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Salute to the sun discipline, 4 letters

Sun Salutation stretching system, 4 letters

Activity on a mat, 4 letters

Activity with a downward-facing dog, 4 letters

Aerobics opposite, 4 letters

Ancient exercise that's popular now, 4 letters

Ascetic practice, 4 letters

Ashram activity, 4 letters

Ayurveda's cousin, 4 letters

Bendy practice, 4 letters

Bharadvaja's Twist activity, 4 letters

Bikram, for one, 4 letters

Body-bending discipline, 4 letters

Calming technique, 4 letters

Certain exercise, 4 letters

Chakra releaser, 4 letters

Chakra-releasing discipline, 4 letters

Class for posers?, 4 letters

Class using mats, 4 letters

Cow face pose is one of its positions, 4 letters

Cross-legged exercises, 4 letters

Discipline exercises, 4 letters

Discipline with a warrior pose, 4 letters

Discipline with poses, 4 letters

Discipline with stretching, 4 letters

Downward dog discipline, 4 letters

Downward-facing dog is one of its positions, 4 letters

Downward-facing dog practice, 4 letters

Eastern discipline, 4 letters

Eastern philosophy, 4 letters

Exercise discipline, 4 letters

Exercise for the spirit, 4 letters

Exercise for well-being, 4 letters

Exercise from India, 4 letters

Exercise program, 4 letters

Exercise regimen, 4 letters

Exercise regimen from India, 4 letters

Exercise system, 4 letters

Exercise system from India, 4 letters

Exercise that may help you play Twister, 4 letters

Exercise with asanas, 4 letters

Exercise with crossed legs, 4 letters

Exercise with many positions, 4 letters

Exercise/relaxation discipline, 4 letters

Exercises done in the lotus position, 4 letters

Exercises done on a mat, 4 letters

Exercises sometimes done cross-legged, 4 letters

Form of discipline, 4 letters

Gentle exercise, 4 letters

Guru's contortions, 4 letters

Guru's discipline, 4 letters

Hatha follower, 4 letters

Hatha-___, 4 letters

Health club class, 4 letters

Hindu discipline, 4 letters

Hindu exercise discipline, 4 letters

Hindu exercises, 4 letters

Hindu philosophy, 4 letters

Hindu school, 4 letters

Hindu-inspired exercise, 4 letters

Hindu's contortions, 4 letters

Home stretch?, 4 letters

If you're in an awkward position, you're doing it right, 4 letters

It can put you in a difficult position, 4 letters

It can put you in an awkward position, 4 letters

It features the lotus position, 4 letters

It may put one in an awkward position, 4 letters

It's a stretch, 4 letters

It's practiced on mats, 4 letters

Its postures are called asanas, 4 letters

Kind of class, 4 letters

Kind of master, 4 letters

Kundalini ___, 4 letters

Lotus position activity, 4 letters

Lotus position discipline, 4 letters

Lotus position practice, 4 letters

Maharishi meditation, 4 letters

Maharishi's teaching, 4 letters

Mat activity, 4 letters

Meditation discipline, 4 letters

Meditation exercise, 4 letters

Meditation method, 4 letters

Meditation on a mat, 4 letters

Meditation system, 4 letters

Meditative exercises, 4 letters

Meditative system of exercises, 4 letters

Mental discipline, 4 letters

Method of meditation, 4 letters

Method of meditation and exercise, 4 letters

Mind/body exercises, 4 letters

