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Return to Mars author Ben, 4 letters

Sci-fi author and former Omni editor Ben, 4 letters

Sci-fi author Ben, 4 letters

Sci-fi writer Ben, 4 letters

The Kinsman Saga author Ben, 4 letters

The Story of Light author, 4 letters

Emma of fiction, 6 letters

Flaubert character, 6 letters

Flaubert creation, 6 letters

Flaubert heroine, 6 letters

Flaubert's Emma, 6 letters

Flaubert's Madame, 6 letters

Literary adulteress's surname, 6 letters

Madame of fiction, 6 letters

Title Madame of a Gustave Flaubert novel, 6 letters

Buffalo, for one, 5 letters

Hollow-horned ruminant, 5 letters

Ox, goat or sheep, 5 letters

Ox, sheep, or goat, 5 letters

Pertaining to cattle, 5 letters

Pertaining to oxen and goats, 5 letters

Related to buffalo and oxen, e.g., 5 letters

Relating to certain ruminants, 5 letters

Sheep or goat, 5 letters

Hollow-horned ruminants, 5 letters

Angus, e.g., 6 letters

Big ox, say, 6 letters

Cowlike, 6 letters

Jersey___like, 6 letters

Jersey, e.g., 6 letters

Like a yak, 6 letters

Like an ox, 6 letters

Like an ox or cow, 6 letters

Like the god Hathor's features, 6 letters

Moo-ish?, 6 letters

Of a heifer, 6 letters

Ox, say, 6 letters

Oxlike, 6 letters

Related to cows, 6 letters

Relating to cattle, 6 letters

Some are bullheaded, others smell like an ox, 6 letters

Stock classification, 6 letters

Stock-related, 6 letters

Stolid, 6 letters

There's one at the beginning of each theme entry, 6 letters

Thickheaded, 6 letters

Yak, for one, 6 letters

Any of various members of the genus Bos, 6 letters

Oxen, yaks, etc., 7 letters

The four longest answers in this puzzle end in them, 7 letters

Goats, 7 letters

True antelopes, 7 letters

Cattle, 7 letters

Oxen, 7 letters

Sheep, 7 letters

And sometimes includes kudu, 7 letters

Buffalo, 7 letters

Term not used technically, 7 letters

Essentially coextensive with genus Bos cattle, 7 letters

Term not used technically, 6 letters

Essentially coextensive with genus Bos, 6 letters

An extract of beef (given to people who are ill), 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..