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Hey, over here! interjections, 3 letters

Jersey Shore greetings, 3 letters

Rocky interjections, 3 letters

Attention getters, 3 letters

Attention-getting calls, 3 letters

Attention-getting cries, 3 letters

Attention-getting interjections, 3 letters

Attention-getting shouts, 3 letters

Calls between friends, 3 letters

Calls from Rocky, 3 letters

Calls from the 'hood, 3 letters

Casual greetings, 3 letters

Casual hellos, 3 letters

Cries for attention, 3 letters

Exclamations of greeting, anger, attention-getting, or accentuation, 3 letters

Greetings from Rocky, 3 letters

Hails from Rocky Balboa, 3 letters

Hip-hop greetings, 3 letters

Homeboys' howdies, 3 letters

Hood greetings, 3 letters

Informal greetings, 3 letters

Informal greetings (that were used to create this puzzle's theme), 3 letters

Informal his, 3 letters

Interjections from Rocky, 3 letters

Rap openings, 3 letters

Rapper's shouts, 3 letters

Rocky cries, 3 letters

Rocky greetings?, 3 letters

Rocky hollers, 3 letters

Rocky salutes, 3 letters

Rocky's hellos, 3 letters

Roll call answers, 3 letters

Shouts in the 'hood, 3 letters

Slangy greetings, 3 letters

Some greetings, 3 letters

Teenager's attention-getters, 3 letters

Words said a lot by Rocky Balboa, 3 letters

Puccini opera, 5 letters

___ Sam, 8 letters

*Sierra Nevada attraction, 8 letters

Shalom! (Word break), 8 letters

Ansel Adams subject, 8 letters

Badger Pass locale, 8 letters

Bruce Babbitt wants to restore it, 8 letters

California hikers' mecca, 8 letters

California national park, 8 letters

Cartoon character Sam, 8 letters

El Capitan locale, 8 letters

El Capitan site, 8 letters

El Capitan's national park, 8 letters

El Capitan's park, 8 letters

Half Dome's home, 8 letters

Highest waterfall in US, 8 letters

Home of the 1,612-foot Ribbon Falls, 8 letters

National park in California, 8 letters

Park in California, 8 letters

Park north of Fresno, 8 letters

Parkland back in the times o' yesteryear (8), 8 letters

See toy I'm breaking in park (8), 8 letters

Setting of El Capitan, 8 letters

Sierra Nevada lure, 8 letters

Site depicted on California's America the Beautiful quarter, 8 letters

The U.S.'s highest waterfall, 8 letters

Tuolumne Meadows locale, 8 letters

A series of waterfalls in Yosemite National Park in California, 8 letters

Is reduced to a trickle for part of each year, 8 letters

Eastern California tourist attraction, 13 letters

Eastern California wonder, 13 letters

Hare Trigger antagonist, 11 letters

Looney Tunes rabbit chaser, 11 letters

Bugs Bunny's foil, 11 letters

Cartoon villain, 11 letters

Character who made his debut in the 1945 cartoon Hare Trigger, 11 letters

He first appeared in the cartoon 'Hare Trigger', 11 letters

Looney Tunes character who appears on some mud flaps, 11 letters

Looney Tunes cowboy, 11 letters

Ornery Warner Bros. cartoon character, 11 letters

Red-headed rabbit-chasing toon, 11 letters

Varmint chaser, 11 letters

Villain in Captain Hareblower, 11 letters

High-stakes player Nakano*, 4 letters

Stan Shmenge's brother, on SCTV, 4 letters

Dinosaur in Mario-themed Nintendo games, 5 letters

Mario Kart character, 5 letters

Mario's dinosaur buddy, 5 letters

Mario's dinosaur friend, 5 letters

Mario's dinosaur pal, 5 letters

Mario's dinosaur sidekick, 5 letters

Ex-head of Japan, 7 letters

WWI Japanese emperor, 9 letters

Slangy address, 5 letters

___ jumped (antepenultimate sentence of Catch-22), 9 letters

Hurry Up ___ (Football coach), 4 letters

Walking Man Eddie of baseball, 4 letters

1952 All-Star third baseman Eddie, 4 letters

4 Ann Arbor ice arena, 4 letters

Baseball manager Ned, 4 letters

Baseball's Walking Man Eddie, 4 letters

Baseball's Walking Man Eddie of the '40s-'50s Senators, 4 letters

Baseball's Eddie, 1952 All-Star for the Senators, 4 letters

Baseballer Eddie a.k.a. 'The Walking Man', 4 letters

Baseballer Eddie or Footballer Fielding, 4 letters

Brewers manager Ned, 4 letters

Bush preceder at the United Nations, 4 letters

Classics IV lead singer Dennis, 4 letters

Classics IV's Dennis, 4 letters

Dennis ___ & The Classics IV, 4 letters

Dennis ___ and the Classics IV (1960s-'70s group), 4 letters

Dennis of the Classics IV, 4 letters

Eddie ___, The Walking Man of baseball, 4 letters

Eddie aka The Walking Man, 4 letters

Eddie of the '40s-'50s Senators, 4 letters

First victorious Rose Bowl coach Fielding, 4 letters

First winning Rose Bowl coach, 4 letters

Football coach known as Hurry-up, 4 letters

Former U.S. ambassador to U.N., 4 letters

Former Wolverine coach, 4 letters

He preceded Bush as U.S. Representative to the U.N., 4 letters

Kansas City Royals manager Ned, 4 letters

Leaders of the Classics IV, 4 letters

Legendary football coach Fielding ___, 4 letters

Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers since 2003, 4 letters

Milwaukee Brewers manager Ned, 4 letters

MLB manager Ned, 4 letters

Royals manager Ned, 4 letters

U.N. co-founder Charles or baseballer Eddie, 4 letters

United Nations cofounder Charles, 4 letters

Washington Senators great Eddie, 4 letters

Wolverine's former coach, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..