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___ Superstation, 3 letters

'Conan' airer, 3 letters

'Dinner and a Movie' cable channel, 3 letters

'Dinner and a Movie' network, 3 letters

'Ripley's Believe It or Not!' channel, 3 letters

'The Bill Engvall Show' network, 3 letters

10 Items or Less channel, 3 letters

Are We There Yet? airer, 3 letters

Conan channel, 3 letters

Dinner & A Movie airer, 3 letters

Dinner & a Movie cable network, 3 letters

Dinner & a Movie network, 3 letters

Dinner and a Movie channel, 3 letters

Dinner and a Movie airer, 3 letters

Frank TV airer, 3 letters

Frank TV channel, 3 letters

Friends airer, 3 letters

Lopez Tonight channel, 3 letters

Meet the Browns channel, 3 letters

Men At Work channel, 3 letters

Movie and a Makeover channel, 3 letters

Movie and a Makeover network, 3 letters

My Boys airer, 3 letters

My Boys channel, 3 letters

Superstation letters, 3 letters

The Real Gilligan's Island channel, 3 letters

The Super Station, 3 letters

Tyler Perry's House of Payne channel, 3 letters

Very funny cable channel, 3 letters

Very funny channel, 3 letters

Very funny network, 3 letters

Very funny station, 3 letters

Very funny TV station, 3 letters

1996 Time Warner Inc. acquisition, 3 letters

A network, 3 letters

Airer of baseball's Division Series, 3 letters

Airer of many syndicated sitcoms, 3 letters

Atl. Braves network, 3 letters

Atl. cable station, 3 letters

Atlanta Superstation, 3 letters

Atlanta Braves broadcaster, 3 letters

Atlanta Braves station, 3 letters

Atlanta Braves TV network, 3 letters

Atlanta Braves' longtime network, 3 letters

Atlanta cable sta., 3 letters

Atlanta network (abbr.), 3 letters

Atlanta station, 3 letters

Atlanta superstation, 3 letters

Atlanta-based Superstation, 3 letters

Atlanta-based cable channel, 3 letters

Atlanta-based cable co., 3 letters

Atlanta-based cable sta., 3 letters

Atlanta-based cable station, 3 letters

Atlanta-based channel, 3 letters

Atlanta-based netwk., 3 letters

Atlanta-based sta., 3 letters

Atlanta-based station, 3 letters

Atlanta-based televiser, 3 letters

Atlanta's superstation, 3 letters

Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, 3 letters

Basic cable channel, 3 letters

Basic cable network, 3 letters

Basic cable station, 3 letters

Big initials in comedy syndication, 3 letters

Big inits. on cable, 3 letters

Blemish, 3 letters

Braves carrier, 3 letters

Braves network: Abbr., 3 letters

Braves shower, 3 letters

Broadcast inits., 3 letters

Cable 'Superstation', 3 letters

Cable channel abbr., 3 letters

Cable channel whose logo is a semicircle, 3 letters

Cable channel whose slogan is Very Funny, 3 letters

Cable channel with the slogan Very funny, 3 letters

Cable channel... with a hint to the answers to the five starred clues, 3 letters

Cable choice, 3 letters

Cable giant, 3 letters

Cable inits., 3 letters

Cable ltrs., 3 letters

Cable net, 3 letters

Cable network, 3 letters

Cable network letters, 3 letters

Cable sta., 3 letters

Cable sta. that formerly aired shows at 5 and 35 minutes past the hour, 3 letters

