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Author Mehta, 3 letters

Indian author ___ Mehta, a staff writer for The New Yorker for more than 30 years, 3 letters

Hindu sacred books, 4 letters

Hindu sacred text, 4 letters

Hindu sacred writing, 4 letters

Hindu scripture, 4 letters

Hindu text, 4 letters

Hindu writing, 4 letters

Rig-___, Hindu sacred book, 4 letters

Sacred Hindu book, 4 letters

Sacred Hindu scriptures, 4 letters

Sacred Hindu text, 4 letters

Sacred Hindu writing, 4 letters

Sacred Sanskrit verse, 4 letters

Sanskrit scripture, 4 letters

Word following Rig, Sama, Atharva, or Yajur, 4 letters

Any of the Hindu sacred writing, 4 letters

Of sacred Hindu books, 6 letters

Hindu philosophy, 7 letters

Like the chief Hindu philosophy, 8 letters

Hindu sacred texts, 5 letters

Hindu sacred writings, 5 letters

Hindu scriptures, 5 letters

Sacred Hindu text, 5 letters

5/8/45, 5 letters

Celebration of the fall of the Axis, 5 letters

June 8, 1945, 5 letters

May 8, 1945, 5 letters

WWII highlight, 5 letters

Sri Lankan aborigine, 5 letters

Pearl Jam leader Eddie, 6 letters

Writer of the song Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, 6 letters

Mesa ___, 4 letters

Small scout boat in the navy, 7 letters

Ancient Sanskrit, 5 letters

Form of Sanskrit, 5 letters

Kind of Sanskrit, 5 letters

Like some Hinduism, 5 letters

Like the scriptures on which Hare Krishna is based, 5 letters

Of Hindu sacred writing, 5 letters

Of Hindu scripture, 5 letters

Pertaining to Hindu scriptures, 5 letters

Related to Hindu scriptures, 5 letters

Relating to an ancient Sanskrit text, 5 letters

Relating to some ancient Sanskrit, 5 letters

Ponte ___ Beach, Florida (site of THE PLAYERS Championship), 5 letters

Native to Australia, 7 letters

Introduced elsewhere to control scale insects, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..