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___ Finklea (Cyd Charisse), 4 letters

___ Finklea, a k a Cyd Charisse, 4 letters

Capital city of the Toltecs, 4 letters

Capital of the Toltec civilization of central Mexico that rose to power in the 10th century, 4 letters

Central Mexican town, 4 letters

City near Tolstoy's home, 4 letters

City S of Moscow, 4 letters

City south of Moscow, 4 letters

Cyd Charisse's real name, ___ Finklea, 4 letters

Nia's Greek Wedding role, 4 letters

Noted site of ancient Mexican ruins, 4 letters

Solomon island, 6 letters

1998 Liberty Bowl champs, 6 letters

Amy Carter alma mater, 6 letters

Arch-rival of Louisiana State U., 6 letters

College whose fight song is The Olive and the Blue, 6 letters

Conference USA powerhouse, 6 letters

Freeman School of Business setting, 6 letters

Green Wave school, 6 letters

Green Wave's home, 6 letters

Home of the Freeman School of Business, 6 letters

Home of the Green Wave, 6 letters

Jerry Springer's alma mater, 6 letters

Louisiana school, 6 letters

Louisiana university, 6 letters

New Orleans campus, 6 letters

New Orleans college, 6 letters

New Orleans institution, 6 letters

New Orleans school, 6 letters

New Orleans university, 6 letters

Newt Gingrich's alma mater, 6 letters

Pelican State campus, 6 letters

Southern university, 6 letters

Sugar Bowl host until 1976, 6 letters

Sugar Bowl team, 6 letters

The Green Wave, 6 letters

The Green Wave, in college sports, 6 letters

The NCAA's Green Wave, 6 letters

University in New Orleans, 6 letters

Where Richard Harvey and Lonnie Marts went to school, 6 letters

New Orleans campus sign during spring break?, 12 letters

Road leading to a New Orleans campus?, 13 letters

Road through a New Orleans campus?, 13 letters

Road to a Louisiana university?, 13 letters

Interstates around a New Orleans college?, 14 letters

Louisiana college football team?, 14 letters

Louisiana school accesses?, 14 letters

Highway bordering a Louisiana university?, 10 letters

Thoroughfare at a New Orleans campus?, 10 letters

Visalia's county, 6 letters

American bulrush, 4 letters

Bulrush, 4 letters

California bulrush, 4 letters

Kind of bulrush, 4 letters

Large bulrush, 4 letters

Marsh bulrush, 4 letters

Pickerelweed, 4 letters

Southwestern bulrush, 4 letters

Tall bulrush, 4 letters

Bulrushes, 5 letters

Bulrushes (anagram of LUTES), 5 letters

Cattails, 5 letters

Certain bulrushes, 5 letters

Western bulrushes, 5 letters

No. 1 hit single for Don Williams, 6 letters

___ mania, 17th-century Dutch phenomenon, 5 letters

___ tree, 5 letters

___ tree (Indiana state tree), 5 letters

___ tree (white wood source), 5 letters

The Black ___ (Dumas novel), 5 letters

Amsterdam bloom, 5 letters

April/May bloomer, 5 letters

Bed bulb, 5 letters

Bell-shaped bloom, 5 letters

Bell-shaped flower, 5 letters

Bloom from a bulb, 5 letters

