' Mine vocalist, 7 letters

Welcome to the Jungle rocker, 7 letters

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