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Former Eur. country, 3 letters

Tito's land: abbr., 3 letters

'80s-'90s Serbian auto import, 4 letters

'80s-'90s Serbian import, 4 letters

'Car Talks 'worst car of the millennium', 4 letters

Car Talk dubbed it the worst car of the millennium, 4 letters

1980s foreign car failure, 4 letters

Butt of many a Leno car joke, 4 letters

Butt of many car jokes, 4 letters

Bygone Serbian auto, 4 letters

Cabrio's car make, 4 letters

Car bomb?, 4 letters

Car make of the 1980s, 4 letters

Eastern European car, 4 letters

Economic European car make, 4 letters

Economy car of yore, 4 letters

Economy car that failed in the U.S., 4 letters

Erstwhile imported auto, 4 letters

European auto, 4 letters

Failed economy car, 4 letters

Failed Serbian auto import, 4 letters

Former small import car, 4 letters

Maligned import of the 1980s, 4 letters

Much-derided 1980s-'90s car, 4 letters

Much-mocked car of the late 1980s, 4 letters

Old foreign car, 4 letters

Serbian lemon, 4 letters

Belgradian, 8 letters

'80s imports, 5 letters

Economy car bombs, 5 letters

European cars named for their country of origin, 5 letters

Much-maligned imports of the 1980s, 5 letters

Oft-mocked cars, 5 letters

Often-mocked cars of the past, 5 letters

Reviled cars that ceased production last year, 5 letters

Some foreign autos, 5 letters

Croat, for one, 8 letters

Milosevic, for one, 8 letters

Nationality beginning 1929, 8 letters

Nationality from 1929 to 2003, 8 letters

A native or inhabitant of Yugoslavia, 8 letters

Chetnik's country, 10 letters

Former eastern European nation, 10 letters

It broke up in the 1990s, 10 letters

Where Tito ruled, 10 letters

A mountainous republic in southeastern Europe, 10 letters

Ethnic minorities more numerous in the U.S. than in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 9 letters

A native or inhabitant of Yugoslavia, 11 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..