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'The King and I' star Brynner, 3 letters

Anastasia actor, 3 letters

Magnificent Seven\'s Brynner, 3 letters

Taras Bulba\'s Brynner, 3 letters

The King and I name, 3 letters

The King portrayer, 3 letters

The Magnificent Seven name, 3 letters

The Ten Commandments actor Brynner, 3 letters

Westworld actor Brynner, 3 letters

Westworld guy, 3 letters

Westworld name, 3 letters

1956 Best Actor Brynner, 3 letters

1959 Solomon portrayer, 3 letters

1990 stage and film biography, 3 letters

Actor Brynner, 3 letters

Actor Brynner of Anastasia, 3 letters

Actor Brynner of The King and I, 3 letters

Bald Brynner, 3 letters

Best Actor between Ernest and Alec, 3 letters

Broadway's Brynner, 3 letters

Brynner, 3 letters

Brynner from Russia, 3 letters

Brynner in Westworld, 3 letters

Brynner of 'Anastasia', 3 letters

Brynner of 'Taras Bulba', 3 letters

Brynner of 'The King and I', 3 letters

Brynner of 'The Magnificent Seven', 3 letters

Brynner of The Ten Commandments, 3 letters

Brynner of Broadway, 3 letters

Brynner of film, 3 letters

Brynner of stage and screen, 3 letters

Brynner of the stage, 3 letters

Brynner who played a king, 3 letters

Brynner who starred in The King and I, 3 letters

Brynner who starred in the Broadway musical The King and I, 3 letters

Brynner, who played the King of Siam, 3 letters

Charlton's 1956 co-star, 3 letters

Chris's player in The Magnificent Seven, 3 letters

Deborah's 'The King and I' co-star, 3 letters

Deborah's King and I costar, 3 letters

Deborah's Shall We Dance partner, 3 letters

Deborah's co-star in The King and I, 3 letters

Deborah's The King and I love interest, 3 letters

Entertainer Brynner, 3 letters

Ernest's successor as Best Actor, 3 letters

First name debuting on Broadway, 1951, 3 letters

First name in The Ten Commandments cast, 3 letters

First name in 1950's Broadway, 3 letters

First name on Broadway, 1951, 3 letters

Gertrude's 1951 Broadway co-star, 3 letters

Gina's Solomon and Sheba co-star, 3 letters

He beat out James, Rock, Kirk, and Laurence for the 1956 Best Actor Oscar, 3 letters

