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1969 Alan Arkin film, 4 letters

1969 Alan Arkin role, 4 letters

1969 Arkin film, 4 letters

1969 Arkin/Moreno dramedy, 4 letters

Alan Arkin film, 4 letters

Alan Arkin movie, 4 letters

Movie star, e.g., 7 letters

Justin Timberlake, for one, 7 letters

Lady Gaga, for example, 7 letters

Appear uninvited, 5 letters

Arrive unexpectedly, 5 letters

Arrive without an invite, 5 letters

Briefly visit, 5 letters

Call briefly, 5 letters

Call on unannounced, 5 letters

Cartridge type, 5 letters

Drop by, 5 letters

Drop by for a sec, 5 letters

Drop by on a whim, 5 letters

Drop by unannounced, 5 letters

Drop by unexpectedly, 5 letters

Insert, as a CD or tape, 5 letters

Make a brief call, 5 letters

Make a quick visit, 5 letters

Make a surprise visit, 5 letters

Make an appearance, 5 letters

Make an unannounced call, 5 letters

Make an unannounced visit, 5 letters

Prepare to play, as a cassette, 5 letters

Ready for quick insertion, 5 letters

Show up unannounced, 5 letters

Stop by briefly, 5 letters

Surprise at the door, 5 letters

Surprise with a visit, 5 letters

Visit briefly, 5 letters

Visit briefly and without warning: 2 wds., 5 letters

Visit by surprise, 5 letters

Visit spontaneously, 5 letters

Visit unannounced, 5 letters

Visit unexpectedly, 5 letters

Visit without calling first, 5 letters

Any time you're around, just ___, ___, 8 letters

Fop, 8 letters

A vain and talkative person (chatters like a parrot), 8 letters

Archaic, 8 letters

Beau Brummells, 9 letters

Coxcombs (and a hint to solving this puzzle), 9 letters

Self-centered chatterboxes, 9 letters

Unannounced social visits, on Seinfeld, 6 letters

Warm up [Ford], 14 letters

Result of yaks drinking soda?, 14 letters

Appear suddenly, 11 letters

Become visible, 11 letters

___ Plot (event in English history), 6 letters

Raise!*, 5 letters

What you might do to corn or a balloon, 5 letters

A genus of Scarabaeidae, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..