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Lime spring deposit, 4 letters

Limestone deposite, 4 letters

Limestone variety, 4 letters

Porous limestone, 4 letters

Porous rock, 4 letters

Rocklike lake deposit, 4 letters

Soft, porous rock, 4 letters

A soft porous rock consisting of calcium carbonate deposited from springs rich in lime, 4 letters

Hard volcanic rock composed of compacted volcanic ash, 4 letters

Shrimp et ___ (modern spelling of a classic Cajun dish), 4 letters

Grassy seat, 6 letters

Miss Muffet's seat, 6 letters

Muffet's perch, 6 letters

Muffet's seat, 6 letters

Nursery rhyme seat, 6 letters

Spider-scare site, 6 letters

Spot for eating curds and whey, 6 letters

Where a young girl lost her whey?, 6 letters

Low seats, 7 letters

Low stools, 7 letters

Seats for curds and whey eaters, 7 letters

Bit of hair standing up, 4 letters

Bristle, 4 letters

Bunch of feathers, 4 letters

Bunch of hair, 4 letters

Bushy little growth, 4 letters

Clump, 4 letters

Clump of bushes, 4 letters

Clump of curls, 4 letters

Clump of feathers, 4 letters

Clump of grass, 4 letters

Clump of hair, 4 letters

Cluster, 4 letters

Cluster of feathers, 4 letters

Cluster of hair, 4 letters

Cluster of small feathers, 4 letters

Cluster, as of feathers, 4 letters

Cockatoo crest, 4 letters

Cowlick, e.g., 4 letters

Dense clump of trees or bushes, 4 letters

Divot, 4 letters

Elvis's haircut, 4 letters

End of a lion's tail, 4 letters

Feather clump, 4 letters

Feather cluster, 4 letters

Feature of many a bird, 4 letters

Goatee, e.g., 4 letters

Grass clump, 4 letters

Grass patch, 4 letters

Hair clump, 4 letters

Hair cluster, 4 letters

Hair piece?, 4 letters

Hairball, 4 letters

Hairy bunch, 4 letters

Hank, 4 letters

Hank of hair, 4 letters

Lion's tail feature, 4 letters

Patch of grass, 4 letters

Pompom, 4 letters

Pompom, e.g., 4 letters

Prominent bit of hair, 4 letters

Small clump, 4 letters

Small cluster, as of threads, 4 letters

Small grass patch, 4 letters

Soft cluster, 4 letters

Tam-o'-shanter feature, 4 letters

Titmouse feature, 4 letters

Titmouse topper, 4 letters

Unruly bit of hair, 4 letters

A bunch of hair or feathers or growing grass, 4 letters

A bunch of feathers or hair, 4 letters

___ titmouse: songbird, 6 letters

Grown in dense clumps, 6 letters

Having a feathery crest, 6 letters

Having a goatee, 6 letters

Kind of titmouse, 6 letters

Like short-eared owls, 6 letters

Like some titmice, 6 letters

Sporting plumage, 6 letters

With grass clumps, 6 letters

Actor Sonny, 5 letters

Arthur Sulzberger Jr.'s alma mater, 5 letters

Bay State school, 5 letters

Bedspread frills, 5 letters

Boston campus, 5 letters

Campus in Medford, Mass., 5 letters

Certain Massachusetts university, 5 letters

Clumps, 5 letters

Clumps of grass, 5 letters

Clumps of hair, 5 letters

Clusters, 5 letters

Clusters of grass, 5 letters

Cockatoo feathers, e.g., 5 letters

Cowlicks, 5 letters

Decorative clusters, 5 letters

Dense clumps, 5 letters

Feather clusters, 5 letters

Grass clumps, 5 letters

Hair clumps, 5 letters

Hair clusters, 5 letters

Jumbos' alma mater, 5 letters

Massachusetts school, 5 letters

Massachusetts university, 5 letters

Medford, MA school, 5 letters

Medford, Mass. campus, 5 letters

School near Boston, 5 letters

Site of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 5 letters

Small clumps, 5 letters

Soft bunches, 5 letters

The great horned owl has prominent ones on its ears, 5 letters

University at Medford, MA, 5 letters

University at Medford, Mass., 5 letters

University in Medford, Massachusetts, 5 letters

University just outside Boston, 5 letters

University of Massachusetts, 5 letters

University set on Walnut Hill, 5 letters

University whose mascot is Jumbo the elephant, 5 letters

Upholstery adornments, 5 letters

Where the Jumbos play, 5 letters

Where Tracy Chapman went to college, 5 letters

Small goatees, e.g., 11 letters

Meredith Vieira alma mater, 15 letters

With many bunches of feathers, 5 letters

Eighth-century Chinese poet, 4 letters

Li Po's contemporary, 4 letters

Hard volcanic rock composed of compacted volcanic ash, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..