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Strait of Juan de ___, 4 letters

16th-century German botanist, 5 letters

Antarctic explorer Sir Vivian, 5 letters

German Botanist Leonhard, 5 letters

British physicist who was born in Germany and fled Nazi persecution, 5 letters

In the 1940s he passed secret information to the USSR about the development of the atom bomb in the United States (1911-1988), 5 letters

Dark purple-red, 7 letters

Drooping flower, 7 letters

Purplish-red flower, 7 letters

Reddish purple, 7 letters

Reddish-purple shade, 7 letters

The dye was discovered in 1859, the year of the battle of Magenta, 7 letters

Any of various tropical shrubs widely cultivated for their showy drooping purplish or reddish or white flowers, 7 letters

Central and South America and New Zealand and Tahiti, 7 letters

A dark purple-red, 7 letters

Things to come, to a florist?, 13 letters

Evening Primroses, 8 letters

Purplish flowers, 8 letters

Shrubs with purplish flowers, 8 letters

Adaptation problem?, 12 letters

Word said 269 times in Pulp Fiction, 4 letters

Screw the pooch, 15 letters

Small family of brown algae gulfweeds, 8 letters

Rockweeds, 8 letters

Coextensive with the family Fucaceae, 7 letters

Any of various algae of the family Fucaceae, 6 letters

A fossilized cast or impression of algae of the order Fucales, 6 letters

Any member of the genus Fucus, 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..