Bloomer of Amsterdam, 5 letters

Blooming bulb, 5 letters

Breda bloomer, 5 letters

Bulb in a bed, 5 letters

Bulb output, perhaps, 5 letters

Bulb that can last for years, 5 letters

Bulb's output, 5 letters

Bulbed flower, 5 letters

Bulbous bloomer, 5 letters

Carelessly lit up import from Holland (5), 5 letters

Colorful bloom, 5 letters

Cup-shaped bloom, 5 letters

Cup-shaped flower, 5 letters

Dumas's The Black ___, 5 letters

Dutch beauty, 5 letters

Dutch bloom, 5 letters

Dutch bulb, 5 letters

Dutch export, 5 letters

Dutch flower, 5 letters

Dutch specialty, 5 letters

Dutch still-life subject, 5 letters

Dutch treat, 5 letters

Feature of many Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs, 5 letters

Festival flower, 5 letters

Flower, 5 letters

Flower a windmill, 5 letters

Flower associated with Holland, 5 letters

Flower associated with Tiny Tim, 5 letters

Flower by a windmill, 5 letters

Flower from Holland, 5 letters

Flower named for a turban, 5 letters

Flower named for its resemblance to a turban, 5 letters

Flower put back around Long Island (5), 5 letters

Flower tiptoed through, in song, 5 letters

Flower traded on 17th-century Dutch stock exchanges, 5 letters

Focus of an annual festival in Holland, Michigan, 5 letters

Garden bulb, 5 letters

Garden flower, 5 letters

Goblet shape, 5 letters

Haarlem bloom, 5 letters

Haarlem project, 5 letters

Holland bloomer, 5 letters

Holland export, 5 letters

Hyacinth's cousin, 5 letters

Indiana's state tree, 5 letters

Kind of bulb, 5 letters

Lily family member, 5 letters

Long-lasting bulb, 5 letters

Mania source of the 1630's, 5 letters

May bloomer, 5 letters

May flower, 5 letters

Netherlands flower, 5 letters

Oddly lit up item in a bed (5), 5 letters

Onetime Dutch fad item, 5 letters

Part of a Leiden bed, 5 letters

Plant of the lily family, 5 letters

Popular bulb, 5 letters

Popular flower in the Netherlands, 5 letters

Showy bulb flower, 5 letters

Showy flower, 5 letters

Sign of spring, 5 letters

Spring beauty, 5 letters

Spring bloom, 5 letters

Spring bloom from a bulb, 5 letters

Spring flower, 5 letters

Spring perennial, 5 letters

Spring-blooming bulb, 5 letters

Still life subject, 5 letters

Subject of an annual festival in Holland, Mich., 5 letters

Symbol of Holland, 5 letters

Tiny Tim's daughter, 5 letters

Tiny Tim's flower, 5 letters

Tree or flower, 5 letters

Urn-shaped blossom, 5 letters

White item in a 1944 Matisse painting, 5 letters

Any of numerous perennial bulbous herbs having linear or broadly lanceolate leaves and usually a single showy flower, 5 letters

Where to plant bulbs, 8 letters

Fall planting, 9 letters

Gardener's fall planting, 9 letters

Nursery buy, perhaps, 9 letters

Seat designed by Eero Saarinen in 1956, 10 letters

State tree of Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky: 2 wds., 11 letters

