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___ Sport, whose high-tech swimsuits have been banned in the Olympic trials, 3 letters

A son of Odin, 3 letters

Bellicose Norse god, 3 letters

Mythical god of strife, 3 letters

Norse deity, 3 letters

Norse equivalent of Mars, 3 letters

Norse god of battle, 3 letters

Norse god of heroic glory, 3 letters

Norse god of single combat, 3 letters

Norse god of strife, 3 letters

Norse god of war, 3 letters

Norse name for Zeus, 3 letters

Norse war god, 3 letters

One-handed Norse god, 3 letters

Scandinavian god of strife, 3 letters

Scandinavian god of war, 3 letters

Scandinavian victory god, 3 letters

Scandinavian war god, 3 letters

Son of Odin, 3 letters

Tuesday god, 3 letters

(Norse mythology) god of war and strife and son of Odin, 3 letters

Identified with Anglo-Saxon Tiu, 3 letters

America's Next Top Model host Banks, 4 letters

ANTM judge, 4 letters

Actress Banks, 4 letters

Banks in the fashion world, 4 letters

Banks of America's Next Top Model, 4 letters

Banks of daytime TV, 4 letters

Banks of fashion, 4 letters

Banks of note, 4 letters

Banks of talk, 4 letters

Banks of talk TV, 4 letters

Banks of TV talk, 4 letters

Banks off the runway?, 4 letters

Banks on a runway, 4 letters

Banks on a Sports Illustrated cover, 4 letters

Banks on the tube, 4 letters

Banks on TV, 4 letters

Banks once on the runway, 4 letters

Banks raking in the money?, 4 letters

Banks seen on runways, 4 letters

Banks who founded the Fierce awards, 4 letters

Banks who had India.Arie write and sing her talk show's theme song, 4 letters

Banks with a show, 4 letters

Banks with a talk show, once, 4 letters

Banks with an Emmy, 4 letters

Banks with many spreads, 4 letters

Banks with style?, 4 letters

Banks, formerly of the runway, 4 letters

Big name in TV talk, 4 letters

Big name on runways, 4 letters

Cover girl Banks, 4 letters

Cover Girl model Banks, 4 letters

Fashionable Banks, 4 letters

Ferrell or Banks, 4 letters

First name in daytime talk, 4 letters

First name in modeling, 4 letters

First name of the model who created America's Next Top Model, 4 letters

Model Banks, 4 letters

Ms. Banks, 4 letters

One-time runway model Banks, 4 letters

She yelled Kiss my FAT ASS!, 4 letters

Supermodel Banks, 4 letters

Talk show host Banks, 4 letters

TV host Banks, 4 letters

Big name on the catwalks, 9 letters

Secretary of the Treasury (supermodel), 9 letters

Cruel and oppressive (var.), 8 letters

Despotic, 10 letters

Governments with iron fists, 9 letters

States ruled by dictators, 9 letters

Unpleasant rules to be under, 9 letters

Govern despotically, 9 letters

Rule oppressively, 9 letters

Emulated Saddam Hussein or Idi Amin, 10 letters

Bipedal carnivorous dinosaur, 11 letters

King of the dinosaurs, 11 letters

Upper Cretaceous, 11 letters

May have been a scavenger rather than an active predator, 11 letters

Large carnivorous bipedal dinosaur having enormous teeth with knifelike serrations, 11 letters