Cable station, 3 letters

Cable superstation, 3 letters

Cable TV inits., 3 letters

Cable TV station, 3 letters

Cable TV's Superstation, 3 letters

Cable-guide abbr., 3 letters

Cable's home of the Braves, 3 letters

Cable's Superstation, 3 letters

Carrier of Braves games, 3 letters

Cartoon Network parent co., 3 letters

Cartoon Network sister station, 3 letters

Channel that reairs The Big Bang Theory, 3 letters

Channel that stopped showing Braves baseball after the 2007 season, 3 letters

Classic cars, popularly, 3 letters

CNN colleague, in a way, 3 letters

CNN launcher, 3 letters

CNN parent co., 3 letters

CNN parent company, 3 letters

CNN's parent, 3 letters

Conan O'Brien's network, 3 letters

Conan's network, 3 letters

Condiment measures: abbr., 3 letters

Cook's abbr., 3 letters

Cookbook abbr., 3 letters

Cookbook abbreviation, 3 letters

Cookbook amt., 3 letters

Cookbook meas., 3 letters

Cooking abbreviation, 3 letters

Court TV parent co., 3 letters

Court TV sister station, 3 letters

Home of George Lopez's talk show, 3 letters

Home of the Braves, on TV, 3 letters

Home of the toned-down Sex and the City, 3 letters

Home of toned-down Sex and the City, 3 letters

It carries the Braves: Abbr., 3 letters

It showed some of the MLB playoffs in 2011, 3 letters

Kitchen meas., 3 letters

Kitchen measure: Abbr., 3 letters

Longtime Atlanta Braves broadcaster, 3 letters

Meas. for Child, 3 letters

My Boys network, 3 letters

Network launched in '76, 3 letters

Network of the Braves, 3 letters

Network with the slogan very funny, 3 letters

Noted airer of classic sitcoms, 3 letters

One network that reaired Family Guy, 3 letters

One of Ted's networks, 3 letters

One of Ted's stations, 3 letters

One of Turner's TV stations, 3 letters

Recipe abbr., 3 letters

Recipe amt., 3 letters

Recipe meas., 3 letters

Recipe measure: Abbr., 3 letters

Recipe wds., 3 letters

Self-proclaimed 'very funny' cable sta., 3 letters

Sister station of 59D, 3 letters

Ski lifts, 3 letters

Station launched in 1976, 3 letters

Station of Braves games, 3 letters

Station showing Sex and the City reruns, 3 letters

Station with multiple Tyler Perry programs, 3 letters

SuperStation initials, 3 letters

SuperStation inits., 3 letters

Superstation of cable, 3 letters

Syndicated sitcom channel, 3 letters

Ted Turner's network, 3 letters

Ted's cable sta., 3 letters

Ted's former CATV outlet, 3 letters

Ted's network (abbr.), 3 letters

Ted's oldest station, 3 letters

The Superstation, 3 letters

Time Warner Superstation, 3 letters

Time Warner cable channel, 3 letters

Time Warner channel, 3 letters

Turner network, 3 letters

Turner station, 3 letters

Turner's ntwk., 3 letters

TV home of the Braves, 3 letters

TV network logo, 3 letters

USA alternative, 3 letters

USA competitor, 3 letters

USA network rival, 3 letters

USA rival, 3 letters

0.5 fl. oz., 4 letters

1/16 of a cup (abbr.), 4 letters

1/2 fl. oz., 4 letters

1/2 fluid oz., 4 letters

15-ml unit, 4 letters

240 minims: Abbr., 4 letters

A couple of pinches, perhaps: Abbr., 4 letters

A small meas., 4 letters

Abbr. in a recipe, 4 letters

Abbr. in some math problems with fractions, 4 letters

Amt. in a recipe, 4 letters

Baker's abbr., 4 letters

Baker's meas., 4 letters

Baking meas., 4 letters

Beard measurement: Abbr., 4 letters

Butter meas., 4 letters

Certain qty. of cumin, 4 letters

Chef's measure: Abbr., 4 letters

Child's meas., 4 letters

Cook's meas., 4 letters

Cookbook abbr., 4 letters

Cookbook amt., 4 letters

Cookbook meas., 4 letters

Cooking amt., 4 letters

Cooking meas., 4 letters

Cough syrup meas., 4 letters

Culinary meas., 4 letters

Cumin qty., 4 letters

Dosage amt., 4 letters

Dosage unit: Abbr., 4 letters

Epicurious abbr., 4 letters

Fl. oz. half, 4 letters

Fraction of an oz., 4 letters

Half a fl. oz., 4 letters

Half a fluid oz., 4 letters

Half an oz., 4 letters

Half of a fl. oz., 4 letters

Half-oz., 4 letters

Half-oz. measure, 4 letters

J. Child's measure, 4 letters

Kitchen amt., 4 letters

Kitchen meas., 4 letters

Measure of sugar: Abbr., 4 letters

Med. dose, 4 letters

Medicinal amt., 4 letters

Medicinal meas., 4 letters

One of 16 in a cup (Abbr.), 4 letters

One of a half pint's 16: Abbr., 4 letters

One sip, maybe: Abbr., 4 letters

One-half fl. oz., 4 letters

One-half fluid oz., 4 letters

One-half of a fl. oz., 4 letters

One-half of a fluid oz., 4 letters

One-sixteenth of a cup (Abbr.), 4 letters

Recipe abbr., 4 letters

Recipe abbreviation, 4 letters

Recipe amount: Abbr., 4 letters

Recipe amt., 4 letters

Recipe amt., perhaps, 4 letters

Recipe card abbr., 4 letters

Recipe meas., 4 letters

Recipe qty., 4 letters

Recipe shortening?, 4 letters

Rx dose, e.g., 4 letters

Saffron amt., perhaps, 4 letters

Salt meas., perhaps, 4 letters

Seasoning amt., 4 letters

Shortening in the kitchen?, 4 letters

Shortening often used in cookie recipes, 4 letters

Shortening used in recipes, 4 letters

Small meas. that's usually more vanilla extract than you'll need, 4 letters amt., 4 letters

Spice meas., 4 letters

Three tsps., 4 letters

A fluid oz. has about two, 5 letters

A fluid oz. has two, 5 letters

Baking amts., 5 letters

C. sixteenths, 5 letters

Cookbook amts., 5 letters

Cooking amts., 5 letters

Cough syrup dosages; Abbr., 5 letters

Cough syrup measures; Abbr., 5 letters

Dosage amts., 5 letters

Kitchen measures (abbr.), 5 letters

Recipe amts., 5 letters

Recipe measurements (abbr.), 5 letters

Some recipe amts., 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..