Grass disease caused by bulb eelworms, 9 letters

Blooms from bulbs, 6 letters

Blooms in the Netherlands, 6 letters

Blooms of Holland, 6 letters

Bulb products, 6 letters

Bulbous plants, 6 letters

Bulbs' output, 6 letters

Dutch beauties, 6 letters

Dutch blooms, 6 letters

Dutch export, 6 letters

Dutch flowers, 6 letters

Dutch treats, 6 letters

Early spring flowers, 6 letters

Festival flowers, 6 letters

Flowers in a Tiny Tim song, 6 letters

Haarlem bloomers, 6 letters

Mania source of the 1630s, 6 letters

Netherlands blooms, 6 letters

Pennsylvania Dutch pottery design, 6 letters

Some bulbous plants, 6 letters

Spring bloomers, 6 letters

Subject of an annual Ottawa festival, 6 letters

Tiny Tim's flora, 6 letters

Valuable 17th-century Dutch commodities, 6 letters

What Tiny Tim tiptoed through, 6 letters

Yield of some bulbs, 6 letters

Dutch exporter's forte?, 12 letters

Part 2 of the quotation, 10 letters

Arbor with unusual leaves, 9 letters

One of Indiana's state symbols, 9 letters

Yellow poplar, 9 letters

Aqualung band Jethro ___, 4 letters

As I Lay Dying family name, 4 letters

Thick as a Brick rockers Jethro ___, 4 letters

18th-century agricultural inventor, 4 letters

1960's-80's rock group Jethro ___, 4 letters

Agricultural inventor Jethro, 4 letters

Agriculturalist Jethro, 4 letters

Agriculturist Jethro ___, 4 letters

Agronomist Jethro, 4 letters

Band eponym Jethro ___, 4 letters

Drill inventor Jethro, 4 letters

English agriculturist and inventor, 4 letters

Farming pioneer, 4 letters

Inventor Jethro, 4 letters

Jethro ___, 4 letters

Jethro ___ (Aqualung band), 4 letters

Jethro ___ (Ian Anderson's group), 4 letters

Jethro ___ (progressive rock band), 4 letters

Jethro of prog rock, 4 letters

Jethro of rock, 4 letters

Pioneering agriculturist Jethro, 4 letters

Progressive rock group Jethro ___, 4 letters

Rock band Jethro ___, 4 letters

Rock music's Jethro ___, 4 letters

Rock's Jethro ___, 4 letters

Rock's Jethro, 4 letters

Rockers Jethro ___, 4 letters

Seed-drill inventor Jethro, 4 letters

Ball-gown fabric, 5 letters

Bridal veil material, 5 letters

Bridal veil material, often, 5 letters

Bridal veil material, perhaps, 5 letters

Delicate material, 5 letters

Delicate netting, 5 letters

Diaphanous material, 5 letters

Evening gown fabric, 5 letters

Evening gown material, perhaps, 5 letters

Fabric of fine net, 5 letters

Fine material, 5 letters

Fine mesh, 5 letters

Fine net, 5 letters

Fine net fabric, 5 letters

Fine netting, 5 letters

Gauzy fabric, 5 letters

Gown fabric, 5 letters

Gown material, 5 letters

Lightweight netting, 5 letters

Material for a veil, 5 letters

Meshy material, 5 letters

Net, 5 letters

Net fabric, 5 letters

Net material, 5 letters

Netting used in veils, 5 letters

Prom dress fabric, 5 letters

Prom dress material, 5 letters

Prom dress material, perhaps, 5 letters

Silk fabric, 5 letters

Silk netting, 5 letters

Stuff of veils, 5 letters

Tutu cloth, 5 letters

Tutu fabric, 5 letters

Tutu material, 5 letters

Veil fabric, 5 letters

Veil material, 5 letters

Veil netting, 5 letters

Veiling, 5 letters

Very fine netting, 5 letters

Wedding dress fabric, 5 letters

A fine (often starched) net used for veils or tutus or gowns, 5 letters

Do-it-yourselfer's cloth?, 8 letters

Fine nets, 6 letters

Wedding dress fabrics, 6 letters

Big Jethro buff?, 9 letters

Inventor Jethro and namesakes, 5 letters

Jarnegan author: 1925, 5 letters

Alias for Cicero, 5 letters

Philanthropist Alice ___, 5 letters

A Roman statesman and orator remembered for his mastery of Latin prose (106-43 BC), 5 letters