Nirvana is attainable through its practice, 4 letters

Nonmaterialistic Hindu philosophy, 4 letters

One might take a position in it, 4 letters

Oneness discipline, 4 letters

Pilates alternative, 4 letters

Pilates relative, 4 letters

Popular discipline, 4 letters

Poses in a studio?, 4 letters

Practice using blocks, 4 letters

Practice with a lotus position, 4 letters

Quiet exercise, 4 letters

Reason to quietly take a position, 4 letters

Samadhi-seeker's discipline, 4 letters

School of Hindu philosophy, 4 letters

Series of postures, basically, 4 letters

Some exercises, 4 letters

Spa class, 4 letters

Spinning alternative, 4 letters

Spiritual discipline, 4 letters

Spiritual exercise, 4 letters

Stress-reducing discipline, 4 letters

Stretches of India?, 4 letters

Stretching discipline, 4 letters

Stretching exercise, 4 letters

Subject of many Hindu texts, 4 letters

System of asanas, 4 letters

System of exercises, 4 letters

Tranquil discipline, 4 letters

Tranquil exercise, 4 letters

Tranquil, cross-legged exercise, 4 letters

Tranquility exercise, 4 letters

Tranquillity discipline, 4 letters

Way to nirvana, 4 letters

Workout class, 4 letters

A Hindu theistic philosophy, 4 letters

Union of self and the Supreme Being is sought through a state of complete awareness and tranquillity attained by certain physical exercises, 4 letters

A course of related exercises and postures intended to promote control of the body and mind and to attain physical and spiritual wellbeing, 4 letters

Legumes engineered to be stretchy?, 9 letters

*Fights during breathing exercises?, 11 letters

It makes some people bend over backwards, 9 letters

It may have you in an awkward position, 9 letters

Place to strike a pose?, 9 letters

Site for stretchers, 9 letters

Where you might do the Warrior Position or Child's Pose, 9 letters

Nuts about stretching?, 8 letters

GOING MY WAY remake about a victorious exercise facility?, 10 letters

Pad for posers?, 7 letters

Place to meditate, 7 letters

Roll in a locker, 7 letters

Support for an Eastern discipline, 7 letters

Surface for stretchers, 7 letters

Where to do the downward-facing dog, 7 letters

Asana surfaces, 8 letters

Bases for some twisters, 8 letters

Spots for some poses, 8 letters

Where asanas are seen, 8 letters

[ ], 8 letters

They're held in some classes, 9 letters

Certain disciplines, 5 letters

Certain gym classes, 5 letters

Eastern disciplines, 5 letters

Exercise systems, 5 letters

Gym classes, 5 letters

Hatha and Kundalini, 5 letters

Hatha and others, 5 letters

Hindu disciplines, 5 letters

Meditation techniques, 5 letters

Meditative methods, 5 letters

Options at a gym, 5 letters

Tranquil disciplines, 5 letters

Person who might put you in an awkward position, 11 letters

Spiritual sorts, 4 letters

Hindu ascetic: Var., 5 letters

Middle English letter, 4 letters

Dairy aisle buy: Var., 7 letters

Dairy product (var.), 7 letters

Health-food favorite, 7 letters

A custard-like food made from curdled milk, 7 letters

___ Bear, 4 letters

___ Bear (Hanna-Barbera cartoon character), 4 letters

Even Napoleon had his Watergate speaker, 4 letters

If the fans don't come out to the ballpark, you can't stop them speaker, 4 letters

