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A ram or male sheep, 3 letters

Eventually appear, 3 letters

Like a team that's ahead by a safety, 3 letters

Male sheep, 3 letters

Male sheep in Sheffield,, 3 letters

Male sheep, in Britain, 3 letters

Male sheep, in Shropshire, 3 letters

Male sheep, to a Londoner, 3 letters

Ram, 3 letters

Ram, in Ramsgate, 3 letters

Ram, to a Brit, 3 letters

Uncastrated adult male sheep, 3 letters

NFL punter Tom, 4 letters

Punter-quarterback Tom, 4 letters

Tom scored the NFL's first two- point conversion (Browns against Bengals in '94), 4 letters

Biggie and ___ (2002 documentary), 5 letters

California Love rapper ___ Shakur, 5 letters

First name in rap, 5 letters

Former head of Latin lands, 5 letters

Gangsta rapper and actor Shakur, 5 letters

Ill-fated rapper, 5 letters

Late name in rap, 5 letters

Late rapper ___ Shakur, 5 letters

Murdered rapper with no less than 10 posthumous releases, 5 letters

Murdered Shakur, 5 letters

Rapper ___ Shakur, 5 letters

Rapper in the biopic Notorious, 5 letters

Rapper killed in Las Vegas, 5 letters

Rapper mentioned in a lot of tributes, 5 letters

Rapper Rolling Stone named the 86th Greatest Artist of All Time, 5 letters

Rapper with several posthumous releases, 5 letters

Rapper with the 1996 nine-time platinum album All Eyez on Me, 5 letters

Shakur of rap, 5 letters

Shakur of rap renown, 5 letters

Slain rap star ___ Shakur, 5 letters

First rap artist with a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas, 11 letters

First name in rap, 5 letters

Et ___! (You betrayed me as well, detective novelist James!), 4 letters

___ National Battlefield in Mississippi, 6 letters

___ Honey (Van Morrison song featured at the end of Ulee's Gold), 6 letters

1864 battle site, 6 letters

1864 Mississippi battle site, 6 letters

Birthplace of Elvis, 6 letters

Birthplace of Elvis Presley, 6 letters

Black gum tree, 6 letters

City on the Natchez Trace, 6 letters

Elvis Presley's birthplace, 6 letters

Elvis was born here, 6 letters

Elvis' birthplace, 6 letters

Elvis' Mississippi birthplace, 6 letters

Elvis' Mississippi hometown, 6 letters

Elvis's hometown, 6 letters

Home of the Elvis Presley Festival, 6 letters

Hometown of the Hound Dog singer, 6 letters

Honey variety, 6 letters

Marsh tree, 6 letters

Mississippi city, 6 letters

Mississippi city where Elvis Presley was born, 6 letters

Mississippi city where Elvis was born, 6 letters

Natchez Trace Parkway headquarters, 6 letters

Presley was born there, 6 letters

Presley's birthplace, 6 letters

Site of an annual Elvis Presley Festival, 6 letters

Soft wood, 6 letters

Southeastern tree, 6 letters

Southern swamp tree, 6 letters

Swamp tree, 6 letters

The King's birthplace, 6 letters

Tree found in New Mexico, 6 letters

Tree found in swamps, 6 letters

Uncle ___ (Wilco's predecessor), 6 letters

Where Presley began?, 6 letters

Any of several gum trees of swampy areas of North America, 6 letters

A town in northeast Mississippi, 6 letters

Mississippi setting?, 10 letters

1971 Van Morrison album, 11 letters

Black gum and pepperidge, e.g., 7 letters

Black gum trees, 7 letters

Black gum trees, et al., 7 letters

Black gums, 7 letters

Southern city and tree, 7 letters

MS/MA cities, 10 letters

Amazon native, 4 letters

Amazonian Indian, 4 letters

American Indian grouping, 4 letters

Language spoken by Amazonian natives, 4 letters

Native Brazilian, 4 letters

Paraguayan people, 4 letters

A member of the South American Indian people living in Brazil and Paraguay, 4 letters

The language spoken by the Tupi people of Brazil and Paraguay, 4 letters

Amazon Indians, 5 letters

Algerbraic combos, 6 letters

Bluff-calling ultimatum, 9 letters

Chelsea change, 8 letters

One-sixth of a shilling, 8 letters

Small change for a Brit, 8 letters

Small change, to a Brit, 8 letters

UK bronze decimal coin worth two pennies, 8 letters

A former UK silver coin, 8 letters

Small English coins, 9 letters

Dream On protagonist, 6 letters

Home convenience pioneer, 6 letters

Wonderbowl inventor Earl, 6 letters

Event where there might be burping, 13 letters

Burpable containers, 10 letters

It may be pushed at a party, 10 letters

Kind of party, 10 letters

Neighborhood party type, 10 letters

Tops in the kitchen, 14 letters

Quick inning, perhaps, 8 letters

Type genus of the Tupaia chief genus of tree shrews, 6 letters

Tree shrews, 9 letters

In some classifications tree shrews are considered prosimian primates, 9 letters

Tent that is an Eskimo summer dwelling, 5 letters

Tent that is an Eskimo summer dwelling, 5 letters

Tejus, 10 letters

An inactive volcano in central Chile, 11 letters

Last erupted in 1959, 11 letters

A mountain in the Andes on the border between Argentina and Chile (22,310 feet high), 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..