Livin' on ___ time (lyric in a #1 Don Williams country hit), 5 letters

Oil Capital of the World, 5 letters

Arkansas River city, 5 letters

Champion Baldwin's hometown*, 5 letters

Citgo's headquarters, 5 letters

City in Oklahoma, 5 letters

City in Tornado Alley, 5 letters

City near the Ozarks, 5 letters

City near the Red Fork oil fields, 5 letters

City on the Arkansas, 5 letters

City on the Arkansas River, 5 letters

City south of Bartlesville, 5 letters

City west of Fayetteville, 5 letters

City where The Outsiders takes place, 5 letters

City whose name means old town in Creek, 5 letters

Garth Brooks' birthplace, 5 letters

Garth Brooks' hometown, 5 letters

Golden Hurricane, 5 letters

Golden Hurricanes school, 5 letters

Home of Citgo, 5 letters

Home of Oral Roberts U., 5 letters

Home of Oral Roberts University, 5 letters

Home of the Drillers of the Texas League, 5 letters

Home of the Golden Hurricane, 5 letters

Home of the Jaycees' national headquarters, 5 letters

Home of the minor league Drillers, 5 letters

It's on the Arkansas River, 5 letters

Major oil hub, 5 letters

Midwest oil center, 5 letters

Midwest oil city, 5 letters

Midwest oil hub, 5 letters

Oil center in Okla., 5 letters

Oil patch city, 5 letters

Oil town, 5 letters

OK city, 5 letters

Okla. city, 5 letters

Okla. oil center, 5 letters

Oklahoma city, 5 letters

Oklahoma city on the Arkansas, 5 letters

Oklahoma county or its seat, 5 letters

Oklahoma hub, 5 letters

Oklahoma metropolis, 5 letters

Oklahoma oil center, 5 letters

Oklahoma oil city, 5 letters

Oklahoma oil hub, 5 letters

Oklahoma oil town, 5 letters

Oklahoma university city, 5 letters

Oklahoma's Golden Hurricane, 5 letters

Oklahoma's second largest city, 5 letters

Oral Roberts U. site, 5 letters

Oral Roberts University city, 5 letters

School whose team is the Golden Hurricane, 5 letters

Second most populous Oklahoma city, 5 letters

Second-largest city in Oklahoma, 5 letters

Sooner city, 5 letters

Sooner city in a Don Williams title, 5 letters

Sooner hub, 5 letters

Sooner State city, 5 letters

Southern oil center, 5 letters

The Golden Hurricane's university, 5 letters

Tony Randall's birthplace, 5 letters

Tornado Alley city, 5 letters

Tornado Alley town, 5 letters

U.S. oil hub, 5 letters

University of ___ (the Golden Hurricane), 5 letters

Where Garth Brooks hails from, 5 letters

Where Garth Brooks was born, 5 letters

A major city of northeastern Oklahoma on the Arkansas river, 5 letters

Oklahoma windshield company name?, 15 letters

A Sooner Stater, 6 letters

Blake Edwards, by birth, 6 letters

Certain Sooner, 6 letters

Certain Tornado Alley resident, 6 letters

Garth Brooks, by birth, 6 letters

Oklahoma citizen, 6 letters

Resident of Oklahoma's second-largest city, 6 letters

Some urban Sooners, 7 letters

Approval from Oral Roberts Univ.?, 7 letters

City south of Topeka, KS, 7 letters

Oral Roberts U. town, 7 letters

Part of the mailing address to Oral Roberts University, 7 letters

Sooner CEO's approval?, 7 letters

City on Route 66, 13 letters

Major U.S.oil hub, 13 letters

Part of America, 13 letters

Second-largest city in the 46th state, 13 letters

Oklahoma food fish?, 10 letters

Easy pickup in Oklahoma?, 9 letters

Child's plea in Oklahoma?, 15 letters

Place to get nam tok and pad see ew in Oklahoma, 9 letters

1980 Eric Clapton hit, 9 letters

Disease of rodents (especially rabbits and squirrels) and sometimes transmitted to humans by ticks or flies or by handling infected animals, 10 letters

Disease of rodents (especially rabbits and squirrels) and sometimes transmitted to humans by ticks or flies or by handling infected animals, 9 letters

Type genus of the Tulostomaceae, 9 letters

Eurasian perennial bulbous herbs, 6 letters

Used for furniture and veneer, 9 letters

Light easily worked wood of a tulip tree, 9 letters

Type genus of the Tulostomaceae, 9 letters

Stalked puffballs, 13 letters

Stalked puffballs, 15 letters

An order of fungi belonging to the class Gasteromycetes, 14 letters

A member of a Dravidian people living on the southwestern coast of India, 4 letters

A Dravidian language spoken by the Tulu people, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..