He played Chris in The Magnificent Seven, 3 letters

He played Mongkut, 3 letters

He played the King, 3 letters

He sang in The King and I, 3 letters

He sang with Deborah in The King and I, 3 letters

He was Dmitri in The Brothers Karamazov, 3 letters

Horst's costar in The Magnificent Seven, 3 letters

Ingrid's Anastasia co-star, 3 letters

James's Westworld costar, 3 letters

King before Lou, 3 letters

King portrayer on Broadway, 3 letters

Leading man Brynner, 3 letters

Mongkut portrayer, 3 letters

Mr. Brynner, 3 letters

Oscar actor Brynner, 3 letters

Oscar winner Brynner, 3 letters

Pharaoh to Charlton's Moses, 3 letters

Portrayer of Chris on the Magnificent Seven, 3 letters

Rameses in The Ten Commandments, 3 letters

Rameses portrayer, 3 letters

Richard's Westworld co-star, 3 letters

Solomon portrayer, 3 letters

Solomon portrayer on film, 3 letters

Solomon, to Gina's Queen of Sheba, 3 letters

Solomon, to Gina's Sheba, 3 letters

The King, 3 letters

The King's real first name, 3 letters

Theatrical king Brynner, 3 letters

Tony's Taras Bulba co-star, 1962, 3 letters

Westword actor Brynner, 3 letters

Winner of Survivor: Cook Islands, 3 letters

Surprise Package actor, 10 letters

The King and I star, 10 letters

Best Actor, The King and I, 10 letters

King portrayer on stage and screen, 10 letters

One of the Magnificent Seven, 10 letters

Rameses in The Ten Commandments, 10 letters

Tony and Oscar winner for The King and I, 10 letters

The Magnificent Seven, 14 letters

___ Ball (Christmas dance at Hogwarts), 4 letters

___ Ball, quinquennial dance in Harry Potter, 4 letters

___ log, 4 letters

O Tannenbaum time, 4 letters

Big season at Toys R Us, 4 letters

Break time, 4 letters

Carol season, 4 letters

Carol time, 4 letters

Caroling time, 4 letters

Certain log, 4 letters

Christmas, 4 letters

Christmas season, 4 letters

Christmas shortening?, 4 letters

Christmas time, 4 letters

Christmas word, 4 letters

December adjective, 4 letters

December noun, 4 letters

December season, 4 letters

December's log?, 4 letters

Eggnog season, 4 letters

Eggnog time, 4 letters

End of the year celebration, 4 letters

End-of-year season, 4 letters

Festive log, 4 letters

Festive season, 4 letters

Festive time, 4 letters

Gift-giving time, 4 letters

Ho-ho-ho holiday, 4 letters

Holiday log, 4 letters

Holiday season, 4 letters

Holiday time, 4 letters

Kind of candle, 4 letters

Kind of log, 4 letters

Kind of tide, 4 letters

Late-year time, 4 letters

Log for the holidays, 4 letters

Log time, 4 letters

Log variety, 4 letters

Log-burning time, 4 letters

Much- ballyhooed season, 4 letters

Noel, 4 letters

Nog and log season, 4 letters

One of the tides?, 4 letters

Opening day?, 4 letters

Pagan festival, 4 letters

Popular season, 4 letters

Post-solstice celebration, 4 letters

Present date?, 4 letters

Present time, 4 letters

Right now, seasonally speaking, 4 letters

Santa time, 4 letters

Santa's busy season, 4 letters

Santa's season, 4 letters

Santa's time of year, 4 letters

Season for a log, 4 letters

Season to be jolly, 4 letters

Secret Santa season, 4 letters

Solstice season, 4 letters

Sort of log, 4 letters

Tannenbaum time, 4 letters

The end of December, 4 letters

The Grinch's season, 4 letters

The season to be jolly, 4 letters

This puzzle's season, 4 letters

Tide at Christmas, 4 letters

Tide starter?, 4 letters

Time for a log, 4 letters

Time for a carol, 4 letters

Time for caroling, 4 letters

Time for carols, 4 letters

Time for eggnog, 4 letters

Time for logs, 4 letters

Time for wassails, 4 letters

Time just after the winter solstice, 4 letters

Time of comfort and joy, 4 letters

Time to drink eggnog, 4 letters

Time to give and get, 4 letters

Time to go caroling, 4 letters

Time to visit a lot of trees, 4 letters

Tinsel time, 4 letters

Tree-trimming time, 4 letters

Type of log, 4 letters

Winter feast, 4 letters

Winter festival, 4 letters

Winter season, 4 letters

Winter time, 4 letters

Period extending from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6, 4 letters

Christmas quilters' haze?, 11 letters

Phil Collins tune about how much he loves Christmas?, 15 letters

Holiday warning?, 11 letters

December sights, 15 letters

They're usually gone by January, 15 letters

Annual winter celebration, 12 letters

Christmas season / Greet a villain / Speak aloud / Query / Monthly payment, 18 letters

Christmas crackler, 7 letters

Christmas presence?, 7 letters

Christmas tradition, 7 letters

Christmas warmer, 7 letters

December decoration, 7 letters

Holiday burner, 7 letters

Holiday hearth item, 7 letters

Holiday staple, 7 letters

Holiday tradition, 7 letters

Holiday warmer, 7 letters

Hot Christmas staple, 7 letters

Object of ritual burning, 7 letters

Stocking warmer?, 7 letters

Symbol of Christmas, 7 letters

We hear you will record part of a Christmas celebration (4,3), 7 letters

Year-end crackler, 7 letters

If today is the 18th, then Christmas is next week?, 9 letters

Christmas traditions, 8 letters

Iconic flamers, 8 letters

They often get lit at Christmas parties, 8 letters

Traditional Christmas burners, 8 letters

Traditional Christmas items, 8 letters

Egyptian Christmas?, 13 letters

Gift for a computer user?, 11 letters

The night before Christmas?, 10 letters

Carolers' busy seasons, 5 letters

Christmas seasons, 5 letters

Christmases, 5 letters

December events, 5 letters

End-of-year celebrations, 5 letters

Historically pagan solstice festivals, 5 letters

Holiday seasons, 5 letters

Holiday times, 5 letters

Merry times, 5 letters

Noels, 5 letters

Present times?, 5 letters

Seasonal celebrations, 5 letters

Seasons for carolers, 5 letters

Seasons to be merry, 5 letters

Wassailers' times, 5 letters

Winter festivals, 5 letters

Xmas seasons, 5 letters

Year-end celebrations, 5 letters

Year-end holidays, 5 letters

Year-end seasons, 5 letters

The Grinch who stole Christmas?, 9 letters

Christmas, 8 letters

Christmas season, 8 letters

Ho-ho-ho season, 8 letters

Noel season, 8 letters

Present time?, 8 letters

Santa's season, 8 letters

Stocking-up time?, 8 letters

Time to spike the nog, 8 letters

Period extending from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6, 8 letters

Holly--festooned library nooks, 15 letters

Certain holiday seasons, 9 letters

Present times, 9 letters

Year-end periods, 9 letters

Brynner divides a site into districts?, 12 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..