It ain't over 'til it's over author, 4 letters

Pic-a-nic basket seeker, 4 letters

You can observe a lot by watching speaker, 4 letters

You can observe a lot by watching speaker, familiarly, 4 letters

1951 MVP, 4 letters

Ascetic, 4 letters

Baseball great Berra, 4 letters

Baseball legend Berra, 4 letters

Baseball's Berra, 4 letters

Baseball's Berra: 3-time MVP, 4 letters

Bear of note, 4 letters

Bear of toon fame, 4 letters

Bear of toons, 4 letters

Bear or Berra, 4 letters

Bear voiced by Dan Aykroyd in 2010, 4 letters

Benares holy man, 4 letters

Berra of baseball, 4 letters

Berra of Yankee legend, 4 letters

Berra or Bear, 4 letters

Berra who said a nickel ain't worth a dime anymore, 4 letters

Boo Boo buddy, 4 letters

Boo Boo's pal, 4 letters

Boo-Boo was his sidekick, 4 letters

Boo-Boo's buddy, 4 letters

Boo-Boo's cavemate, 4 letters

Boo-Boo's toon friend, 4 letters

Buddy for Boo-Boo, 4 letters

Cartoon bear, 4 letters

Catcher Berra, 4 letters

Catcher for Whitey, 4 letters

Catcher-manager Berra, 4 letters

Certain meditator, 4 letters

Chanter sometimes, 4 letters

Contemplative sort, 4 letters

Cooperstown nickname, 4 letters

Cross-legged one, 4 letters

Famous bear or catcher, 4 letters

Figure of profound wisdom, 4 letters

First name among Hall of Fame catchers, 4 letters

First name among Yankee greats, 4 letters

First name in the 40's-50's Yankees, 4 letters

First name of sentiment's author, 4 letters

Hall of Famer Berra, 4 letters

Hanna-Barbera bear, 4 letters

He caught Don's 1956 World Series perfect game, 4 letters

He caught Don's perfect game, 4 letters

He was elected to the Hall of Fame the same year as Sandy, 4 letters

He's smarter than the average bear, 4 letters

He's flexible, 4 letters

He's third behind Mickey and Babe in career World Series home runs, 4 letters

Hindu ascetic, 4 letters

Hindu meditator, 4 letters

Hindu mystic, 4 letters

Indian mystic, 4 letters

Jellystone bear, 4 letters

Jellystone Park bear, 4 letters

Jellystone Park denizen, 4 letters

Jellystone Park name, 4 letters

Jellystone Park notable, 4 letters

Jellystone Park resident, 4 letters

Jellystone Park toon, 4 letters

Jellystone resident, 4 letters

Lawrence Berra's nickname, 4 letters

Leg crosser, 4 letters

Meditation mentor, 4 letters

Meditation teacher, 4 letters

Meditator, 4 letters

Mickey's teammate, 4 letters

Much quoted Berra, 4 letters

Mystic of India, 4 letters

Mystical one, 4 letters

Mystical person, 4 letters

Nickname among Yankee greats, 4 letters

Nirvana seeker, 4 letters

Oft-quoted athlete, 4 letters

Oft-quoted Berra, 4 letters

Oft-quoted catcher, 4 letters

One in an awkward position?, 4 letters

One who meditates, 4 letters

One who sits cross-legged, maybe, 4 letters

Practitioner of omphaloskepsis, 4 letters

Quotable Berra, 4 letters

Quotable catcher, 4 letters

Quotable Hall of Famer, 4 letters

Quotable Hall-of-Famer, informally, 4 letters

Quotable Yank, 4 letters

Ranger Smith's b, 4 letters

Ranger Smith's cartoon nemesis, 4 letters

Ranger Smith's nemesis, 4 letters

Stealer of pic-a-nic baskets, 4 letters

Teammate of Mickey and Moose, 4 letters

Teammate of Mickey and Whitey, 4 letters

Teammate of Whitey and Mickey, 4 letters

Thorn in Ranger Smith's side, 4 letters

Toon bear, 4 letters

Toon bruin, 4 letters

Ursine 'toon, 4 letters

Whitey's onetime teammate, 4 letters

Wise and flexible one, 4 letters

Wise one, 4 letters

Word-mangler Berra, 4 letters

Yankee #8, 4 letters

Yankee Berra, 4 letters

Yankee catcher, familiarly, 4 letters

Yankee great's nickname, 4 letters

Yankee nickname, 4 letters

United States baseball player (born 1925), 4 letters

One who practices yoga and has achieved a high level of spiritual insight, 4 letters

