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Baltimore or SF, 3 letters

Bkln. or Balt., 3 letters

Bos. or N. Y., 3 letters

Boston or Galveston, e.g. (abbr.), 3 letters

City by the ocean, like N.Y. or Balt., 3 letters

Harbor city (abbr.), 3 letters

Harbor: abbr., 3 letters

Mystic, Conn., e.g., 3 letters

N.Y. or Boston, 3 letters

N.Y. or Boston, e.g., 3 letters

N.Y.C. or L.A., 3 letters

N.Y.C. or New Orleans, 3 letters

NYC e.g., 3 letters

S.F. or N.Y., nautically, 3 letters

S.F. or NYC, 3 letters

Ship hangout: abbr., 3 letters

Austere ones, 6 letters

A clone, e.g.?, 11 letters

Rove; ramble, 6 letters

Lady Macbeth's quest?, 7 letters

Lady Macbeth's quest? (4,7), 7 letters

Balt. and L.A., 4 letters

Balt. and N.Y.C., 4 letters

Harbors: abbr., 4 letters

N.Y. and S.F., e.g., 4 letters

N.Y., L.A., S.F., etc., 4 letters

New Orleans and Boston, e.g.: Abbr., 4 letters

NYC and SF, for two, 4 letters

Some coastal cities: Abbr., 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..