North America, 11 letters

Wherever Law ends, ___ begins (John Locke), 7 letters

Absolute power, 7 letters

Abuse of power, 7 letters

Cause for revolution, 7 letters

Despot's rule, 7 letters

Despotism, 7 letters

Dictator's mode of rule, typically, 7 letters

Oppressive rulership, 7 letters

Patriot's enemy, 7 letters

Revolution's enemy, maybe, 7 letters

Rigid rule, 7 letters

Rule before a revolution, maybe, 7 letters

Dominance through threat of punishment and violence, 7 letters

A form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.), 7 letters

Absolute ruler, 6 letters

Amin, for one, 6 letters

Autocrat, 6 letters

Boss you'd like to toss, 6 letters

Bossy boss, 6 letters

Caligula, e.g., 6 letters

Coup target, 6 letters

Coup target, perhaps, 6 letters

Cross boss, 6 letters

Despot, 6 letters

Despotic one, 6 letters

Despotic ruler, 6 letters

Dictator, 6 letters

Dictatorial ruler, 6 letters

Harsh ruler, 6 letters

He who must be obeyed, 6 letters

Iron-fisted boss, 6 letters

Iron-fisted ruler, 6 letters

Ivan or Peter, 6 letters

Ivan the Terrible e.g., 6 letters

Mean monarch, 6 letters

Mean ruler, 6 letters

Monocrat, 6 letters

Nero, e.g., 6 letters

Not an easy boss, 6 letters

Oppressive boss, 6 letters

Oppressive ruler, 6 letters

Polycrates, for example, 6 letters

Ruthless ruler, 6 letters

Simon Legree, 6 letters

Taskmaster, 6 letters

Tough boss, 6 letters

Tough boss to work for, 6 letters

Unscrupulous leader, 6 letters

A dictator or dictatorial person, 6 letters

Absolute rulers, 7 letters

Despots, 7 letters

Dictators, 7 letters

Hard heads, 7 letters

Merciless bosses, 7 letters

Nasty rulers, 7 letters

Ruthless leaders, 7 letters

They're absolutely powerful, 7 letters

Tough people to work with, 7 letters

Supermodel Banks and namesakes, 5 letters

One with Nineveh and ___, 4 letters

Pericles, Prince of ___ (Shakespeare play), 4 letters

Aeroplane wheel, 4 letters

Ancient capital of Phoenicia, 4 letters

Ancient city, 4 letters

Ancient city whose name means rock, 4 letters

Ancient Phoenician city, 4 letters

Ancient Phoenician seaport, 4 letters

Ancient seaport, 4 letters

Ancient seaport of Phoenicia, 4 letters

Ancient seaport on the Mediterranean, 4 letters

Biblical city of King Hiram, 4 letters

Bonnie Tyler's Tracks, 4 letters

Boot spare, 4 letters

Brit's radial, 4 letters

Brit's wheel, 4 letters

British spare, 4 letters

Capital of Phoenicia, 4 letters

Car part, in Britain, 4 letters

Car part, to a Brit, 4 letters

City in Lebanon, 4 letters

City in the Crusades, 4 letters

Former Phoenician seaport, 4 letters

Hiram's domain, 4 letters

Home of Jezebel, 4 letters

Home to a Shakespearean prince, 4 letters

It may be filled with Londonderry air, 4 letters

It may be kept in a boot, 4 letters

It may hit the kerb, 4 letters

It rolls on a Rolls, 4 letters

It rolls through Ramsgate, 4 letters

It's inflated in England, 4 letters

Item in a boot, 4 letters

Jaguar's support, 4 letters

King Hiram's home, 4 letters

Lebanese port, 4 letters

Londoner's radial, 4 letters

Lorry roller, 4 letters

Mediterranean port, 4 letters

Metropolis of the ancient world, 4 letters

Old Phoenician capital, 4 letters

One of four on a Rolls, 4 letters

Pericles' princedom, 4 letters

Phoenician city, 4 letters

Phoenician port, 4 letters

Phoenician seaport, 4 letters

Phoenician trading center, 4 letters

Phoenician trading center of old, 4 letters

Place for a London flat, 4 letters

Port of Lebanon, 4 letters

Port of Phoenicia, 4 letters

Port on the eastern Mediterranean, 4 letters

Present-day Sur, 4 letters

Purple-dye city, 4 letters

Radial for a Jaguar, e.g., 4 letters

Radial on a Rolls, 4 letters

Radial, in Reading, 4 letters

Reading radial, 4 letters

Roller on a Rolls, 4 letters

Rolls radial, 4 letters

Rolls roller, 4 letters

Rolls Royce radial, 4 letters

Rolls Royce roller, 4 letters

Rolls Royce spare, 4 letters

Rolls-Royce wheel, 4 letters

Rugby radial, 4 letters

Seaport of ancient Phoenicia, 4 letters

Shakespeare's Pericles, Prince of ___, 4 letters

Sidon neighbor, 4 letters

Spare in a boot, 4 letters

Storied Phoenician port, 4 letters

Sussex spare, 4 letters

U.K. spelling of Goodyear or Michelin product, 4 letters

UK spare, 4 letters

What a car rolls on, to a Brit, 4 letters

What a car rolls on, to a Londoner, 4 letters

What a Rolls rolls on, 4 letters

Wheel covering, for Londoners, 4 letters

Whitehall whitewall, 4 letters

Whitewall, in Whitehall, 4 letters

Wiltshire wheel, 4 letters

You might change one when winterising your car, 4 letters

Formerly a major Phoenician seaport famous for silks, 4 letters

Hoop that covers a wheel, 4 letters

A port in southern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea, 4 letters

