Select a letter

___ wheelie, 4 letters

Breakdancing movement involving freezes, 10 letters

Breakdancing style, 10 letters

Medicate oneself, say, 8 letters

Andy Warhol genre, 6 letters

Andy Warhol style, 6 letters

Andy Warhol works, e.g., 6 letters

Andy Warhol's field: 2 wds., 6 letters

Andy Warhol's forte, 6 letters

Andy Warhol's works, 6 letters

Certain 1960's paintings, 6 letters

David Hockney's genre, 6 letters

Genre of Peter Max, 6 letters

It might show a Coke bottle, say, 6 letters

Jasper Johns genre, 6 letters

Lichtenstein movement, 6 letters

Lichtenstein's genre, 6 letters

Lichtenstein's output, 6 letters

MOMA display, 6 letters

Oldenberg's hamburger sculptures, e.g., 6 letters

Painting style, 6 letters

Peter Max genre, 6 letters

Peter Max works, 6 letters

Pictures on Father's Day cards?, 6 letters

Rauschenberg's genre, 6 letters

Roy Lichtenstein works, 6 letters

Roy Lichtenstein's forte, 6 letters

Showy gallery display, 6 letters

Tradition-challenging genre, 6 letters

Warhol genre, 6 letters

Warhol output, 6 letters

Warhol specialty, 6 letters

Warhol work, 6 letters

Warhol works, e.g., 6 letters

Warhol's forte, 6 letters

Warhol's medium, 6 letters

Warhol's works, 6 letters

Work from Lichtenstein, 6 letters

Works with everyday objects, 6 letters

Cartoonist father, 9 letters

Jasper Johns or Peter Max, 9 letters

One with a flair for flares?, 9 letters

Roy Lichtenstein, for one, 9 letters

Warhol or Lichtenstein, say, 9 letters

Warhol, e.g., 9 letters

Warhol, for one, 9 letters

Group of modern painters, some I put in camps (3,7), 10 letters

Skills with high-hit balls?, 7 letters

Get the front of one's bike off the ground, 11 letters

Show off on the bike, 11 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..