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___ Kippur, 3 letters

___ Kippur (Jewish holiday), 3 letters

___ tov (holiday, in Hebrew), 3 letters

-- Kippur (Day of Atonement), 3 letters

Day in Hebrew, 3 letters

Day in Jerusalem, 3 letters

Day on a Hebrew calendar, 3 letters

Day, to Dayan, 3 letters

Hebrew day, 3 letters

Hebrew for day, 3 letters

Israeli day, 3 letters

Kibbutz dweller's day, 3 letters

Shul day, 3 letters

All-purpose comeback, 6 letters

Contemporary putdown, 6 letters

Dis subject, perhaps, 6 letters

Dissing comeback, 6 letters

Insult subject, 6 letters

Kind of joke, 6 letters

Snap subject, often, 6 letters

Start of many disses, 6 letters

Target of some disses, 6 letters

Urban playground barb, 10 letters

Words before so ugly or so poor, in snaps, 7 letters

Terse insult to a certain cellist, 12 letters

Commemoration of the Jews who perished in the Holocaust: 2 wds., 10 letters

25 hours without food, 9 letters

Hebrew fast day, 9 letters

Jewish holiday, 9 letters

Time when Jews celebrate a day of atonement, 9 letters

When a '73 war started, 9 letters

Conflict of 1973, 12 letters

It began with a sneak attack, 12 letters

Rasta's Hey, dude!, maybe, 5 letters

Purim et al., 7 letters

'80s-'90s video show hosted by Doctor Dr, 9 letters

1980s-'90s hip-hop show co-hosted by Fab 5 Freddy, 9 letters

It's pilot episode was hosted my Run-DMC, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..