Bears, 13 letters

I'm smarter than the average... speaker, 8 letters

Boo Boo's buddy, 8 letters

Boo Boo's buddy in Jellystone Park, 8 letters

Dan Aykroyd voice role in a 2010 film, 8 letters

He made his screen debut on The Huckleberry Hound Show, 8 letters

Jellystone Park resident, 8 letters

Jellystone's mystic?, 8 letters

Lover of pic-a-nic baskets, 8 letters

Noted picnic crasher, 8 letters

Ranger Smith's nemesis, 8 letters

Tie-wearing toon, 8 letters

Popular toon dolls, 9 letters

Boo Boo, 15 letters

Yankees' Irish player-manager?, 11 letters

Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical., 9 letters

I never said half the things I said sayer, 9 letters

It ain't over 'til it's over sayer, 9 letters

It ain't over 'til... speaker, 9 letters

Ninety percent of putts left short don't go in., 9 letters

You can observe a lot by watching speaker, 9 letters

You can observe a lot just by watching, 9 letters

1946-63 CATCHER, 9 letters

1951, '54 and '55 American League Most Valuable Player, 9 letters

Ballplayer to whom the quotation is attributed, 9 letters

Baseball catcher known for his contradictory witticisms, 9 letters

Famous Yankee quipster, 9 letters

Hall of Fame catcher who said I never said all the things I said, 9 letters

He caught a perfect World Series game, 9 letters

He caught Don Larsen's perfect game, 9 letters

He said It ain't over till it's over, 9 letters

Source of all the quotes in this puzzle, 9 letters

Source of quote, 9 letters

Speaker of the quote, 9 letters

Like exercises on a mat, 5 letters

Of a Hindu discipline, 5 letters

Of a Hindu philosophy, 5 letters

Pertaining to Hindu philosophy, 5 letters

Humorous contradiction, 7 letters

A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore et al., 8 letters

It's deja vu all over again and others, 8 letters

Average Bikram instructor?, 7 letters

Mostly, you drink with mystic (5; var.), 5 letters

One in a lotus position, 5 letters

Seckel guru?, 8 letters

A famous bear and a famous catcher, 5 letters

Asana practicers, 5 letters

Ashram ascetics, 5 letters

Ashram visitors, 5 letters

Bear and Berra, 5 letters

Berra and Bear, 5 letters

Hindu ascetics, 5 letters

Hindu meditators, 5 letters

Hindu mystics, 5 letters

Leg crossers, 5 letters

Lotus position holders, 5 letters

Lotus position instructors, 5 letters

Masters of meditation, 5 letters

Meditation masters, 5 letters

Meditation teachers, 5 letters

Meditative sorts, 5 letters

Meditative types, 5 letters

Meditators, 5 letters

Mystics, 5 letters

Nirvana seekers, 5 letters

Some mystics, 5 letters

Spiritual leaders, 5 letters

Spiritual philosophers, 5 letters

They help you limber up, 5 letters

They're light-seeking, 5 letters

They're often reflective, 5 letters

Active-cultures food, 6 letters

Calcium supplier, 6 letters

Colombo product, 6 letters

Cultural food?, 6 letters

Cultured breakfast item, 6 letters

Cultured dairy product, 6 letters

Cultured dish, 6 letters

Cultured fare, 6 letters

Cultured-milk product, 6 letters

Curdled milk product, 6 letters

Custard alternative, 6 letters

Dairy aisle buy, 6 letters

Dairy case item, 6 letters

Dairy counter purchase, 6 letters

Dairy product, 6 letters

Dairy snack, 6 letters

Dairy-case purchase, 6 letters

Dairy-section offering, 6 letters

Dannon product, 6 letters

Dieter's dish, 6 letters

Dieter's fare at times, 6 letters

Dieter's lunch, 6 letters

Food made from cultures, 6 letters

Food with custard consistency, 6 letters

Frozen dessert, 6 letters

Healthful breakfast, 6 letters

Healthy lunch, 6 letters

Healthy snack, 6 letters

Ice cream alternative, 6 letters

Kind of smoothie, 6 letters

Lunchtime snack, perhaps, 6 letters

Modern breakfast, 6 letters

Probiotic snack, 6 letters

Raita ingredient, 6 letters

The Y in TCBY, 6 letters

Turkish delight, 6 letters

Yellow, green and red slices not in tangy dairy snack (6), 6 letters

A custard-like food made from curdled milk, 6 letters

Sack lunch item that needs a spoon, 9 letters

Dessert made with fruit, 13 letters

Cultured food?, 7 letters

Custardlike dairy products, 7 letters

Dairy counter items, 7 letters

Dannon products, 7 letters

Sources of culture, 7 letters

Country with the most health-food booths at the expo?, 12 letters

Blended fruit-flavored drinks, 15 letters

Dannon disciples?, 16 letters

A custard-like food made from curdled milk, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..