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___ Benedict XVI, 4 letters

'The Rape of the Lock' author, 4 letters

'The Rape of the Lock' poet, 4 letters

An Essay on Criticism author, 4 letters

An Essay on Criticism essayist, 4 letters

An Essay on Criticism writer, 4 letters

An Essay on Man poet Alexander, 4 letters

An Essay on Man writer, 4 letters

Dunciad poet, 4 letters

Essay on Man author, 4 letters

Essay on Man writer, 4 letters

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread writer, 4 letters

Fools rush in source, 4 letters

Pastorals poet, 4 letters

Rape of the Lock poet, 4 letters

The ___ of Greenwich Village (1984 movie), 4 letters

The ___ of Greenwich Village (1984), 4 letters

The Dunciad poet, 4 letters

Urbi et orbi speaker, 4 letters

Windsor Forest poet, 4 letters

+-:-, 4 letters

18th-century poet Alexander, 4 letters

18th-century translator of Homer, 4 letters

Alexander or John Paul II, 4 letters

Alexander the poet, 4 letters

Any of 16 Benedicts, 4 letters

Apostolic Palace resident, 4 letters

Author of stepquote (last name), 4 letters

Benedict I, e.g., 4 letters

Benedict XVI or John Paul II, 4 letters

Benedict XVI, currently, 4 letters

Benedict XVI, for one, 4 letters

Benedict, for one, 4 letters

Bishop of Rome, 4 letters

Bull issuer, 4 letters

Calixtus III, for example, 4 letters

Cardinals' manager?, 4 letters

Carol Wojtyla's title, 4 letters

Castel Gandolfo resident, 4 letters

Castel Gandolfo summer resident, 4 letters

Catholic leader, 4 letters

Church leader, 4 letters

Comics character since 1929, 4 letters

Conclave choice, 4 letters

Defensive back Marquez, 4 letters

Edmond ___, on trial in Russia for espionage, has had a series of key defense motions turned down, 4 letters