David who caught a key pass in the 2008 Super Bowl, 5 letters

David who made The Helmet Catch in Super Bowl XLII, 5 letters

Former Lions safety Talton, 5 letters

Mount of Antarctica, 5 letters

Talton of the Lions, 5 letters

Adjuncts of British cars, 5 letters

Auto parts in England, 5 letters

Brit's radials, 5 letters

British wheels, 5 letters

Car parts, in Cambridge, 5 letters

MG or Rolls wheels, 5 letters

Michelin products, in Manchester, 5 letters

Oxford rollers, 5 letters

Radials for lorries, 5 letters

Radials in England, 5 letters

Radials on a Rolls, 5 letters

Radials, in Britain, 5 letters

Rolls radials, 5 letters

Rolls rollers, 5 letters

Rolls Royce rollers, 5 letters

Standard Rolls equipment, 5 letters

The Nits' Your Next ___, 5 letters

They may go flat outside a flat, 5 letters

They roll on a Rolls, 5 letters

Triumph wheels, 5 letters

'2 Fast 2 Furious' star, 6 letters

Hip-hop singer with the 2006 album Alter Ego, 6 letters

R&B singer with the hit Nobody Else, 6 letters

Rapper/actor Gibson, 6 letters

Singer-actor with the 2003 hit How You Gonna Act Like That, 6 letters

If you don't do this you might trip, 13 letters

Boring, in Lebanon?, 8 letters

Abecedarian, 4 letters

Amateur, 4 letters

Apprentice, 4 letters

Beginner, 4 letters

Beginner Down, 4 letters

Beginner's luck beneficiary, 4 letters

Bush leaguer, 4 letters

Dabbler, 4 letters

First-timer, 4 letters

Fledgling, 4 letters

Green man?, 4 letters

Green one, 4 letters

Green party?, 4 letters

Greenhorn, 4 letters

Hardly a veteran, 4 letters

Hardly an old pro, 4 letters

Inexperienced one, 4 letters

Learner, 4 letters

Neophyte, 4 letters

New hand, 4 letters

New kid on the block, 4 letters

Newbie, 4 letters

Novice, 4 letters

One getting on-the-job-training, maybe, 4 letters

One lacking experience, 4 letters

One new to the field, 4 letters

One starting out, 4 letters

One wet behind the ears, 4 letters

Pro's opposite, 4 letters

Rank beginner, 4 letters

Raw recruit, 4 letters

Rook, 4 letters

Starter, 4 letters

Tenderfoot, 4 letters

Trainee, 4 letters

Unskilled person, 4 letters

Vet's opposite, 4 letters

Youngblood, 4 letters

Someone new to a field or activity, 4 letters

Alpine area, 5 letters

Alpine Austrian region, 5 letters

Alpine region, 5 letters

Alpine region of Austria, 5 letters

Alpine ski resort region, 5 letters

Alps region, 5 letters

Austrian alpine region, 5 letters

Austrian province, 5 letters

Austrian province whose capital is Innsbruck, 5 letters

Austrian region, 5 letters

Austrian ski area, 5 letters

Brenner Pass's region, 5 letters

Innsbruck area, 5 letters

Innsbruck is its capital, 5 letters

Innsbruck is its capital (Var.), 5 letters

Innsbruck locale, 5 letters

Innsbruck's province, 5 letters

Innsbruck's province (Var.), 5 letters

Innsbruck's region, 5 letters

Its capital is Innsbruck, 5 letters

Locale of Brenner Pass, 5 letters

Mountainous area of Austria, 5 letters

Mountainous area of Austria (Var.), 5 letters

Region of Austria, 5 letters

Scenic Alpine region, 5 letters

Snowy region of Austria, 5 letters

Swiss region^TYRO, 5 letters

Where Innsbruck is, 5 letters

Yodeler's mecca, 5 letters

Yodeler's milieu, 5 letters

A picturesque mountainous province of western Austria, 5 letters

Alpine native, 8 letters

From Innsbruck, 8 letters

Innsbruck resident, 8 letters

Of an Alpine region, 8 letters

Soft green felt hat with a feather or brush hatband ornament, 8 letters

Some Austrians, 8 letters

___ Slothrop ('Gravity's Rainbow' hero), 6 letters

'Long Day's Journey Into Night' family name, 6 letters

Muggsy Bogues, 6 letters

Actor Power, 6 letters

Early screen star Power, 6 letters

Erykah Badu song that ends But ya can't use my phone, 6 letters

Former football head coach Willingham of Stanford, Notre Dame and Washington, 6 letters

