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Having a crossbar, 7 letters

Like a certain drafting tool, 7 letters

Like a crucifix, 7 letters

Like a loin lamb chop bone, 7 letters

Like some pipes, 7 letters

Like some road sign symbols, 7 letters

Like the bone in a loin steak, 7 letters

A West African language, 4 letters

Ghanian language, 4 letters

Gold Coast language, 4 letters

Sudanic language, 4 letters

...was this lousy ___, 6 letters

All I got was this lousy ___, 6 letters

My parents went to Las Vegas and all I got was this lousy ---, 6 letters

Beach souvenir sometimes, 6 letters

Brando wear in Streetcar, 6 letters

Casual cotton top, 6 letters

Casual cover-up, 6 letters

Casual garb, 6 letters

Casual garment, 6 letters

Casual top, 6 letters

Casual wear, 6 letters

Casual wear on board, 6 letters

Common slogan spot, 6 letters

Common top, 6 letters

Concert memento, 6 letters

Concert purchase, 6 letters

Concert sale item, 6 letters

Concert souvenir, 6 letters

Conference freebie, maybe, 6 letters

Customizable apparel, 6 letters

Fair wear, 6 letters

Freebie, frequently, 6 letters

Gap purchase, maybe, 6 letters

Garment that may have advertising, 6 letters

Gym-locker item, 6 letters

Gymwear item, 6 letters

Hanes product, 6 letters

Informal attire, 6 letters

Informal garment, 6 letters

It may carry a message, 6 letters

Item for a camp project, 6 letters

Item shot into the stands at some sporting events, 6 letters

Jeans partner, 6 letters

Jeans topper, 6 letters

Jeans topper, often, 6 letters

Jersey, 6 letters

Jogger's wear, perhaps, 6 letters

John Mellencamp often wears one, 6 letters

Knit top, 6 letters

Light top, 6 letters

Marathon freebie, 6 letters

Marathon memento, 6 letters

Message bearer, often, 6 letters

One place for a slogan, 6 letters

Option for dressing down, 6 letters

Outerwear that once was underwear, 6 letters

Part of Springsteen's getup on the cover of Born in the U.S.A., 6 letters

Place for a slogan, 6 letters

Polo, 6 letters

Popular souvenir, 6 letters

Popular souvenir choice, 6 letters

Popular souvenir item, 6 letters

Pullover, 6 letters

Rock concert memento, 6 letters

Rock concert souvenir, 6 letters

Rock-concert purchase, 6 letters

Simple top, 6 letters

Slogan bearer, often, 6 letters

Sort of souvenir, 6 letters

Souvenir buy, 6 letters

Souvenir garment, 6 letters

Souvenir item, 6 letters

Souvenir shop item, 6 letters

Souvenir shop purchase, 6 letters

Souvenir stand item, 6 letters

Souvenir stand staple, 6 letters

Souvenir-shop buy, 6 letters

Souvenir-shop top, 6 letters

Summer top, 6 letters

Tie-dye target, often, 6 letters

Top at the beach, 6 letters

Top to go with shorts, 6 letters

Top with a quip, maybe, 6 letters

Top with a slogan, perhaps, 6 letters

Type of top, 6 letters

Underwear top, 6 letters

Unisex garb, 6 letters

Vacation memento, 6 letters

Vacation memento, maybe, 6 letters

Vacation souvenir, 6 letters

Vacation souvenir, maybe, 6 letters

Warm weather wear, 6 letters

Weekend wear, 6 letters

Workout wear, 6 letters

Casual outfit, 15 letters

It's shot at screaming fans, 12 letters

Casual tops, 7 letters

Casual wear, 7 letters

Clothes with slogans, 7 letters

Concert mementos, 7 letters

Concert souvenirs, 7 letters

Fun-run handouts, 7 letters

Gift shop apparel, 7 letters

Hard Rock Caf, 7 letters

Hot weather wear, 7 letters

Informal wear, 7 letters

Items worn with shorts, 7 letters

Keychain alternatives, 7 letters

Marathon mementos, 7 letters

Polo alternatives, 7 letters

Popular pullovers, 7 letters

Popular wear, 7 letters

Prizes we're awarding for solving The World's Hardest Crossword Puzzle, 7 letters

Rock concert buys, 7 letters

Rock concert wear, 7 letters

Rock-concert souvenirs, 7 letters

Some gymwear, 7 letters

Some souvenirs, 7 letters

Some vacation mementos, 7 letters

Souvenir shop items, 7 letters

Souvenir shop stock, 7 letters

Souvenir stand items, 7 letters

Souvenir stock, 7 letters

Souvenirs with slogans, 7 letters

Summer tops, 7 letters

Summer wear, 7 letters

Theme park souvenirs, 7 letters

They get pulled over one's eyes, 7 letters

They get pulled over your eyes, 7 letters

Tops worn with shorts, 7 letters

Tourist souvenirs, 7 letters

Trip souvenirs, 7 letters

Vacation souvenirs, 7 letters

Surpasses in splendor, 5 letters

Anterior pituitary hormone that stimulates the function of the thyroid gland, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..