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'Top of the ___' (British TV show), 4 letters

Top of the ___, 4 letters

Balloon-bursting sounds, 4 letters

Band in Boston, 4 letters

Boston , 4 letters

Boston ___ (orchestra), 4 letters

Boston bunch, 4 letters

Boston group, 4 letters

Boston music makers, 4 letters

Boston musical group, 4 letters

Boston musicians?, 4 letters

Bubble wrap sounds, 4 letters

Bursts, 4 letters

Bursts open, 4 letters

Bursts, as a balloon, 4 letters

Carbonated beverages, 4 letters

Carbonated quaffs, 4 letters

Certain orchestra, 4 letters

Confections on sticks, 4 letters

Dad, 4 letters

Dad's bursts, 4 letters

Daddies' soft drinks?, 4 letters

Daddy-o, 4 letters

Deflates, 4 letters

Explodes, 4 letters

Explosive sounds, 4 letters

Father, slangily, 4 letters

Fathers, 4 letters

Flies out to Barry Bonds, with up, 4 letters

Frees (a cork)), 4 letters

George Michael, for one, 4 letters

Goes boom, 4 letters

Goes off, 4 letters

Has fun with bubble wrap, 4 letters

Ice cream on a stick, 4 letters

Ice cream sticks, 4 letters

Infield flies, 4 letters

June honorees, 4 letters

Kellogg's selection, 4 letters

Light classical orchestra, 4 letters

Little explosions, 4 letters

Musical ensemble, 4 letters

Nickname for Dad, 4 letters

Noises made by firecrackers, 4 letters

Old man, 4 letters

Oldster's nickname, 4 letters

Opens, as a hood, 4 letters

Orchestra for the masses, 4 letters

Orchestra that plays light classical music, 4 letters

Orchestra type, 4 letters

Paul Whiteman's nickname, 4 letters

Prepares corn for snacking, 4 letters

Provider of some light fare, 4 letters

Puts suddenly, as a question, 4 letters

Satchmo's other nickname, 4 letters

Small explosions, 4 letters

Sodas, 4 letters

Soft drinks or daddies, 4 letters

Spinal-adjustment sounds, 4 letters

Springs (for), slangily, 4 letters

Suddenly asks, 4 letters

Takes after the weasel, 4 letters

Takes excessively, as pills, 4 letters

The Boston ___, 4 letters

The old man, 4 letters

What his children called Fiedler?, 4 letters

Billboard magazine's milieu, 8 letters

Boston summer offering, 11 letters

Fatherly figure for the other feudal workers, 7 letters

Deflates a fellow, 14 letters

Hypochon-driac's favorite treat?, 9 letters

Cool invention of 1905, 8 letters

Cool treat on a stick, 8 letters

Dad's dessert, 8 letters

Frozen treat, 8 letters

Frozen treat brand, 8 letters

Good Humor treat, 8 letters

Ice cream treat, 8 letters

Ice cream truck offering, 8 letters

Ice lolly, stateside, 8 letters

It gets a licking, 8 letters

It takes a licking, 8 letters

It's licked on a stick, 8 letters

Lickable treat, 8 letters

Product on a birch stick, 8 letters

Something stuck in a freezer?, 8 letters

Something sucked in the summer, 8 letters

Summer treat, 8 letters

Treat on a stick, 8 letters

Ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick, 8 letters

Frozen treats for Britney Spears?, 9 letters

Snacks on sticks, 9 letters

Treats on sticks, 9 letters

Boring place, in slang, 13 letters

Comes calling unexpectedly, 6 letters

Drops by, 6 letters

Makes a quick visit, 6 letters

Makes an unannounced visit, 6 letters

Pays a quick visit, 6 letters

Pays a surprise visit, 6 letters

Surprises, in a way, 6 letters

Visits, 6 letters

Visits briefly, 6 letters

Visits unexpectedly, 6 letters

*Spears or Twain, 9 letters

Many a Grammy winner, 9 letters

Orlando or Houston, 9 letters

Richie or Simon, 9 letters

They start this puzzle's theme entries, 10 letters

They work with numbers, 10 letters

Elton John's hit?, 9 letters

Top-40 entry, 9 letters

Top-40 record, 9 letters

___ up (hits a shallow fly), 6 letters

Speaks indiscreetly, 7 letters

Unseals suddenly, 7 letters

Hit on the radio, 7 letters

Catholic leader's interminable indication of distress about no-good modern music (3,5), 8 letters

Appears suddenly, 7 letters

How a high-pitched weasel goes?, 9 letters

Britney Spears, e.g., 7 letters

Britney Spears, for one, 7 letters

Certain celebrity, 7 letters

Charter, at times, 7 letters

Elton John or Britney Spears, 7 letters

Joel or John, 7 letters

Ke$ha, for one, 7 letters

Madonna, for one, 7 letters

MTV favorite, 7 letters

Prince, e.g., 7 letters

Spears, e.g., 7 letters

Spin magazine profilee, 7 letters

Subject of a teen magazine profile, 7 letters

Teen heartthrob, 7 letters

Teen idol, 7 letters

Teen idol, say: 2 words, 7 letters

The King or Prince, 7 letters

Wait! There he is!, 15 letters

A Jackson, 14 letters

Regulars on VH1, 8 letters

Opens a bottle of bubbly, 11 letters

Asks to marry, 15 letters

Makes a proposal, 15 letters

Makes an important proposal, 15 letters

Presents an important proposal, 15 letters

Proposes, 15 letters

Seeks a wife, 15 letters

Takes the first step on the way to matrimony, 15 letters

Sight at a backstabbing family reunion?, 15 letters

Appears without warning, 6 letters

Arises unexpectedly, 6 letters

Comes to light, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..