Former Ulster county, 6 letters

Guthrie of the theater, 6 letters

Hollywood Power, 6 letters

Irish county, 6 letters

Northern Irish county, 6 letters

O'Neill surrogate, 6 letters

Old county of Northern Ireland, 6 letters

Old Northern Ireland county, 6 letters

Power in Suez, 6 letters

Power in Hollywood, 6 letters

Power in old films, 6 letters

Power in old movies, 6 letters

Power of film, 6 letters

Power of Hollywood's Golden Age, 6 letters

Power of pictures, 6 letters

Power of the movies, 6 letters

Power on an old set, 6 letters

Power once employed in California, 6 letters

Power or Guthrie, 6 letters

Powers of acting, 6 letters

RB Wheatley, 6 letters

Ulster county, 6 letters

*The Mark of Zorro star (1940), 11 letters

*Ava Gardner's co-star in The Sun Also Rises, 11 letters

Johnny Apollo star, 11 letters

The Mark of Zorro star, 11 letters

The Razor's Edge star, 11 letters

The Razor's Edge star, 1946, 11 letters

The Sun Also Rises star, 11 letters

He killed Basil Rathbone in The Mark of Zorro, 11 letters

He played Eddy playing, 11 letters

The Sun Also Rises star, with no authority?, 15 letters

Family featured in Long Day's Journey Into Night, 7 letters

Family in O'Neill dramas, 7 letters

Family man in an O'Neill play, 7 letters

Family members in A Long Day's Journey Into Night, 7 letters

Football player Wheatley and others, 7 letters

Members of O'Neill's Long Day's Journey family, 7 letters

Power and co., 7 letters

Power and Guthrie, 7 letters

Power and others, 7 letters

Power types?, 7 letters

Amateurs, 5 letters

Beginners, 5 letters

Green men?, 5 letters

Green ones, 5 letters

Green people?, 5 letters

Greenhorns, 5 letters

Neophytes, 5 letters

New employees, 5 letters

New kids on the block, 5 letters

Newbies, 5 letters

Novices, 5 letters

Pros' opposite, 5 letters

Raw recruits, 5 letters

Rookies, 5 letters

Tenderfeet, 5 letters

They're green, 5 letters

They're hardly old hands, 5 letters

They're just getting started, 5 letters

They're not well-seasoned, 5 letters

Trainees, 5 letters

Amino acid found in ripe cheese, 8 letters

An amino acid found in most proteins, 8 letters

A precursor of several hormones, 8 letters

'76 Formula One car with six wheels, 7 letters

Jackie Stewart's '73 F1-title-winning car, 7 letters

Six-wheeled '70s Formula One car, 7 letters

Sea bounded by western Italy, Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily, 10 letters

Costly, as a victory, 7 letters

___ Raymond Cobb, 5 letters

___ Raymond Cobb of baseball fame, 5 letters

Corny baseball great?, 15 letters

Has a sympathomimetic action, 8 letters

Found in chocolate and cola drinks and ripe cheese and beer, 8 letters

Amino acid derived from tyrosine, 8 letters

Antbirds, 7 letters

Oven birds, 7 letters

Woodhewers, 7 letters

New World flycatchers, 7 letters

Killing a tyrant, 11 letters

A passerine bird of the suborder Tyranni, 8 letters

New World tyrant flycatchers most numerous in Central and South America but also in the United States and Canada, 10 letters

Large carnivorous bipedal dinosaur having enormous teeth with knifelike serrations, 13 letters

May have been a scavenger rather than an active predator, 13 letters

Upper Cretaceous, 13 letters

North America, 13 letters

Type genus of the Tyrannidae tyrant flycatchers, 8 letters

A basic polypeptide antibiotic derived from a soil bacterium, 9 letters

A major component of tyrothricin, 9 letters

A basic polypeptide antibiotic derived from a soil bacterium, 10 letters

A major component of tyrothricin, 10 letters

Autosomal recessive defect in tyrosine metabolism resulting in liver and kidney disturbances and mental retardation, 11 letters

A mixture of antibiotics applied locally to infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria, 11 letters

(Norse mythology) god of war and strife and son of Odin, 4 letters

Identified with Anglo-Saxon Tiu, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..