Edmond, who was convicted of espionage in Russia, 4 letters

English poet, 4 letters

English poet Alexander, 4 letters

Fisherman's Ring wearer, 4 letters

Gandolfo resident, 4 letters

He denounced Rome's gay pride festival, 4 letters

He sometimes stays at Castel Gandolfo, 4 letters

He's Catholic, in a saying, 4 letters

Head of the Holy See, 4 letters

Holy Father, 4 letters

Holy See overseer, 4 letters

Holy See resident, 4 letters

Homer translator, 4 letters

Innocent or Pius, e.g., 4 letters

Innocent, e.g., 4 letters

Innocent, for one, 4 letters

It can precede or follow Alexander, 4 letters

John or Paul, 4 letters

John or Paul but not George or Ringo, 4 letters

John or Paul, but not Ringo, 4 letters

John or Paul, once, 4 letters

John Paul, 4 letters

John Paul II, 4 letters

John Paul II was the first Pole to attain this position, 4 letters

John Paul II, e.g., 4 letters

John Paul II, for example, 4 letters

John Paul II, for one, 4 letters

John Paul II, now, 4 letters

John Paul II's title, 4 letters

John Paul or John Paul, 4 letters

John Paul, e.g., 4 letters

Leader of the masses?, 4 letters

Mass producer?, 4 letters

Master of the heroic couplet, 4 letters

Nuncio's boss, 4 letters

One of six Pauls, e.g., 4 letters

One who pontiff-icates?, 4 letters

Pius I, e.g., 4 letters

Poet Alexander, 4 letters

Poet who wrote Hope springs eternal in the human breast, 4 letters

Poet who wrote To err is human , 4 letters

Pontiff, 4 letters

Religious post, 4 letters

Ring of the Fisherman wearer, 4 letters

Roman Catholic leader, 4 letters

Rome V.I.P., 4 letters

See occupant: an English poet (4), 4 letters

See somebody?, 4 letters

St. Peter was the first, 4 letters

St. Peter, for one, 4 letters

St. Peter's Square figure, 4 letters

St. Peter's Square VIP, 4 letters

St. Symmachus, for one, 4 letters

Successor of St. Peter, 4 letters

Swift contemporary, 4 letters

The Bishop of Rome, 4 letters

The Holy See resident, 4 letters

The most recent one was inaugurated in 2005, 4 letters

The Swiss Guards guard him, 4 letters

The Swiss Guards serve him, 4 letters

The Wicked Wasp of Twickenham, 4 letters

Thimble Theater star, 4 letters

Tiara wearer, 4 letters

Tiara-wearing man who's not entirely comfortable with homosexuality, 4 letters

Urban or Innocent, 4 letters

Urban, e.g., 4 letters

Urban, for example, 4 letters

Urban, for one, 4 letters

Vatican City head, 4 letters

Vatican City leader, 4 letters

Vatican City VIP, 4 letters

Vatican dweller, 4 letters

Vatican election of 2005, 4 letters

Vatican head, 4 letters

Vatican leader, 4 letters

Vatican resident, 4 letters

Vatican V.I.P., 4 letters

Venerated visitor, 4 letters

Vicar of Christ, 4 letters

Wearer of a famous ring, 4 letters

Wearer of a triple tiara, 4 letters

Whom the Swiss Guard guard, 4 letters

Writer who popularized the saying To err is human, to forgive divine, 4 letters

The head of the Roman Catholic Church, 4 letters

Only Englishman to head the Vatican, 12 letters

Mil. post in Fayetteville, N.C., 7 letters

Economist Greenspan, after succeeding Benedict, 8 letters

Sixtus's predecessor, 13 letters

Joseph Ratzinger, today, 15 letters

Leader elected in 2005, 15 letters

Holy See, 7 letters

John Paul II's reign, 7 letters

The life of Leo?, 7 letters

Ron behind the Pocket Fisherman, 6 letters

He pardoned Cola di Rienzi, 11 letters

Poet Alexander during Thanksgiving's mo.?, 9 letters

Sainted 6th-century pontiff, 9 letters

Religious-leader honoree of '79, 14 letters

Apostolic title never used after being mistakenly skipped in 1276, 10 letters

Any of 13 pontiffs, 7 letters

One of 13 religious leaders, 7 letters

What 13 pontiffs were called, 7 letters

Pontiff for just 26 days in 1605, 9 letters

Broadcloth's kin, 8 letters

Fabric resembling broadcloth, 8 letters

Holy roller?, 10 letters

Pontifical perambulator, 10 letters

Ride for Alexander?, 10 letters

Ride that's transparent and bulletproof, 10 letters

Vehicle with a glass case, 10 letters

Any of six pontiffs, 8 letters

Excommunicator of Henry VIII (born 2/29/1468), 11 letters

Any of 12 pontiffs, 8 letters

Vatican Museum holdings?, 15 letters

12 named Pius, 5 letters

13 are named Leo, 5 letters

13 of them were Innocent, 5 letters

23 Johns, 5 letters

Almanac listing, 5 letters

Almanac-page listing, 5 letters

Bishops of Rome, 5 letters

Bull producers, 5 letters

Clement and Urban, 5 letters

Clement V and Gregory VII, 5 letters

Fabian and Hilarius, 5 letters

Innocent and more, 5 letters

Innocent and others, 5 letters

Innocent and Urban, 5 letters

Innocents, e.g., 5 letters

John and Paul, 5 letters

John and Paul but not Ringo, 5 letters

John Paul and predecessors, 5 letters

John Paul et al, 5 letters

John, Paul and John Paul, 5 letters

Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, 5 letters

Leo II and Pius V, 5 letters

Long line in Rome, 5 letters

Peter and Paul, but not Mary, 5 letters

Peter and succcessors, 5 letters

Pius and Leo, 5 letters

Pius XII and Leo XIII, 5 letters

Religious leaders, 5 letters

Residents of Castel Gandolfo, 5 letters

See people, 5 letters

St. Peter and his successors, 5 letters

Summer residents of Italy's Castel Gandolfo, 5 letters

Swiss Guard charges, 5 letters

The 12 Piuses, 5 letters

They often have Roman numerals in their names, 5 letters

They're elected in conclaves, 5 letters

Three reigned in 1978, 5 letters

Urban and Innocent, 5 letters

Valentine and Romanus, 5 letters

Vatican City dwellers, 5 letters

Vatican heads, 5 letters

Vatican honchos, 5 letters

Vatican leaders, 5 letters

Vatican residents, 5 letters

Vatican VIPs, 5 letters

Zephyrinus and Zosimus, e.g., 5 letters

There were thirteen, 13 letters

Bird's tail, in slang, 9 letters

'The French Connection' name, 6 letters

French Connection cop, 6 letters

I yam what I yam speaker, 6 letters

Thimble Theatre star, 6 letters

1980 Robert Altman film, 6 letters

1980 screen role for Robin Williams, 6 letters

Bluto's foe, 6 letters

Bluto's nemesis, 6 letters

Bluto's rival, 6 letters

Cartoon spinach advocate, 6 letters

Character with muskles, 6 letters

Character with a corncob pipe, 6 letters

Comics character with muskles, 6 letters

Comics character with a corncob pipe, 6 letters

Famous spinach eater, 6 letters

Gene's role in The French Connection, 6 letters

He's strong to the finish, 6 letters

His theme song plays when he eats, 6 letters

Jack Mercer supplied his voice, 6 letters

Max Fleischer cartoon creation, 6 letters

Olive lover, 6 letters

Olive Oyl's beau, 6 letters

Olive's beau, 6 letters

Olive's love, 6 letters

Poopdeck Pappy's son, 6 letters

Robin Williams role, 6 letters

Ronald Jones, 6 letters

Sailor who debuted in a 1929 comic, 6 letters

Sailor with muskles, 6 letters

Salt with spinach?, 6 letters

Segar drew him with a pipe, 6 letters

Segar's sailor, 6 letters

Short, balding comics hero, 6 letters

Spinach advocate, 6 letters

Spinach-loving sailor, 6 letters

Swee' Pea's dad, 6 letters

Wimpy bud, 6 letters

Wimpy friend?, 6 letters

Yam user?, 6 letters

Ones in our thoughts, 15 letters

Agape, 7 letters

Agog, 7 letters

Like Eddie Cantor, 7 letters

Showing surprise or excitement, 7 letters

The French Connection role, 11 letters

Fast-food chain started in Louisiana, 7 letters

KFC alternative, 7 letters

Popular chain of chicken restaurants, 7 letters


Olive, 14 letters

Bluto's rival, 15 letters

Comic strip introduction of 1929, 15 letters

Eerie play photos, when ani-gram-mated?, 15 letters

He yam what he yam, 15 letters

Olive fancier, 15 letters

Olive Oyl's screen debut, 15 letters

Opponent of Brutus, 15 letters

Spinach-loving toon, 15 letters

Starring..., 15 letters

An offensive term for the practices and rituals of the Roman Catholic Church, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..